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Just the area outside the Institute. It's yard, I suppose.

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cαяяιє Ben was just walking through the hallway when he heard a desperate banging on the front door of The Institute. He didn't think they were expecting any visitors, but he wasn't known for his great memory. Scratching his head, he slowly walked towards the door, wondering if he should open it or not. He put his ear to the door, trying to see if he could hear the visitor. What he heard distressed him greatly, a person breathing heavily and with difficulty. Maybe they needed The Institutes help! Taking a step back, he flung open the front door. "Hello, cou-" Ben cut off his sentence abruptly, taking in the older girl that was standing on the doorstep. She was soaked in what looked her own blood. Reaching out an arm, he helped her inside. "What happened? Where are you hurt?" He asked her quickly, leading her into the empty hallway.

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cαяяιє ((All in a days work ma'am. :) And I'll reply in the hallway!))

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Leena (leena23) Morgan Anne Corbin laughed, her laughter tinkled across the lawn, and even around the building. It was an infectious laugh that usually couldn't help but be joined in with when others were surrounding her. Morgan's red hair flew behind her as she ran, her eyes danced with mischief as her legs pumped, her booted feet pounded against the green grass below her. She was running, and from what, or whom you ask? Her boyfriend Shaylon Elmore. He and she were playing a game of tag, which might seem childish to some people but for them it was normal every day activities. The couple hardly ever took things seriously, especially between themselves. Morgan grabbed hold of the stony corner of the institute and used it to propel herself forward along the next side of the institute. Her breathing was fast, but she was nowhere near out of breath yet, Morgan risked a glance over her shoulder but didn't see Shaylon yet. This gave her a sense of safety causing her to slow her steps some. The sun was shining brightly in front of her, and a light wind tickled her skin as she slowed down to a jog instead of a run. Morgan was clothed in a black corset that had hooks keeping it together along the front, a few of them were unhooked, a black and white plaid skirt, thick leggings that would protect her legs, and black boots that reached mid calf, with large buckles along the side.

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Mallory Shaylon lowered his head to look at the ground as he ran. His girlfriend Morgan was defiantly in better shape than him (which he was never going to admit), and he knew that he probably wasn't going to catch up to her. The heavy black boots on his feet didn't make him run any faster, making him wonder if he should just throw them off and chase after her. No... That'd just be a really bad idea. He turned the same corner of the Institute a few seconds after Morgue did. The girl in front of him slowed down, thinking that he wouldn't be able to catch up. She was half right. The clothing he decided to wear today defiantly wasn't helping him with his speed in the least bit. Heavy combat boots, black cargo skinny jeans and a thin white t-shirt with a heavy leather jacket thrown on top. It was a lot heavier apparel than what Morgan was wearing, one of the reasons the girl was winning. Shaylon looked up, seeing that Morgan was only a few steps ahead. He took advantage of the 'Soundless' Rune he put on earlier to run up behind her and throw her to the ground. He did it the softest he could, crashing to the ground with Morgan under him. He looked down, his breath coming out rapid and sharp. "You're it." He breathed out, panting for air.

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Leena (leena23) Morgan was almost to the next corner of the building when she was tackled like a football player from behind, she hit the ground, hard. The wind was knocked out of her and she couldn't really respond to Shaylon's words right away, between the breath being knocked out of her and her trying to laugh at the same time it was just a lot of wheezing and coughing. Finally she got her breath back and the laughter bubbled up from her chest before she could stop it. "I think we both know if I'm it you're just going to lose Shay Shay. Why don't we just lay here a few minutes and get our breath back?" She peered up at him from beneath dark lashes, her body pinned beneath his, she could feel the heat off of his body pressing against her own. She wiggled until her arms were free, then reached up to wrap them lazily around his neck, a smirk appeared on her face as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He was going to think she was about to make out with him, but that wasn't her plan at all. Morgan used her legs and momentum to flip Shaylon over so that she was straddling his waist, She pushed her hands onto his wrists and leaned down really close to his face, "Pinned ya." She quoted from her favorite movie, The Lion King. Her eyes danced with amusement as she watched for his reaction to her pinning him and reversing their roles. "Told ya I win," She said with a grin, she couldn't help but gloat, it was so much fun teasing Shaylon. The wind teased her hair, making her hair whip across her face some.

