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Hey there!

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Hey! Any ideas?

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Hmm, I'm not sure actually.. What about you?

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Nada as of now :/

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Ah, well what theme you after?

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Hmm... I have on idea, actually:

Girl is a new chick in the prestige town of 'Insert Name Here' and feels really out of place in her fancy school with the rich, snobby kids. She's seen as the weird weird girl and only got in on a scholarship. Boy is a popular, slightly egotistical, jerk who's popular and knows it. The two could hate each other at first but slowly grow to like each other.

Sorry if that idea sucks, but that's all I have now. Feel free to add any ideas if you don't like that one.

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Marrie  | 4582 comments I don't want to seem rude or anything, but it's been a few days. Do you still want to do this? I hate it when people bug me about rps, but I just wanted to know if you were still up for this. Sorry if that's slightly annoying. I really hate asking things like this, in case you haven't noticed. xD

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Oh my glob, I'm so sorry! I thought you hadn't replied thus assumed you'd lost interest. Don't worry, you don't/haven't bugged me at all! Don't feel a burden;) The idea sounds fabulous:D

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Marrie  | 4582 comments I thought maybe it was the other way around! So, do you mind if I play the girl or would you prefer doubles so it's even?

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Well, I wouldn't mind doubles if that's alright;) I find there's more to do then.

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Okay. Any ideas for the second rp?

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That I'm not sure on.. XD I was thinking the same on forbidden romance. Maybe similar just not in the same setting? Or the other way round? Popular guy, posh new girl?

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Marrie  | 4582 comments I usually don't like to do the same plot line when doing doubles unless they kind of interlock because I find it gets a bit tedious. But...
I was thinking maybe the second rp could be a guy who's super rich and famous and is considered a heart throb and is in a rock band. He could meet a girl who isn't famous or at all interested.
Maybe she could be his new managers daughter? That way it's a bit more forbidden. Anyway, he could win her over and the two could start dating in secret? That's all I've got now. I could be the guy in that one :)

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I like the sound of that;)

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I gotta head off now, ill post my charries tomorrow morning.

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Okay. Same here :D

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I'm back! Characters will be up shortly.

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Name: Penelope Marie Gonzalez
Age: 17
History: For someone so young, Penelope has seen a lot. She grew up in Mexico (she still has a heavy Mexican accent and speaks fluent Spanish). Her mom was a prostitute so she's not sure who her dad is, though her mom once said she thought it was an American business man who once visited. After she was born, her mom stayed with her job. She had men over all hours of the night and sometimes they'd try to do things to Penelope when she was little, leaving her scarred and having a pretty bad impression of men. When she was ten, her mom was killed when she tried to leave the life of drugs and prostitution. Penelope was put in a Mexico orphanage where she stayed for the next year and a half before being adopted out to an American. Her new parents were fairly well off, though not rich by any means. Still, they seemed way more rich to Penelope, who had never even had her own bed, than anyone she'd ever met. She had a lot of culture shock when she moved to southern California with her parents, but soon she settled into life with them and grew to love them like her own parents. Since her adoptive father was a travel journalist, they were always moving or waiting for him to come back. This was when Penelope started to reinvinte herself everywhere she went. She's been anything from goth to nerd to a drama geek to even a cheerleader (this only lasted a month considering how much she hates the popular crowd.) Now that she's going to this new prestigious L.A. school, Penelope isn't sure what she'll be. She may even settle for being herself, just to piss off some rich kids.
Personality: Penelope is pretty much the most sarcastic, sassy, blunt person you'll ever meet. She doesn't have much of a filter and sees no use for one. If she doesn't like you, you'll know it. She has a pretty hard exterior, one that's not likely to fall down for many. Because of her childhood, she's not one to believe in princes coming and picking up girls and saving them. She'd rather save herself, which is the only reason she's going to this school; it looks good on college applications. Penelope is very smart and got into the school on a scholarship. Despite her hard exterior and the fact that she doesn't melt for just anybody, when Penelope does melt, she's a very sweet, loving, and caring person. She's not great at telling people how she feels about them, but she does little things to show it when she really cares about them. She can also be very funny and often uses humor to mask some of her pain.
Appearance: description

