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Percy Jackson {Sumehra}
Grover Underwood
Nico di Angelo
Luke Castellan
Jason Grace
Leo Valdez
Frank Zhang
Alabaster Torrington
Chris Rodriguez
Connor Stoll
Travis Stoll
Ethan Nakamura
Jake Mason
Jason (not Grace)
Lee Fletcher
Michael Yew
Will Solace
Gleeson Hedge

Female Characters
Annabeth Chase {Coco}
Thalia Grace {Delaney}
Piper McLean {Kimiko}
Hazel Levesque
Bianca di Angelo {Freedom Beleiver}
Clarisse la Rue
Drew Tanaka
Katie Gardner
Lou Ellen
Miranda Gardiner
Silena Beauregard
Zoe Nightshade
Calypso {Audra}
Rachel Dare

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Here's the outline.



Godly Parent:


Years at Camp:





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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 10 comments Is Annabeth taken?

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Yeah sorry i'm doing her.

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 10 comments Okay, how about Piper? *Crosses fingers* (;

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{Name} Annabeth Chase

{Age} 17

{Godly Parent} Athena

{Cabin} 6

{Years at Camp} 10


{Personality} Annabeth loves architecture, and spends her free time designing new buildings and visiting national monuments. Her fatal flaw is hubris, otherwise known as excessive pride: she thinks she can do anything and do it well, even better than the gods.

{History} Annabeth's father, Frederick Chase, met Athena, the goddess of wisdom, war, and handicrafts, while he was studying history at Harvard. Athena helped him get through his studies and, consequently, they fell in love. Shortly after, in 1993, as a gift to Frederick, Athena sent him Annabeth. She appeared on Frederick's doorstep in a golden cradle carried down from Olympus by Zephyros, the west wind. She was considered a "brain child" like all other children of Athena. However, her father asked Athena to take Annabeth to Olympus and raise her there, as he didn't see Annabeth as a gift the way Athena did. Athena refused and told him that heroes were supposed to be raised by their mortal parents and not their godly ones. In the end, he had no choice but to take her in and care for her as well as he could.
“ Monsters attacked. We argued. Monsters attacked. We argued. ”
–-Annabeth Chase, talking about her stepmother, in The Lightning Thief

When Annabeth was five, her father got married. He and his wife had two kids together, Matthew and Bobby Chase. Because Annabeth was a demigod, her family was constantly being attacked by monsters, causing constant fighting between Annabeth and her parents, as they felt that she was always putting them in danger. When she was little, she used to be attacked, bitten and covered in cobwebs by spiders at night, and she would scream for her father but her step-mom thought she was making it up and refused to call her father because whenever her step-mom came into the room, the spiders would hide away and by the time she got dressed each morning, the bites and cobwebs faded. As a result, Annabeth felt that her step-mom thought that she was a freak, so she ran away from home at age seven because she believed that she was not wanted by her family members. She then fought monsters with the guidance of her mother, Athena, for a few months, using only a mortal hammer. Annabeth was later found by a son of Hermes, Luke Castellan, and a daughter of Zeus, Thalia Grace. When they found her she was hiding under a sheet of corrugated iron. She then tried to attack them with a hammer, but Luke grabbed her wrist and knocked it out of her hand. After being able to befriend her, Luke gave her a celestial bronze knife and said that only a clever warrior could use knives like this one. They traveled many places together until they were brought to camp by Grover Underwood, a satyr. She never wanted to go back home and considers Camp Half-Blood her home since she has lived there for most of her life, starting from seven years old. Therefore, she is one of the youngest to ever join Camp Half-Blood.

{Boyfriend} Percy Jackson

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Kimiko wrote: "Okay, how about Piper? *Crosses fingers* (;"

Yes you can have Piper.

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 10 comments Yay! ^^

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Ok make her in the next 2 days.

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 10 comments {Name} Piper McLean

{Age} 16?

{Gender} Female

{Cabin} Aphrodite

{Years at Camp} Few weeks??