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Mallory Shaylon smiled softly down at Morgan, leaning his head down when she wrapped her arms around his neck. He was about to say something to her when she flipped him over. He could've sworn he heard something crack. His neck, spine, leg... Something happened. "Owwwww..." Shaylon said through gritted teeth. "You should really warn a guy before you try to rape him." A sly smile spread across his face and he tried to move his wrists under Morgan's hands. There wasn't a chance he was going to get up unless she let him. One disadvantage of having a girlfriend stronger than you... Yet that could also be an advantage. He tried not to think about it much as he raised his head slightly to look at how she was positioned on top of him. "Damn girl, it looks like you've practiced this move on more than just one guy."

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Leena (leena23) Morgan rolled her eyes and nipped at Shaylon's lips playfully, "I've practiced on you dummy. Don't be acting jealous," She wiggled her eyebrows at Shaylon before she rolled off of him and laid on her back on the cool grass beside him. Clouds floated up above them and she started trying to make them out, she cocked her head slightly to the side and whispered, "Dragon," As a big cloud passed with what looked like puffs of smoke coming from one side, it did look like a dragon if you looked at it from the correct angle, "Dagger." She said a bit louder this time and more matter of face like when she saw a thin, short cloud pass by. She just realized she had said both things out loud and wondered if Shaylon would think her dumb for making shapes out of clouds. Probably not, he had much weirder habits than that. Morgan laid one of her legs on top of one of Shaylon's. A habit she had developed when they started sleeping together, she had never been very affectionate with anyone else, but Shaylon was different. After a huge scare with a vampire she felt much closer to him than she did with anyone before, including her best friend Siri.

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Shaylon laughed softly, shaking his head when she rolled off of him. He gazed up at the sky and watched as the clouds moved slowly past one another. They always amazed him, how giant poofs of water could make something that shaded the whole earth. He rose a brow when Morgan started to call off objects. What the hell was she doing? He looked over at her and nodded like he knew what she was doing. "Sandwich." He said, a dead-serious look on his face. "Sex." Laying his head back onto the grass, Shaylon acted like nothing just happened. He rubbed his boot against hers and let out a breath of air. So much had happened in the past few months... Things that he didn't even want to happen again.

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Leena (leena23) "Sex? You see two people having sex up there? By the Angel where at?" Morgan perked up and started searching the sky for two bodies intertwined in passionate love making, but she didnt' see anything, not even a sandwich, she glanced sideways at Shaylon, "Do you even know what you're talking about Shay Shay? I'm cloud gazing, I look at the clouds and call off what they look like, here try it." She pointed to one that was passing directly overhead, "See that one? It looks like a duck, see," She outlined what looked like a duck in the sky with her finger to give him a better picture of what she was doing. "I can't believe you've never done this, well I'm glad your first time doing it was with me," She gave him a wink and returned to watching the clouds pass by them.

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Mallory Shaylon breathed out a laugh and looked sideways at her. "I thought we were calling of things we wanted." He rose a questioning brow. "Dagger, dragon, sandwich, sex... No?" A dry laugh came from the back of his throat and he looked back up at the sky. He tried to make out the shape of the duck but shook his head, not seeing the creature in any way. It was harder than it looked. Who the hell created this god-awful game? "I see a cotton ball..... Annnnnnd a pile of cotton candy. That's about it."

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Leena (leena23) Morgan smacked Shaylon playfully and rolled onto her side so she could look at him, "You're impossible, c'mon, last one in is a rotten egg," She jumped up and sprinted toward the building once again, on her way around it so that she could run in the entrance before him, though she wasn't sure how close he was behind her so she very well may have be far from winning. Morgan ran as fast as she could, she was almost to the steps of the Institute, a smug smile crossed her face, she was right there, almost....

