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Can someone go over the ending with me please?
Maggie Maggie Aug 21, 2013 08:56AM
I don't know if I don't understand it because I am only 15 or because it was confusing.... Did anyone else get the ending ? Was Bea saved? Was The killer being in jail inside her head? So confused thx

I think Rosamund Lupton left the ending for the reader to decide. Bea was convinced that her 'killer' would return in the morning to see if the sedatives had been effective. One of the last sentences in the book reads 'There are footsteps outside. The door is opening' Who was it? We shall never know!

I think she does survive, and that the letter was being written in her mind as a construct to keep her conscious longer. The killer hadn't been caught yet, and there was no interview happening outside her imagination.
I really did like this book!

At the back of my book there was a forward from the author and she said she left it up to the reader to decide whether Bea was saved, but in her mind she was.
I never saw the twist coming, it was innovative!

I read this a while ago so my memory may be sketchy but I assumed that as the sirens were heard this meant that she was saved. I also assume that he could then be caught as he wasn't a mystery killer, she knew who he was, where he worked, etc. Clever book.

That makes sense that it could be the drugs he gave her making her imagine it all....but I still hope she was saved!

I am pretty sure she survives. Before she left the flat with William she text Kasia the Polish words 'odcisk palca' which means 'fingerprint' and if you recall she was always telling Beatrice that she should leave flowers at the toilets in the park as a fingerprint for Tess as she didn't know the correct English translation. This means that when Bee was missing for hours and Kasia was freaking out wondering why she wasn't home, she could just think to look here first.

As regards the whole letter she was writing, this was simply being written in her head as a way to keep herself conscious and remember every detail of the story. The lawyer was not real and none of that story had happened but everything else was true. Also when she was saying in her letter that she was sick and weak and blacking out, that was simply her blacking out from the sedatives and sleeping pills in her system.

Hope this helps. What a book, right?

And I think if I remember correctly, the guy was never caught. She was making that up to keep herself up.

LOL this question puts me in the mood to reread it!

This brings up a lot of questions which makes me want to reread this as well! I am on the same page (no pun intended)as all of you with her creating events as she lay dying, but was saved in the end however. I am confused as to whether or not the villain was actually caught or not? This part really trips me up, any comments here to clear it up please? I did like this book but seems that all of the twists occurred so rapidly within the last few pages which was a lot to absorb as the book concluded, anyone else agree?

She "wrote the letter" and recalled the events as she lay dying. I loved the twist - it also explains her mysterious illness where she talks about losing control over her body... It's been a while now since I read it, but I seem to recall she heard sirens near the end so I think you are supposed to assume she makes it.

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For me too it's a while since I read it but the sirens seems to indicate the arrival of help, so IMO she survives ... but I could be wrong!

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