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The Marked Ones (The Fairytail Saga #1)
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Hi I'm Abby. I'm a huge mermaid fan thanks to The Marked Ones! I started this group so we could goss about it :)

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And just so were all clear-I don't know how to moderate so be gentle with me. And if anyone has experience and would like to sign on please speak up!

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I think only people who are reading or have read it will join. It's about just one book, not a genre.

S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 597 comments Mod
Oh my god...........Abbyvich!!!!!! This is so COOL! And thoughtful! You're going to make me cry!

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Jen | 403 comments Mod
Wow!..Abby would've been a busy bee! All this while I was sleeping! I wish I could chat about all things Mer all the time but my friends who haven't read this amazing book would think I'm nuts... So thanks for doing this and I will help anyway I can! Right now I have some real world things to take care of but I will be back in a few to formally introduce

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Anna White (anna_ww) | 1 comments Hello everyone,

im new here, nice to meet you all!

Howard Parsons (howardparsons) | 234 comments Hello Anna. Welcome aboard.

S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 597 comments Mod
Hi Anna :)

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Anna wrote: "Hello everyone,

im new here, nice to meet you all!"

Welcome to the madness Anna. Youve come at a good, calm time between book releases so we may not scare you quite as much as we would have a few weeks ago, I should hope!

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\hello i'm Hannah

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S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 597 comments Mod
Snow ~Forever Canadian~ wrote: "\hello i'm Hannah"

Hey hannah sorry we've been slack around here but aiming to get better!

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Pfft its fine XD

Becky | 195 comments Hiya from the one of s.k.'s other mermaid group. :)

L.J (Lisa Jane) (ljsecretaddiction) Hi - *waves*, I just left an intro in the other thread, good to meet you all :)

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Jen | 403 comments Mod
Helllloo there *waves back*

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