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Name: Adam D. Kahl
Age: 19
History: Adam always was very serious about pursuing a music career. He always wanted to be a rock star, and to have the bad boy image that went along with it, even if he was a slight nerd on the inside. He grew up in a normal (too normal if you ask him) family in Manhattan. His parents were never too enthusiastic about his dreams. In fact, they told him that as long as he was under their roof, he couldn't have a band. So he did the only sensible thing; he moved out. He got a plane ticket to London, where he'd always wanted to go for it's rich punk rock history, and picked up a British accent, along with a band. His band mates are: Xavier; base, Mike; drums, and Jace; back up guitar. They're all British, aside from Mike. As their band became popular in Britain, an American rock record label signed them. Since then, they've broken it pretty big in America and all over the world, really. Adam is seen as a heartthrob, a label that has made his head a bit big. However, his parents are still mad at him and only call to chew him out about his life style. Still, Adam pretty much loves his life now.
Personality: Adam is very nerdy, really. He knows anything about anything, though he thinks it best not to show that to anybody outside of his band mates. He's got his bad boy image to uphold, after all. He's not a very open person; he prefers to keep to himself and stay private, which is why the paparazzi haven't really had any scandals involving him yet. He's kind of introverted, though when it comes to girls he's definitely outgoing. He's charming and can easily get most girls to go out with him, which usually only lasts a week or two. He's not ready to settle down with anybody anytime soon. He likes having as many girls as he wants for a night and then letting his assistant tell them to leave, as much of an asshole as that makes him seem. He's very kind and sweet to those he loves and will do anything for them. His friends call him the teddy bear of the group, though he tries his best to stray away from that image since he's always liked being seen as the bad boy, even if the worse things he does are smoke and play girls. He's also very loving and will profess his love openly to girls he cares about, which only has happened to him once. He prefers not to think or talk about his first and only love, who ripped out his heart. As far as right now goes, Adam is just glad to be playing music without many complications outside of his parents.
Appearance: description
(view spoiler)

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They're good! I'll have mine up soon.

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Thanks! And okay.

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Name: Alice Siphen-Advenicci.
Age: 18

Picture: http://scifipulse.net/wp-content/uplo...


History: Alice's life couldn't differ more from Adam's, she grew up in the large City of Canterbury with her overly normal parents. Unlike Adam, Alice liked this. England was her home, the girl had no majorly big dreams, nothing fantastic anyway. When 16, the small family moved up to London; her father's line of work was mostly based there. Alice's life plans were as simple as the A B C, she hoped to become a forensic scientist and work in the area of crime along with a whole bunch of A* students taking her course. Alice's father, George Advenicci was a man of music. He enjoyed everything from the heaviest rock to the ear ringingly high pitched singers, like Justin Bieber. George managed Adam's very large band. This meant Alice's life changed ever so slightly, her dad had contact with a lot of bands/band managers. George planned on taking Alice to meet the new band, she'd never really shown an interest in her father's line of work and didn't spend much time with him at all.
Personality: Alice's a too-yourself-girl, she's also smart and witty. The girl pushed herself through high school, stomped down on the nasty names and moved on to be something a little more socially accepted. Unlike most girl's, Alice is quite an Xbox fan, Skyrim being her favourite game. The young girl spend most of her free time playing games and meeting people online. It was good fun, especially at times when studying was the last thing on your mind. Being an only child caused a little dip in her childhood, a dip which had never really been filled. Alice had trouble making friends, when growing up she really didn't talk much at all. Only now is she beginning to open up a little, though she barely speaks a word even to this day. Alice's father really hopes she'll open a little more to one of the biggest bands he'd ever worked with.

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Name: Alex Anderson
Age: 18

Picture: http://images1.fanpop.com/images/phot...


