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This topic will remain closed until further notice.

The producers are those "behind the scenes" of the show. They live in a camp filled with supplies and such. However, they soon realize that they as well are in for the fight of their lives just as the Contestants.

<.b>Full Name<./b>

<.b>Age<./b> No one under the age of 18
<.i>Time of Birth<./i>
<.i>Date of Birth<./i>
<.i>Place of Birth<./i>


<.b>Main Ethnicity(ies)<./b>

<.b>Occupation<./b> Camera crew, supervisor, set up, etc

<.i>Hair Color<./i>
<.i>Eye Color<./i>

<.b>Personality<./b> At least 4 complete sentences
<.i>Weaknesses<./i> This should be near or equal to the amount of Strengths

<.b>History<./b> At least 4 complete sentences
<.b>Family<./b> "All deceased" or "Doesn't know" will not be accepted


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This topic can work for the entire crew that's behind the scenes, Pais. c:

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