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What will happen to Jason and Piper?

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Amna I've thought about this for a while, and I was wondering what you guys think will happen at the end of the war with Gaea with Jason and Piper (provided they're still alive, of course)? Piper is from Camp Half-Blood and Jason is from Camp Jupiter, so how will their relationship continue? Will they split up or go to one camp together?

Lani Hopefully Piper will die. Just kidding. I'm guessing Jason will stay at Camp Half-blood to be with Piper. Or Maybe him and Piper will break up, which I don't think is likely.

Laurel I'm hoping for a break up by the end of the series. Looking at the myth, the original Jason ditches Medea who is an enchantress who fell in love with Jason (because Aphrodite made her and Hera approved). The original Jason ends up marrying a princess of Corinth and abandons Medea. Rick Riordan did mention this story in The Lost Hero. I'm thinking that maybe Jason and Piper will break up in the very end as a way to parallel the myth. Medea's love for Jason was influenced by Aphrodite, and Piper did have false memories of being with Jason before she actually met him. (Maybe Reyna will be like the Princess of Corinth? Hopeful thinking...)

There's also a very good chance that Riordan will keep them together and they'll visit both camps often. Perhaps the two camps will unite somehow. I don't know. I'm curious to see what Riordan will throw at us next.

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