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Here it is

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What do you want to do?? and could I be the girl?

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I don't know and yes you could.

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do you want to do romance?

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Sure, now what should this be set in?

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no idea lol

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Okay how about in England in some era?

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okay. present day?

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Sure where?

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Name: Madilyn
Age: 17
Personality: bubbly, funny, hyper, smart, caring

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okay. can you start??

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My brother just deleted the character hold on

Name: Tim Finnagan
Age: 17
Appearance: Personality: fun loving, polite, caring and understandable.

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(And yes I can)

Tim was walking the streets looking for something to do anything.

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Madilyn walked down the street to Nando's. It was her favorite restaurant and she went there every week

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Tim kept walking accidentally bumping into girl "sorry about that madam." He quickly apologized.

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"oh, it's okay!" Madilyn smiled at him

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"Thank you, I'm Tim by the way." Tim said introducing himself and sticking out his hand.

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"I'm Madilyn" She said in her thick accent and shook his hand

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"Not to sound creepy or anything an such but do you live in London or visiting?" He asked his Irish accent lacing his words.

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"I live in London" She smiled at him and brushed the hair out of her face

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"I'm just visiting, I live back in dear ol' Ireland." Tim said smiling back.

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"cool!!" She smiled, "Do you want to come to Nando's with me?"

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"Sure I've never been there but I'm up for anything." Tim said smiling back a bit.

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"It's awesome!!" She walked towards Nando's

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"Really what does it have?" He asked.

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"Lots of chicken" She laughed and walked into the restaurant

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"I do like chicken." He said smiling.

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Madilyn giggled and sat down at a table

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He smiled and sat down across from her.

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She looked at the menu and smiled at him

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Madilyn ordered the Peri Peri Chicken when the waitress came

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He smiled back and looked at the menu still smiling.

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The waitress wrote down Madelyn's order, "What would you like?" She asked him

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"I'll just have the same thing." He told her

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"okay!" she walked away
Madilyn smiled, "I go here every week because I want to meet one direction. Niall loves Nando's so I hope to meet them one time!"

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"That would be somthin' we differ on." He said looking at her,

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"Well, it has to happen!!" she giggled

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"Really does it." He said rolling his eyes.

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Madilyn giggled and their food came

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"Seriously if I wanted ta meet my favorite band I'd go to the states." He said.

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"cool!" she smiled and ate her food

((should one direction come?! lol))

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((*evil Russian accent* Net odnom napravlenii))

"Really." He said and started eating.

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She smiled and ate her food

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((It means no one direction))

He smiled back and continued to eat.

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((oh gtg))

She smiled and ate her food

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((Bye then))

"So have you ever been to Ireland?" He asked.

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"No I haven't but I want to go there" She sipped her drink

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"Lovely ol' place just avoid southern Dublin if ya do go." He said chuckling.

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"Okay?" she giggled and finished her chicken

((back for an hour))

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