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Valerie To celebrate the hot teen movie The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones this August, Myths and Motifs of The Mortal Instruments will be free from the publisher for two days only!
Free August 23 and 24 2013 at

With vampires, fairies, angels, teen romance, steampunk, and modern New York all in one series, Cassandra Clare is exploding onto the scene. This book explores the deeper world of the Shadowhunters:
• Parabatai, Nephilim, blessings, and runes
• Lucifer, Ithuriel, Lilith, Agramon, and other angels and demons
• Ancient legends of werewolves, vampires, and fairyfolk
• Clare's clever Easter eggs from pop culture and literature
• The classic heroine's journey
• Muslim angels, Hindu prayers, the Jewish Book of Raziel, and the Christian Grail
There's something for every teen, as this book reveals unseen lore within the bestselling series.

Koleen Hansen To whom may concern:
It sounds amazing cant wait to read it.

I have read thousand of book on angels and celestial being.
I have raad the fallen by Thomas E. Sniegoski series
fallen by fallen by Lauren Kate
Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick

and manga with angels like creatures.

Ceres, Celestial Legend (妖しのセレス Ayashi no Seresu?) is a fantasy shōjo manga series written by Yuu Watase. It was originally serialized in Shōjo Comic from May 1996 through March 2000. The chapters were also published by Shogakukan in fourteen collected volumes. The series focuses on Aya Mikage, who learns on her sixteenth birthday that she is the reincarnation of a celestial maiden (天女 tennyo?) named Ceres, and her twin brother Aki the reincarnation of Ceres' former husband, Mikagi. Ceres begins manifesting in Aya. To try to save her brother, Aya must find Ceres' lost celestial robe (羽衣 hagoromo?), while trying to avoid being killed or captured by her own family, who wants to use Ceres's supreme celestial abilities for their own personal gain.
I read paradise lost john Milton

the jewish book of Book of Enoch
The Book of the Watchers/ grigori
the book of jasher
the book of Jubillees

have a good day everyone.

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