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Mallory Shaylon moaned, closing his eyes before standing up and running after her. "I don't understand why you like torturing me." He called out, sprinting around the corner to go to the front of the Institute. Shaylon knew he wasn't going to win, he almost never did. But if he could just increase his speed to beat her once (was there a rune for that? He couldn't remember....), maybe he'd gain more confidence. Well.... Confidence really wasn't his issue but he didn't feel so good when it came to battles or having to run away from something. By the angel, why couldn't he have inherited something good like speed or battle strategy? "Might as well crown you winner!" He said, almost at the entrance.

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Leena (leena23) Morgan grabbed hold of the door and yanked it open, "Winner!" She cheered and grabbed his arm, she pulled him inside with her, and didn't even notice the locks as they clicked into place, she was so used to them. "Hey what are we going to do tonight? And are we crashing here or at my place?" She questioned as they walked toward the stairwell. Morgan needed to change, she wanted to go out into the city, have some fun, maybe mess with a few downworlders just to keep things interesting. But she wouldn't do any of that if Shaylon wasn't up for it, it was weird how much she had changed because of recent events. She actually care about his opinion.

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Mallory Shaylon shrugged, trying to think of something they could do tonight. "How about you chose what we do?" He suggested, raising a brow as they walked deeper inside of the Institute. "I'll go and do anything you want tonight. I'm under your command." Shaylon kneeled down and bowed his head as if Morgan were royalty. Slowly looking back up, a smile spread onto his face. He used his hands to push off the ground, going back into a standing position. "We could call it 'Morgan's Night Out' and sell it as a terrible children's book,"

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Leena (leena23) Morgan rolled her eyes when he said she could choose, why would she want to do that? Then he kneeled down like a knight in shining armor and she couldn't help the smile that came over her, and the weird feeling in her stomach. "Okay okay," She wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned up to kiss him, she broke free from the kiss after a moment, "You're a punk." She whispered and then let her hands slip down so she could put them beneath his shirt, and she started kissing him once again, her lips hungrily moving over his. Morgan didn't know what it was but she just couldn't get enough of this man no matter how hard she tried to get enough.

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Mallory (I'm gonna move this to the 'entrance')

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Mallory (Nope. No I'm not.)

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Mallory Shaylon moved his hand to the back of her neck, slipping his fingers through her silky hair. A smirk spread across his face when she said he was a punk. Of course he was, how couldn't he be? It's what he was raised as. Shaylon's stomach tightened as Morgan's hands found their way under his shirt. He pulled his mouth away from hers, resting it on the base of her jaw. "I say that I'll do anything," he whispered, taking a step closer to her. "And you pick this." A small laugh came from the back of his throat. Shaylon moved his lips back down her jaw, stopping at the corner of her mouth and taking her lower lip in between his teeth before meeting her back to a kiss. Morgan could make him do anything, one of the reasons he suggested that she pick something to do. If she told him to jump off a cliff, he would. Shaylon never understood why he felt this way with her. She was different than everyone else. She was someone that actually made him feel like he belonged.

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Leena (leena23) Morgan let out a light laugh when he spoke, well she couldn't help but want him. Morgan shivered as he nibbled on her lip, she crushed her mouth against him and pressed her body as firmly as she could against his body, her hands went to his back. Morgan let out a sound and pulled back barely, breathing hard as she did, "Well we could go clubbing." She suggested, her body was burning for his, which probably wasn't a good thing since they were in the Institute, her eyes settled on his as she waited to hear his answer to her suggestion, at least the club would be a good distraction, maybe. She thought about dancing with him, moving her body against his, and just the thought made her face heat up, she was sure there was a blush to her cheeks. Damn Shaylon and what he did to her without even trying. Moran itched to press her lips against his once more, but she knew what that would lead to, and trust me it wouldn't be PG.

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Mallory Shaylon arched his back, knowing that if she continued he would have to pull away. He felt like his body was melted against Morgan's, like there was no escaping the girls touch. Damn... How did she make him feel he'd die without more but would hate himself if he did at the same time? She was tricky, that's for sure. He looked down at her when she pulled away. "Clubbing's always a good option." Shaylon whispered. He studied her face, watching as a red tint covered her cheeks. Smirking, he tipped his head to the side. "Or we could do whatever made your face so red. That's seems like a good idea."

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