ADHD Like most demigods, Piper has senses designed for battle and supernatural reflexes.
Dyslexia: Piper's brain is hardwired for Ancient Greek.
Knowledge of Greek Mythology: Piper knows a lot about Greek mythology after doing research on the subject for a role her father had.
{Demigod Abilities}
Charmspeak: Has the power of charmspeaking, allowing her to influence others with her opinion.
French Fluency: As a child of Aphrodite, Piper is fluent in French due to it being the "language of love."
Love: like her mother Piper is capable of varying degrees of control over love, lust, beauty, etc. though on a smaller scale.
-She can attract the opposite gender when they walk by.
-She has the ability to change her physical features, as Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. This can be seen when Jason mentions that her eyes change color.
Beauty: Piper is able to radiate beauty, regardless of how she may look. This ability prevents enemy forces from willingly attacking her, even as she charges them.

Piper is the wielder of an Ancient Greek ceremonial dagger called Katoptris. Given to Helen of Troy as a wedding gift from Menelaus, Helen of Troy's first husband. The dagger seems to show a scene of something that has importance to whoever looks at their reflection in the blade. Katoptris is a Greek word meaning "Looking Glass."

In The Mark of Athena she receives the Horn of Plenty after cutting off the horn of the River God Achelous. It allows her summon food and water if she has enough will and concentration. It powers also seem to increase if multiple people focus at the same time.


Piper is a beautiful girl of Cherokee descent. She has dark skin, chocolate brown hair that is cut choppy and uneven with thin strands braided on either side of her hair and eyes that change color like a kaleidoscope going from brown to blue to green. She is very pretty, but although she is a daughter of Aphrodite she has a simple, tomboyish style.

{Personality} Piper is very caring and loving towards Jason and is frightened, sad and angry at anything that may pose a threat to her bond with him, such as when Drew claims that Piper needs to break his heart as an initiation into the cabin. She is greatly saddened by the possibility that her first relationship with Jason was a Mist-induced illusion and breaks down in tears when Annabeth asks her what Jason's last name is (which she doesn't know). She also likes to touch Jason in very kind and loving ways such as holding his hand, leaning against his chest, resting her head on his leg, wrapping her arms around him and having his arms around her, probably since they were together in her Mist-manipulated memories. These memories are much sharper to Piper because she is a daughter of Aphrodite, so she can sense possibilities.

Compared to the other children of Aphrodite, Piper is much more aggressive and down to earth, not constantly focused on herself or her looks. When claimed by Aphrodite, she complains that she can't get rid of her makeup or her new hairstyle and finds it to be annoying to say the least. Before she was claimed by Aphrodite, Piper expressed that she wanted to be the daughter of Athena, Hecate or any goddess that wasn't Aphrodite, and she also thought Aphrodite cabin had been a "life-sized dollhouse" where supermodels went to die, and when she was claimed, she didn't fit in at all, and still doesn't. Rachel, the Oracle of Delphi, thinks even Annabeth wants Piper to be a child of Athena. Aphrodite herself also said that she was much smarter than most of her other children. Piper hates make-up, skirts, magazines, dresses and popular girls. She said that if she started a craving for fashion magazines, she would complain to her mother.

Piper also does not like it when Drew bullies the other Aphrodite children. She feels that Drew is running her cabin like a dictatorship and she doesn't truly understand what love is. Piper is not afraid to stand up to Drew, and because they can both use the charmspeak ability, Drew cannot control her like she does with the other campers. After Piper returns from her quest, she challenges Drew for her position as cabin leader because Drew has never been on a quest and thus, Piper is able to take the leadership role.