History: Alex's life had been a blast since birth, his life one many a person wished for. Alex grew up in a large manor located in a fairly isolated town; you wouldn't catch an economy class citizen anywhere near this province. The manor was big, massive.. 10 bedrooms and counting. Only 5 were use, leaving another 5 spare for the many visitors then had. Alex's dad was a successful businessman, his mother an actress who commonly starred in clothing adverts, being a pretty woman. The income the family got was enough to keep 3 families going, and only going towards 4 people meant a very very privileged lifestyle. Alex attended a pretty good school, everybody there was your typical jock, pretty-in-pink or nerd. Someone with a heavier taste in music wasn't common at all. Usually the odd ones were bullied out, or they decided there wasn't any point in attending such a school in the first place.
Personality: Alex' is popular, popular and he knows it. If the young adult had any more attention his head would be so darn big it'd fall off. Alex was guilty of thinking he was the best, though it wasn't always intentional. Though he'd been bought up into a well off family, he wasn't raised as a gentleman. You could say he was spoiled rotten. Unlike a lot, if not most of the kids in Alex's school, Alex didn't demand things. In fact, he rarely asked for anything at all. Alex was given these gifts, the money and everything else he owned by his very loving father. Sometimes Alex thought his father was a little too loving. At 17, Alex already had a sports car, a motorbike and a 6 digit balance in his bank. Alex knew it wouldn't be long until he'd finished school and could move out, as much as he loved his life he wanted something a little less flashy. Alex hoped to become a doctor, he'd been working as hard as he could for a few years now and planned on making these dreams come true. It was known how much work it took to even come close to the medical exam, but Alex thought that amount was worth it. Saving lives was something he'd wanted to do since seeing his uncle pass away 7 years ago.

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All done! Could you start? I was thinking for Alice- She could be about to meet the band? Her father could have been having a day with her but was called to work? Therefore she's with him..

I don't mind where for Alex, anywhere!:D Maybe in the morning, Penelope's first day at the highschool? :D

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Marrie  | 4582 comments ((Those two are actually exactly what I was thinking! xD
I don't mind starting. In fact, I actually like starting rps.))

Adam awoke early, something he rarely did. But today was different. He had to be in the studio, and even though he'd been out late last night and had a major hangover, not to mention an unnamed girl in his bed, he had to go to work. Groaning, Adam sat up, running a hand through his already messy hair. He was on his coastal beach house, and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore was only adding to his raging head ache. This was why Adam preferred not to drink. It may have been fun last night, but now he was sure his head would explode any minute. He slipped quietly out of his bed, so as not to wake up the girl and deal with all the drama that would come along with doing that. He figured girls didn't like it when you couldn't remember their name the morning after.

He went to his small kitchen and made some cereal. Although Adam was fairly rich, he preferred to live in a place like this; a sensible, not-to-small-but-not-too-big beach house with it's own tiny studio in the back. The paparazzi didn't expect him to live somewhere like this, and since the recording studio looked more like a shed and the house didn't have many neighbors, Adam was pretty much drama free most of the time, which was how he liked it. Adam instructed his assistant to give the girl in his bed some roses, a bottle of red wine, and a card telling her how much he enjoyed last night and how he'd call her. The whole calling thing wasn't true, considering he didn't even have her number, but he thought it might soften the blow.

Sighing, Adam downed three aspirins with his coffee then dressed and went out to the studio, unlocking and going inside. He was surprised to see all four of his band mates asleep in the room. Xavier was on the couch; Mike was asleep on a stool, drooling all over the effects outside of the recording room; and Jace was balled up in a corner, snoring. Rolling his eyes and smirking, Adam went to the microphone, turned it on max, and screamed, "Wake up, assholes!" It didn't help his headache, but it was well worth it.

