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A Warrior’s Promise: sequel to Capture My Heart
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A WARRIOR'S PROMISE by Rosanne Bittner

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for being a part of this group. Here's my latest release:

Paradise Valley by Rosanne Bittner
Paradise Valley

I truly appreciate all your comments!

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Beppe DM Hi,

I can post a promo on my blog

Let me know if you're interested

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
I sure am! Thanks for the offer! I appreciate so much the support I get from my fans. Rosanne

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
Be sure to visit my blog site at to read my many discussions on writing about the American West and why I love it. Currently working on another new western romance, this one set in western Montana!

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Beppe DM Rosanne wrote: "I sure am! Thanks for the offer! I appreciate so much the support I get from my fans. Rosanne"

Hi Rosanne,

sorry for delay!

Your promo post:

Let me know if I have to change something

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Christine | 1 comments I am a major Rosanne Bittner fan. Her books are real, gritty when they have to be, sensitive enough to bring me to tears, clever enough to make me laugh out loud.
My favorite is ofcourse the "Savage Destiny Series".
Sweet Prairie Passion
Her newest book started out oddly for what I expected. Usually we as readers are there when the 'tragedy' occurs. We hate the bad guys as much as the main characters, as I reader I want to go kick their butts and get revenge. In this book we don't get that, I was like "Sorry that people were killed and money was stolen but...." I really didn't understand why she didn't mention her possible pregnancy until page 285 (I think it was 280 or 285)
There was sooo much character procrastination and over thinking that it was a bit overwhelming.
I started to really enjoy the book after we meet up with the bag guys.
I hope to have more from Rosanne Bittner in the future!!

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
The book you described is PARADISE VALLEY. I thought I made it pretty clear that Maggie didn't let on about her pregnancy because she was afraid Luke would leave her behind - and later she became fearful he'd think she'd try to claim he was the father (i.e. trick him into marrying her like his first wife did). She was going to wait until all was over with as far as the outlaws, but it didn't work out that way, just like most things don't work out the way we want in real life. Thanks for your good comments. The character procrastination was because their relationship was so new, and so strained because of what they were going through together, that it was difficult for either of them to share their deepest feelings and concerns. If their relationship had been borne from a natural courtship, things would have been entirely different. I'm sure you'll also like the next book coming in July 2014. It's set in a little gold town in Montana. Glad you liked the Savage Destiny series. I've yet to come across a reader who doesn't claim those are the best books they've ever read. I wrote them 30 years ago and Zeke and Abbie are still very much alive in my heart. Thanks again! Rosanne

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Deana Larison | 2 comments I am a HUGH Rosanne Bittner fan. I think I have read every one of her books over the years. I just finished Paradise Valley and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am wanting all her books on kindle. Please tell me that is a possibility!

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
Reply to Deana - Thanks for your kind remarks and your support of my writing! Many of my books are available for e-readers - THUNDER ON THE PLAINS, WILDEST DREAMS, ALL 7 OF MY SAVAGE DESTINY BOOKS (currently just for Kindle but soon available for ALL e-readers), PARADISE VALLEY AND my 3 inspirationals - WHERE HEAVEN BEGINS, FOLLOW YOUR HEART and WALK BY FAITH. Currently working on making my BLUE HAWK trilogy available for ALL TYPES of e-readers (#1 Savage Horizons - #2 Frontier Fires - #3 Destiny's Dawn). My agent and I are gradually working on making more and more of my huge backlist available for e-readers. Thanks again!

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Deana Larison | 2 comments Thanks for your reply! I have bought all your books available on kindle so far, but there are so many more I would like to revisit! I Loved the the Blue Hawk Saga so much. I bought it on kindle a few months back and read it, but the ebooks had issues which I'm sure you are aware. When they come out again I might have to reread again. Keep up the good work.

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
Thanks! I am currently about half done with my newest book called DESPERATE HEARTS. So far it's scheduled for next summer, but publishers are notorious for moving pub dates, so just keep watching my web site ( for that type of news. It's a western romance set in Montana. Keep checking with Amazon for news on older books available for e-readers or just print copies of older titles you might want to order.

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
Not enough Native American history is taught any more in our schools. Most young people know next to nothing about our Native American history. That's why I have written so many N/A stories - to tell the TRUTH. A WARRIOR'S PROMISE is a sequel to my CAPTURE MY HEART and involves the infamous Sand Creek Massacre in southern Colorado.

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
Outlaw Hearts
Oh, my, I've been so busy writing and I belong to so many on-line sites and groups that I completely forgot about Goodreads Discussions! I am so sorry to have been absent for so long! I'd love to discuss my Outlaw Hearts series, because that is what has been published starting in 2014 - OUTLAW HEARTS - DO NOT FORSAKE ME - LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE - THE LAST OUTLAW - a short story called A CHICK-A-DEE CHRISTMAS in a Sourcebooks anthology called CHRISTMAS IN A COWBOY'S ARMS - and I've just finished BLAZE OF GLORY, coming November 2021! People who have read this series are so in love with Jake and his wife Miranda. The series is a great love story, with the primary theme of what I love most - writing about the "bad man with a good heart." You can follow this great love story with the books mentioned above, and I will continue the series by writing about Jake's son and eventually one of his grandsons - all gorgeous (hot) men with women to match their strong spirits. You really don't want to miss this series! I promise to keep up with Goodreads Discussions from now on. Thank you for your support of my writing. BLAZE OF GLORY is my 74th published book. I write just for Amazon now, so you can get nearly all my other titles through them.

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
Do Not Forsake Me
The second book in my OUTLAW HEARTS series!

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
Love's Sweet Revenge
The third book in my OUTLAW HEARTS series.

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
The Last Outlaw
The fourth book in my Outlaw Hearts series!

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
Christmas in a Cowboy's Arms
My short story in this anthology is called A CHICK-A-DEE CHRISTMAS, and it involves Jake Harkner and his family from Outlaw Hearts. It takes place not long after THE LAST OUTLAW. I have since written a sixth story - a full novel called BLAZE OF GLORY, coming November 2021. I will post the cover soon!

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
Ride the High Lonesome -- The Hanging
This is the first book in a new series I've been writing - all stories are completely new and independent of each other - and all stories are set against or themed by the famed Outlaw Trail, a real place that runs along the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico - a place used often by me evading the law. The Outlaw Trail involved rugged, wild, expansive and incredibly beautiful landscapes in places hard to reach and places most lawmen would not go because of the danger. You will love these Outlaw Trail stories! There are two others - LAWMAN IN THE HIGH LONESOME and JOURNEY TO HIGH LONESOME - and I plan to write more!

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
Lawman in the High Lonesome -- The Revenge
Another addition to my High Lonesome series!

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Rosanne Bittner (rosannebittner) | 24 comments Mod
Journey to High Lonesome
The third book in my High Lonesome series. More to come! All from Amazon!

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