Love Interests
Piper's love interest is Jason Grace. This first happened under the influence of the Mist (Hera/Juno placed false memories), but soon blossomed into more pronounced feelings from both of them over the course of Jason's quest. She announces to the Aphrodite cabin that Jason is hers alone and that no one else should dare pursue his affections. Piper said she would catapult Drew over the Long Island Sound if she touched Jason. She stated that for now, she was content in simply being at his side. She could see possibilities with her having a true relationship with Jason. However, she is unaware that Jason is starting to remember a girl named Reyna, someone that Jason feels is very important but can't remember why. In The Son of Neptune, Reyna exposes a strong relationship or feeling for Jason, suggesting a rivalry between the two might occur. In The Demigod Diaries, Leo also remarks Jason and Piper are dating, showing that they seemed to have finally gotten together. They even share a kiss when they are battling the maenads in the woods of Camp Half-Blood. In The Mark of Athena, Annabeth states that Jason and Piper are dating confirming their relationship has continued for past 8 months.
When Piper first met Reyna, she initially prepared to hate her for liking Jason, but came to admire her for not showing her feelings at all. She is constantly afraid that Jason still has feelings for her, although Jason claims he never had feelings for her. Reyna was surprised and additionally was jealous of Piper when Jason introduced Piper as his girlfriend. Annabeth mentioned that Reyna was trying to hide her pain and anger inside when talking with her. Piper was also uneasy when Jason asked Piper to talk to Reyna and when he talked about him and Reyna's quest together. Jason seemed entirely oblivious to both.
Leo Valdez, Piper's best friend
Leo has been her friend long enough for her to trust him with the truth that her dad is a movie star. Piper also seems to care a lot about Leo. They seem like very close friends, not having any kind of romantic relationship.
In the Son of Neptune, they are still strong companions and still tease each other.
Percy Jackson
Piper states that when she initially met Percy Jackson, she was not overly impressed by him when compared to boyfriend Jason Grace. Their relationship is not shown in depth in The Mark of Athena, which simply implies that Piper sees kinship with all the members of the Prophecy of the Seven. Piper and Percy get along reasonably well, with Piper technically saving his life twice (as well as Jason's). The instances are charmspeaking Jason and Percy into not killing each other and Piper, Jason, and Percy combining their powers into Piper's Horn of Plenty to save them in tainted waters when Jason and Percy's powers where useless. She seems to think he is a bit reckless and rebellious but has no complaints having either Jason or Percy being the "leader" of the Prophecy of the Seven. Later she admits she feels guilty for letting Blackjack knock Percy on the head. She also seems worried when Percy almost drowns in the tainted water along with her and Jason. She is shown to trust him enough to use her Katroptris just because he asked her to despite her overall reluctance in ever using it. She once notices that he smells like the ocean. Percy is shown to trust Piper enough to use his lifeforce along with hers and Jason's on the Horn of Plenty despite his concerns of the water killing them faster.
Lacy is a young girl in the Aphrodite cabin. She helps Piper by building up a collection of clothes for Piper before she leaves on her quest.
Another cabin-mate of Piper. He also helped Piper when she first arrived and was happy when Piper took over the cabin from Drew.
Annabeth Chase
Piper and Annabeth get along well. Piper also mentioned that Annabeth would make a cool friend in better times. It is also stated that Piper and Annabeth both hoped that Athena would claim Piper, as then they could be in the same cabin.
Tristan McLean
Piper's father is Tristan McLean, a well known actor with a powerful position and is of Cherokee descent. Her father is always at work and busy. Piper wants to feel recognized by him which is why she gets in trouble and "steals" things with her charmspeaking. The two share a moment during The Lost Hero, where he explained that while he does love her, he tried to keep her away from him so she wouldn't be drawn into his crazy celebrity life. From then on, Piper is more understanding of her dad and accepts that he may not have as much time for her as she would like.
Aphrodite, Piper's mother.
Her mother is Aphrodite, who is as known as the goddess of love and beauty. When Piper met her mom in her dream, the two seemed to act on good terms with each other and she thinks her mother is beautiful. In The Mark of Athena she admits feeling a little hurt that her mother paid almost no attention to her when Hazel, Annabeth and Piper meet up with Aphrodite/Venus.
Grandpa Tom
Piper also had a grandfather called Grandpa Tom. He was the one who named Piper. He named her that because she had a loud, strong voice.