His band mates all jumped up rather comically. "What the hell, dude?" Xavier grumbled, rubbing his temples. "That was not cool." Jace added, rubbing his red eyes. "I should kill you for that." Piped in Mike, who still had his head on the effects. "Now, you can't do that. Who would the lead singer then?" Said Adam with a smirk, plopping onto the couch beside Xavier. Xavier snorted. "More like who would bring home girls, who by the way are way too loud, in the middle of the night while drunk?" Xavier said.

Zac made a face. "Don't tell me you heard." He said, running a hand down his face. "Why so embarrassed? It's not the first time." Jace said, rolling his eyes. "Besides, I think we all got a little show last night. Did you see that girls-" Mike began but stopped abruptly, for at that moment the shed door opened and someone walked in.


Penelope was not having a good morning. So far she'd woken up late for her first day of school, barely giving her time to toss on a pair of dark black pants and a Nirvana t-shirt. She put her hair into a low bun, held up a bit messily with some chop sticks. She'd shoved her sketch pad and chinese pencils into her messenger bag; she was sure she'd need them. No way was she making any friends today. She knew by looking this way people would already label her. But the freeing thing was that she didn't give a damn. In fact, Penelope had stopped giving a damn what people thought about her four schools back.

She hastily made herself a bagel and gone out to her old, beat up fire truck. She shoved in a mixed CD of hers and pulled out of the driveway. The ride to school was fairly uneventful. She pulled up to the school about ten minutes before class started. This normally would be okay, but she knew she still had to go the office, get her books, be shown around the huge, pristine, white school, get her locker and get her schedule. Needless to say she did not have much time. She turned off her CD and attempted to find a parking space. However, it was obvious there was a pecking order to where people parked. A bunch of tan, bleached teeth, so-much-makeup-it-looked-like-they-were-fucking-clowns, cheerleaders were parked in the front, along with their equally stupid and egotistical jock counter parts. But there was still one space near the front of the school. Without thinking, Penelope gladly took it. If she pissed off some cheerleader, oh well. She needed to get things done.

She rushed out of her car, only to be stopped by some bleach blonde girl in a cheer leading outfit. "Excuse me." The girl said in a heavy valley girl accent, batting her mascara covered eyes. "That's Alex's spot." Penelope sighed. She was not in the mood for this. She opened her mouth to reply, but the cheerleader continued. "You do know who Alex is, right?" The cheerleader eyed her outfit, then snickered. "Yeah, you must. Though I doubt he knows you." Penelope rolled her eyes. "I don't know who Alex is and I honestly don't give a shit." She shoved past the girl, leaving her standing there with her mouth open and her eyes wide, as though Penelope had said she didn't know who Jesus was.

"Mexican and feisty. Me gusta." Penelope heard some surfer guy say. She rolled her eyes and headed for the office. Today was going to be a long day.

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George's girlfriend and Alice's mother had taken herself off for the weekend, needing the break from work and relaxing atmosphere to herself for a change. This left George some father daughter bonding time, though with a socially inept daughter like Alice.. Well, that wasn't as easy as it sounded. Sure, the two loved each other as much as any father should love their daughter, but it didn't change out awkward it could be sometimes. George wanted to know his little girl more than anybody else, he wanted to understand her like a friend and love her like a father.

George knocked on Alice's door, Alice already up and dressed, studying as usual. "Alice, I'm respecting your privacy by knocking but asserting my authority as your father by walking in anyway.." George chuckled, entering and sitting by the girl who lay on her bed, earphones in, text book out. Alice and George joked around a lot, more than most. Though they hardly spoke at the best of times. "You fancy heading out today? See a movie or something?" He asked. With a grin, Alice nodded, accepting the offer.

A few minutes later, the two were just about to sit in the car - Suddenly, George's phone began to ring. The typical Nokia ringtone, duh duh duh.. You get my point. "Hello?" George answered, raising his eyebrows at the stranger who'd called. Sooner rather than later, the phone call had ended and he held some pretty exciting news for the boys. "I'm so sorry Al.. sweetie, but I've just heard some brilliant news.. I know I said I'd ta-" George began, though he was interrupted by his daughter. "Do whatever.." Alice said nonchalantly.

