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Helen On page 264, Brown writes, "'ve given me his passport information,.." Later on page 292 Brown writes, "...she hadn't even let him go back to his house for his passport." I know Langdon is a genius but to have his passport memorized and able to give the information after having been shot, suffering from amnesia, and racing through Florence all in one 24 hour period seems a little far-fetched. Did the proof reader/editor goof?

James Lambert I don't recall exactly the context, but one explanation. His amnesia was very select. He didn't recall a very short period. And doesn't Langdon have an eidetic memory? Memorizing his passport would be a breeze and one can argue he's probably had it memorized for as long as he's had it. His brief stint of amnesia would not have affected that.

Helen This could be the explanation.

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Rad4d99 *SPOILERS*

So, the Provost and his men were trying to stop Langdon and the WHO. But, they accidentally spooked him, so they gave him amnesia and set him on the path that he was already on, but making him think people were trying to kill him? I just didn't get all that. When they set him up in the Hospital, they were still trying to protect Zobrist's plan, I thought.

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