{History} Piper has always had the ability to charmspeak and uses it (without knowing) to "borrow" things from salesmen like a lawnmower or a car, causing her to get into trouble with the law when the people report her for stealing. At one point, she talked a car dealer into giving her a BMW and drove it away from the lot. She only stole items because she wanted attention from her father. The dealer pressed charges for theft after Piper took the BMW, but Jane (her father's assistant) made a deal for her to be sent to Wilderness School instead of going to jail. The school is a place for delinquent kids, but it was here that she met Leo and the two formed a friendship, she even trusted him with the truth that her father is the movie star Tristan McLean.
Piper and Leo's back-story is a rare one, since they are the only two known demigods who met and befriended each other before they even knew they were demigods.

{Etymology} Piper is an Old English name meaning "pipe player," a possible reference to her ability to charmspeak and the story of the pied piper. According to her Grandpa Tom, he named her that as she had high vocal voice when she was a baby, also saying that one day she was going to play the biggest tune of them all. Piper is also a synonym for a squab, particularly that of a dove or pigeon. Interestingly Piper's mother is called "Lady of Doves."

{Other} ...

{Role played by} Kimiko

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Did you talk about her boyfriend?

message 12: by Kimiko (new)

Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 10 comments Yup. It's in her "Relationships" tab.

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Julia | 3 comments Can I be Percy?

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Of course you can have Percy.Make him in like three days.

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Julia | 3 comments Name: Perseus Jackson, Percy for short

Age: 17 (I think)

Godly Parent: Poseidon,god of the sea

Cabin: Poseidon

Years at Camp: 5 or 6


Percy has Black hair which is a bit long and usually messed up, his eyes are sea green. He is lean and muscular, he is tall and has an athletic tan

Personality: Once a friend, always a friend (with the exception of Luke) His fatal flaw is Loyalty. He is kind and loves to joke. He is afraid to lose someone he deeply cares about. He is the hero of the camp, in more ways than one; he saved the camp, but he also helped it through the tough times, he kept it together.

History: He grew up in Manhattan with his mother Sally Jackson, his horrible stepfather, Gabe Ugliano. His mother only married Gabe to protect him. One day he went on a field trip and a teacher asked him to speak in private, when they got in the room she transformed into a Harpie and atatcked him, just then Grover and Mr. Bruner (otherwise known as Chiron) ran in. Chiron threw Percy a pen and told him to open it, when Percy opened the ballpoint pen, it became a greek sword named Anuklosmos also known as Riptide. He defeated the Harpie and asked for an explanation but Grover rushed him home. When they arrived, Grover explained what happened to Sally. Sally could see through the mist unlike most mortals. They drove to camp half-blood where they got attacked by a minotaur. Pecy defeated the minotaur but it took Percy's mom with it, she didn't die she was just in the underworld. During his first capture the flag game, he won it and was claimed by Poseidon. He had to go on a quest for Zeus's stolen lightning bolt with Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood. He opassed 9it and for the next couple of years he went on quests with Annabeth and Grover, Sally and Gabe divorced and Sally later remarried to a nice man named Paul Blofis

Other: Annabeth Chase is his girlfriend

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Julia | 3 comments Hey Coco wanna RP?

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Audra hey Coco, put me down for Calypso I'll make her later

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Audra Name: Calypso

Age: Immortal

Godly Parent: Atlas

Cabin: N/A

Years at Camp: N/A

Appearance: Calypso has caramel colored hair that smells of cinnamon. She has pretty almond shaped eyes and a peachy complexion. She is said to be even more beautiful than Aphrodite because she is more natural

Personality: Calypso is lovely, kindhearted and caring (in the myths she wasn't this nice). She is very shy around visitors to her island as anyone that arrives there is someone she would fall in love with, causing her to shy away or hide her true feelings.