The two arrived at the rather modern-like beach-house, George practically swimming through the mess and catching the eye of a few strange ladies as he entered. George pushed the thoughts aside and swung the door to the studio open, stepping foot inside. "Man, you guys look terrible.." He began, looking at each one with a chuckle. Alice stepped in soon after him, trying to take in the mess. Still, she wasn't overly bothered about the big-time band who lay in front of her.


Alex's morning wasn't quite a smooth as it could've been, mainly because his shower had packed up and he'd had to sneak into his sister's without her thinking he was trying something. Not that she usually thought that- Alex took a quick shower, looking around the beautifully clean pink bathroom as he rinsed his hair. Though he used his sisters shower, he used his own body scrubs and hair products. No way was he smelling like a girl, not now not ever.

Once out of the shower, Alex snuck out of his sisters room, a towel wrapped loosely round his waist. Alex tripped on a book, waking his sister up with a slight scream. "Sorry mel, my shower broke.." He said, quickly scooting out before his towel fell. Once in his own room, Alex changed into something suitable for school. Reasonably tight jeans and a button up Ralph Lauren shirt. Sooner rather than later, Alex was munching on a slice of barely buttered toast, packing his things into a leather messenger bag before grabbing the wrong set of keys. Alex rushed out to the car, though he wasn't late he didn't fancy arriving and going straight to lesson, he liked to catch up with friends before.

Once Alex realized he had the wrong set of keys, he grimaced at his retarded actions and headed back in, collecting the right set and finally making it off to school. The drive was the usual, roof down, music playing. Nothing interesting. Alex arrived shortly after the drive even began, about 10 minutes I'd say. Preparing to park, Alex caught sight of a fairly battered looking truck. "What the-" Alex chuckled, he'd never seen that about. Oh well, he wasn't about to kick up over somebody parking where he normally did. Alex parked opposite the wreckage, jumping out and catching a glimpse of the cheerleader talking to Penelope. "Hey uh-" Alex began, trying to remember the blonde's name. "Whitney's friend, it's just a parking space.. Let the newbie have it.." He chuckled, though he barely saw the girls face. No doubt was she an outsider. The princess-like cheerleader skipped off to her friend, trembling as she'd been spoken to by mr.popular.

(My posts aren't usually that long.. I'll try my best;)

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Marrie  | 4582 comments ((Haha, it's fine. Trust me, mine aren't normally that long either. It's usually just my first post that's super long. You know, to set up the story and stuff.))

Adam looked up at the open door to see his manager, George, walk in. "Oh, hey. Yeah. Last night got a bit out of control." Xavier grinned widely and squeezed Adam's shoulder. "Every night gets out of control when we're around." He said, causing Adam to roll his eyes. "Whatever, Xav." He said. Adam saw a quiet, studious looking girl behind George. The two looked somewhat similar, not overly similar, but enough to tell they were related. The girl was sort of cute, for the shy, quiet type, anyway. "That your daughter, mate?" Jace asked. "You could have at least told us you were bringing her. We may have cleaned up then." He said, making a tiny, useless attempt to swipe away some empty beer bottles that littered his makeshift bed in the corner.

Adam rolled his eyes. "It's his daughter, Jace. I'm sure she's used to seeing this kind of things. Aren't you?" He said, directing the question at the girl. He was strangely fascinated by her. Even when the girls were the daughters of his managers, most girls went crazy when they met the band. Of course, Adam never did anything with these girls. Even he knew that was crossing the line. Still, he was intrigued that the girl wasn't giggling or asking them questions or for pictures to show her friends or autographs.

