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Panda (may-the-gods-be-jealous) Located In the forest, this is a large house in which Frost lives in

First Floor

Living Room:

Its is a large room where has the front door. It has a fireplace and 56" screen tv on the wall. It is fairly warm and has creeky floor boards. It is the first room you enter and has the staircase in the room.

Pool Room:
This room is basically to play blizzards, it has a full view of the forest. The pool table is red and has yellow/orange colored lights. The floor are cold grey tiles and there is a pole rack. They have a tiny tv at the corner of the walls. The pool room located at the left side of the living room.

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This is a simple bathroom with a toliet and a sink. You can't take a shower in this bathroom or a bath, making it half of a full bathroom. It is located at the end of the hall.

Storage Room:
This room contains any items that are not in use anymore. Most storage supplies are holiday supplies, paperwork, books, and more. This room is organized, with large boxes that have a tape on it. The tape says what each box has. The room is fairly large and the last door on the right of the hall.

This is where Frost cooks, though she is not a fan of hot food, she still has a stove and eats it often. The counters are made out of pure cold granite with the lights white and beautiful. It is usually clean here, as Frost cleans it often.

Dinning Room:
Here is where people usually eat at, it has a cute little tv for eating. The table though is usually filled with documents and other items so it is not really used here.

Second Floor:

Here is a cute tiny staircase to get to the second floor. It is not really important or special so...

Frost Bedroom:
This is a good and cute little white room where Frost sleeps. It is the first door upstairs. It is a very clean room, barely dirty. It is a queen sized bed and has 3 pillows, as well as 1 warm blanket, 2 thin blankets, and a decorative sheet. Frost as well has a giant photograph behind her, a photo of a beautiful feminine model. She just likes how it blends with the room, she says.

Basically a full bathroom as the first door on the right. It is very calm and has a bath.

Guest Bedroom:
This is the guest bedroom and is the second door on the right, right next to the bathroom.

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Panda (may-the-gods-be-jealous) When the taxi arrived near Frost's house, Frost was already asleep. She was breathing lightly and her head leaning on the window. Personally she was not tired at all, but she just blacked out for some reason. Her hands her on her lap as soon it fell to her side. Her hair had large waves, shining from the moon, was covering her face a little. The hair was now different, bits of snow on the hair, which was brown with cute light blue tips. Her hair would always change from now and then but it was okay.The moon shined through the house, making Frost squint her eyes now and then. Soon as the car approached her house, you could see the unfinished 2nd floor through the windows.

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For the whole journey, Roland had his optics focused on the scenes rracing past in the tinted window of the small cab he had stopped and ridden with Frost. Of course, secret glances were stolen to just admire his acquaintance. Frost was adorably beautiful, no doubt. She was also on the brink of consciousness.

Reaching her house, Roland could only furrow his brows, confused at how there was possibly snow covering the cottage and surrounding land claimed by Frost. The taxi driver was also confused though he decided to just think it was fake snow for the dress up party they were attending. Afterall, the boy was 'dressed up' as a dracula.
Finally, the fact that Frost had some relation to snow travelled back to the core of his psyche. Now, he worked out the fact of how there was snow.

Jerking a nod in gratitude, Roland handed the driver his required fee along with a fair tip, less than the usual by reason of the fact this driver had made fun of his vampire possessions.

He swung open the car door and clambered out to shut it again. Then, he strode o'er to Frost's door and swept her up in his arms. This was preformed by reason of the fact Frost was barely conscious. Kicking the door shut with his knee, he made his way to the front door. Then, he set Frost down, hoping now she will be able to go in herself.
"I need to leave now," he explained, "I need my coffin for tonight. Sorry. But, maybe I'll hit by you again!"

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Panda (may-the-gods-be-jealous) Frost rubbed her eyes a little as she lifted her from the car. Soon she got more awake from the coldness of her house. Personally the whole area had snow on it, but just the neighborhood. She looked at him as she rested her cute little feet on the porch. She soon blinked a few times and said "Hmm its okay, hope we meet soon" she looked at him and smiled. She felt more energetic as the snow made it colder. She rubbed her eyes again than took out her keys from her purse. Frost soon looked back at Roland than said "Thank you for the great night". She opened the door, making a bunch of fresh air hit Frost. It was neither warm or cold. The lights soon illuminated as she turned on the lights. A white weasel with a black tip ran to Frost and jumped on her, climbing to her shoulder. She looked at the weasel and giggled than turned at Roland and smiled "You better get used to this one" she joked.

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Roland merely stared at her. When the weasel appeared, he stared at the weasel. It was a lot of staring...
Roland didn't know what to do. Was the weasel his food? Probably not...Frost was cuddling it and no one cuddles food.
Hesitantly, he lifted a finger and precariously poked the weasel before pulling back. It was a strange move. No one pokes a pet, they pet it! Afterall, Roland is strange.
Stuffing his hands into his pocket, he started to speak...awkwardly.
" need to go now..."
He did. He hada brilliant coffin waiting for him at home. It had no air making it better! He was a vampire...These thoughts were only natural.

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Panda (may-the-gods-be-jealous) Frost looked at him as he poked Snowflake than giggled. Snowflake sniffed the finger before it poke him as he jumped and ran up to Frost's head. Soon Snowflake frowned as Frost did too. Even though she just met him it was sad that he needed to leave. Soon Frost nodded okay as she looked at him than said "Well I hope I see you again". Soon Frost walked in her house and took off her shoes. Snowflake jumped off than ran around, creating snow as he ran than made it dissappear. Frost giggled before looking at Roland and waving goodbye.

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