History:The Greek mythological Calypso is described as a lovely seductress. She is the daughter of Atlas, Titan of the West and Lord of Endurance and Tethys, a Titaness and sea goddess. She is described as being a kind and sweet 'minor goddess'. She lives in an island called "Ogygia" (pronounced Oh-jee-jee-ah).


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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) May I have Bianca di Angelo??

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) {Finished}

"You must listen to me. Holding a grudge is dangerous for a child of Hades. It is our fatal flaw. You have to forgive. You have to promise me this."

{Name} Bianca di Angelo
(view spoiler)

{Age} 16

{Godly Parent} Hades

{How long have they been at camp?} A week or so

{Cabin} Hades Cabin

As a Daughter of Hades
-She is the only one who is able to kill the skeletons, when no one else could. It is highly likely that she was able to do this because of her father's power over the dead.
-She shows that she has dominion over the dead as they parted before her
-She should have the other powers like her brother has. Powers

As a Hunter Of Artemis
-Immortality, unless she dies in battle or falls in love.
-Superhuman accuracy and hunting skills like running, jumping, stealth, etc.
-She is naturally stronger and faster than a mortal, demigod, or nymph.
-She usually have the upper hand in battle because of her fighting powers.
-She can summon her bow and arrows whenever she need them.
-She has excellent aim with their bow and arrows.
-She could talk to wild animals, mainly wolves.

"I was amazed at how different she looked after just a few days with the Hunters. Her dark hair was braided, so you could actually see her face. She had a splash of freckles across her nose, and her dark eyes reminded me of someone famous, but I couldn't think who."


Bianca has black eyes that are like her father's, which gleam with either madness or genius, and silky dark hair. She is lean and about average height. She has olive skin, and used to wear a floppy green hat that hid her face. She gains the silvery aura all Hunters have after she pledges herself to Artemis, and doesn't hide behind her cap anymore. She pulls her hair back into a braid like the other huntresses. Her skin glows silvery, because of her being a Hunter.

Not much is known about Bianca's past. She and Nico were born to Maria di Angelo and Hades before World War II, so Hades never broke the oath he took with his brothers after the war to never have any more half-blood children again.
Bianca and Nico both lived in Washington, D.C. at some point. When she and her brother were very little, their mother, Maria di Angelo, was killed when Zeus struck the hotel they were staying in with lightning, trying to kill Nico and Bianca. The Oracle of Delphi showed up shortly after the destruction of the hotel and was cursed by Hades to never have her soul rest: to stay in her body until it rots (and longer). He cursed her because she kept telling him that he should have given Bianca and Nico to Zeus, as she knew their future.

Shortly afterward, both were brought to the Lotus Hotel by the Fury, Alecto, who was disguised as a lawyer. Hades had to erase their memories in the River Lethe, so they wouldn't remember anything about their previous life.

After what felt like a month to them in the Lotus Hotel, which was actually about 70 years, they were taken out, once again, by Alecto. Hades brought them out because he wanted one of them to be the child in the prophecy.

Bianca is quiet and shy, and loves her brother, but dislikes caring for him all the time. Thus, she was relieved to be able to be her own person when she joined the Hunters of Artemis. She got along well with Percy, but he was angry with her when she joined the Hunters instead of coming to Camp Half-Blood, as this made him feel as if losing Annabeth had been for no reason at all and that she was also being selfish with Nico. He later forgives her, as she told him she joined the Hunters so she could live her own life and that she felt Camp Half Blood would be safe for Nico, for she believes that there are a lot of people like Percy there. Bianca and Nico both have a habit of gesturing with their hands while talking and when they are on edge.Bianca di Angelo's fatal flaw may also (like her full-blooded brother Nico) be holding grudges. After her death, Bianca says that holding grudges is the demigod children of Hades' fatal flaw. It may also be a strong bond with those she loves (Nico). This may be because she was killed because she picked up a metal figurine of Hades, the only Mythomagic figure Nico didn't have, an act of misplaced sibling love.

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Done :D

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Thanks :D I shall begin then with the rping?

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