"Fancy a cup of tea?" Mike asked before the girl could even reply to Adam's question. Even though Mike was American like Adam, he liked to use the British phrases he knew to come off a bit more polished and sophisticated, or so he said. Thank God that Adam had already picked up the accent and phrases and didn't sound like a complete wanker when he tried to use them, which sadly his friend did. Mike was already calling for some tea from the line that went into the house. A few minutes later, Adam's assistant had come out with a few cups of tea. "I got that girl to go away, by the way, Adam." She told him. Adam looked slightly embarrassed, feeling a bit like a deuce bag, as he always did when he slept with girls and didn't call them back. "Thanks." He mumbled, earning a grin from his band mates, who seemed to very much enjoy his obvious awkwardness.

Penelope heard a guy's voice say something about a newbie as she was walking off, though she didn't hear much of what he said and wasn't sure whether or not he was talking about her. Sighing, Penelope found her way to the office and managed to get her locker combination, class schedule, and a small tour of about a quarter of the school before the bell rang. The office lady told her to come get her books at lunch and pointed her in the direction of her first period class. Physics. Well, at least it was something Penelope was fairly good in. Though her best subjects were English, Spanish (obviously), and math, she didn't hate science. And especially not physics, which tied into math. She strode into her class room with a sense of being watched. Of course, this wasn't her just being paranoid. Literally everyone she passed by eyed her up and down, sizing her up. Most found her to be apparently not worth much of their attention. Although, she also heard a few not so nice comments when she sat down.

"What are we in a trailer park? What's with the chop sticks in the new girls hair? Can't she afford actual hair clips?"

"I bet she's only at this school because she did it with the principle or something. She seems like the type."

"I heard she took Alex's parking spot. Alex! Who does that?"

"She's a total freak, for sure."

And then there were the comments she was used to getting from American boys, the ones that simply made her roll her eyes or flip them off, depending on the magnitude of them. She heard someone say "Oh shit, she's Mexican. You know I have a thing for those." And someone else say, "Dude, look at those jeans. Wonder whats behind those." These were mild compared to what she'd gotten by her mother's lovers in Mexico, so she found herself able to ignore them, even if they did slightly bug her.

She took a seat in an empty lab table in the very back of the classroom, deciding she'd drawn enough attention to herself with her wardrobe without adding sitting in the front of the classroom and answering a ton of questions to the list of why she was the weird new girl.

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George wasn't overly surprised by the mess, they were a band after all. A big band who scored with a lot of ladies and held some pretty good parties. George had attended a lot of those parties, he wasn't one of those stuck up managers, he could let himself go. George turned to look at Alice, who stood there blankly like nothing was even happening. Like those boys were exactly that, just boys. Just people who she'd walk past on the streets. That's what they were after all, anybody could play an instrument if they tried. Though, it did take quite somebody to perform in front of millions. Still, he was a human and Alice treated everybody the same.

"I-" Alice began, she was about to reply when interrupted by the rather crude accent Mike had put on. The accent make Alice laugh a little, though the girl still didn't answer. When the maid came scurrying in, telling Adam about the girl, she one again couldn't help but giggle. He needed help ridding the ladies? Most guy's needed help getting them. "I just need to make a quick call, confirm a few things before I let you boys into the secret.. I trust you'll look after my daughter whilst I'm gone" George winked, kissing his daughter on the forehead before scurrying off to the bathroom to make the oh-so important call, which really was quite important.

Alice was left just standing there, still taking in each detail of the severely messy room. A bunch of boys awkwardly spread around the room, a majority of them chuckling over the embarrassing incident including the strange girl Alice assumed she'd seen earlier.

Alice sat herself down on a brightly colored beanbag, staring at her hands in her lap and she thought about the awkward situation she was currently in. What to say, what to do?


Alex was popular, sure. But every popular had the sloppy icing on the terribly made cake. In this case, it was Maria and her asshole friends. Those asshole friends just so happened to be the ones tormenting the new kid, who's name Alex still didn't know. Though, he didn't exactly sweat over not knowing it. "Mia, shut the fuck up. You ALWAYS used to wear chopsticks in your hair- Don't you remember? mummy told you it was pasta." Alex began, he'd heard most of the insults as he walked into the Physic's lab and sat himself down.

