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The Garden by Robin Craig Clark Robin Craig Clark

Genre: Spirituality, Inspirational

The Garden: A Love Story for the Soul

Book Description:

This book will touch the very essence of who you are, an essence which is the oneness of all life. The Garden is a journey to the eternal presence of life itself.

Inspired by the Upanishads ancient poems that teach pure awareness, this unique book speaks directly to the heart and portrays a beautiful perception of a perfect world. It is a love story that transcends time and space and the illusion of separation. An allegorical novel told in simple lyrical style and brilliantly illustrated.

This gentle tale weaves together a world of unity where opposites play together in a deep absorption of what is real and what is illusion. A tapestry of deeper meanings, there to be discovered by an open heart, conveying a profound message for all seekers, waking us up to who we really are.

Told in four parts: The First Awakening, The Sleeping, The Dreaming and The Reawakening, The Garden mirrors the Upanishads Three States and One Reality: Waking to an outside world, Dreaming in the mind, Dissolving in deep sleep and Awakening to pure awareness.

The condensed narrative, multi-layers and deeper meanings in this love story are so designed that each reader needs to think about the words over and over again, through a sustained process of inner reflection and self inquiry. Each reader will discover many different levels and meanings, and this will lead to their own independent "awakening" in The Garden.

Through direct pointing at pure awareness, The Garden opens the heart, allowing the reader to experience oneness or nonduality: a self-realisation where feelings, thoughts and perceptions are seen as the ever-changing appearances of awareness itself.

Think of Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet meets Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha and you will be walking in The Garden.

Enlightenment is simply the art of being. The art of pure awareness. The art of love. There is only openness, where everything and nothing are one. The cup and the water, though not together, they are one. And in this openness, we are open to all life. The boundless all. The clear state of being awake. The invisible source of being. Inside you and me, there is peace and refuge. The nameless. The perfected. It is our home.

So journey into life, journey into the fullness and perfect presence of oneness and see the wonderful miracle that you already are.

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Beppe DM Hi,

I can't review but I can post a promo on my blog

Let me know if you're interested

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Kimberly DuBoise | 5 comments I would love to review!!! Kimberly DuBoise email is I have a blog for posting too and on my facebook authorpage in addition to GR and Amazon reviews my blog is
I would love to read this book! thanks

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