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Money = Always Being You Are Right
Tony Perez-Giese Tony Aug 21, 2013 10:13AM
Do you recognize similarities in your own life to what the narrator sees in his relationship with the Phelans in PAC HEIGHTS? Do you know someone who's opinions are always valued just because they have more money than everyone else? Do you find yourself kowtowing to people who are richer than you just because they have larger bank accounts? Is this an American (capitalist)tendency, or have you seen it other countries/societies?

I totally agree with the questions raised above as I've often found myself putting my own opinions behind those of people who have bigger bank accounts. I think this runs rampant in America while other countries seem to place more value on people based upon who they are and what they bring to the table, rather than just how much money they can drop on top of it. In America people can be total bores and generally nasty folks, but still be deferred to because of how rich they are. It's a big problem in our society.

Thinking back on this book, the dynamics between Tony and Mr. Phelan are really ineteresting in this light. Men are always trying to push each other around, but it's just like Tony kept on wilting in each conflict with the old jerk. I kept asking myself when reading it why Tony--who was bigger, stronger, more charismatic--kept tucking his tail betwen his legs every time they came in contact. It reminded me of this huge German shepherd my friend had who used to pee all over the floor anytime a man walked into the room (sorry, Tony ;). I wished that Tony would just smack Julie in the face! But then you look at in light of this question of money = always being right and it takes on a whole new light.

Soooo... I kept thinking about how this affects me in everyday life and I do totally see how I kiss-butt to people richer than me. And it sucks!! I do think it's a totally American thing, too.

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