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Here's the outline



Godly Parent:






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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 10 comments [Name] Wendy Tsang
[Nickname] Wen

[Age] 17
[DOB] September 6th
[POB] China

[Godly Parent] Aphrodite; Goddess of love and beauty

[Years at Camp] 7 years. Been here since she was 10

[Preferred Weapon] Dagger, duh.

[Demigod Powers] The children of this love goddess have the power of empathy. They can feel the emotions radiating off of other people. They are extremely enticing, and have the greatest abilities of seduction. They can also do magic related to love and beauty. Influence over love and relationships, and most are able to speak French fluently. When first claimed, they have Aphrodite's blessing for a few days. Some may have charm-speaking abilities.

Wendy has pale skin and a cute smile. Her hair is dyed a milk tea brown and she stands about 5 foot 4. She has small, tiny fingers that doesn't seem to belong to a adolescent. She has soft brown eyes and some lashes framing it. She is never seen outside the cabin on a sunny day without a sunhat on. Her eyesight isn't perfect, so she is sometimes seen wearing glasses: (view spoiler)

[Personality] Wendy is a sweet girl who enjoys making new friends. She is always looking to the bright side rather then the negative side, like many demigods do. She is always about living life to the fullest, and enjoy waking up every morning because it is filled with new opportunities and surprises.

[History] At the age of ten, her father died of cancer and while on her way to the orphanage, since she has no relatives, she met her mother whom took her CHB.

[Family (Outside the gods)] None

[Crush/Bf/Gf] None

[Strongest Skill] Charmspeak, she exceeds in using it.

[Weakest Skill] Doing magick related to love and/or relationship.


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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 10 comments Thank you! ^_^

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Your welcome.

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Caroline (DaughterofArtemis) | 1 comments Name: Calypso Hale

Age: 18

Godly Parent: Athena

Cabin: Cabin 6

Appearance: Calypso has olive tanned skin with permanent markings along her skin. She also has long white hair with braids woven into her hair. Her eyes are colored a mossy green with deep knowledge in them.

Personality: She doesnt have a dominate personality because it can change very easily. One moment she could be sweet and nice and the next, mean and terrible. Though she is known to have a terrible temper.

History: Unknown.


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Nice Cherrie.

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