"Maria, excuse me if I'm wrong- But weren't you kicked out of your last school for doing exactly that? Fucking the principle?" Alex asked, though most people assumed he was just slagging her off, she really was caught sleeping with the head.

Alex sure as hell wasn't sticking up for a newbie, in fact he didn't spare a second sight to the girl for the rest of the lesson. The only time he did was when Maria started up again, god he hated that girl with everything he had and more. The teacher entered the fairly packed class, looking to the new kid and looking her up and down like the rest of the students had that day. "Hm, new student huh?" She said, giving the girl a reassuring smile. "What's your name, hun?" She asked, sitting herself down on the black swirly chair which was placed in front of the electronic whiteboard. Once Penelope had the replied, the rather young female teacher gave her a nod. "Well it's nice to meet you, hope you settle in well.." Added the young lady.

The lesson dragged on, much like most of the lessons these days. A few kids threw paper balls at the new girl, Alex included. Sure he felt quite bad, though he'd grown up having everybody love him, he didn't like mocking those who didn't.

(Ugh! That sucked, I'm sorry. Also, did you want Alex to be the only one who's nice to her, thus how they fall in love? Or did you want him to be a little more tedious?)

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Mike looked slightly confused by the girls laughter at his attempt at an accent, but said nothing. The guys gladly took some tea, needing something, anything to rid themselves of their explosive headaches. Adam sipped his tea quietly, feeling slightly self conscious. The girl now knew that he used his assistants to get rid of girls he'd slept with. What if she went off and told some of her friends? What if the paparazzi got a hold of the news? He'd never live it down. It'd be a scandal. Yet, Adam felt that this girl wouldn't tell anyone. She seemed to mousy and quiet to.

He glanced over at her, his small, signature smirk playing at the ends of his lips. It was the smirk that helped make him famous, the smirk that drove most girls wild. Somehow he had a vague suspiscion that the girl wouldn't go crazy for it. And that oddly made him feel good. Even if he had a slightly big head, Adam had missed being normal, having to work for girls, not having them throw themselves at him. He liked this girl, he decided. Not in the 'I need to sleep with you now' kind of way, but in a 'You're cool and we should be friends' kind of way. He hadn't thought that about a girl in a long time. He didn't have many real friends outside of the band.

"What's your name?" He asked the girl, and this time none of his friends interupted, seeing as they were all drinking tea and eating some biscuts they'd found left over from the day before. Adam thought it was a bit gross, but the boys were kind of barbaric. They didn't care if it was a day or two old as long as it was food. Even he was guilty of eating an old bagel from time to time. Though it did embarrass him a bit that they were doing this around the manager's daughter.

((No, it was fine! Hm.. Maybe they don't really like each other at first but grow to?))

Penelope was slightly surprised to hear some guy telling off the girls who had taunted her. Most girls would have found that very appealing, she supposed. A guy telling off people for them. But Penelope only found it slightly annoying. She could stick up for herself. When the teacher said she hoped she'd settle in well, Penelope muttered, "Very unlikely."

As class continued, she tried her best to pay attention to the subject at hand, to take notes and watch the slides. But it was pretty hard with those guys throwing paper balls at the back of her head. How did the teacher not see that? Or were those guys so rich and popular that even the teachers thought they could do no wrong? Penelope finally had enough as the bell rang. She turned and caught a paper ball that had been flying at her. Some boy who she supposed some girls might find cute was the culprit. She almost felt bad for him. He was about to get an ear full.

She offered him a sly, sneaky smile that had been her signature at her old school and stood up, slinking over to his table. Even Penelope had to admit that one of her talents was using her sexuality, especially when she was pissed at a guy or wanted something from them. She leaned forward so she was eye and eye with him, tapping the paper ball on the end of the table. "Hey, generic deuce lord football kid." She said, her voice sweet as honey even though what she was saying certainly wasn't. "Has anyone ever told you how incredibly, completely, amazingly sucky you are at throwing? Because you really suck. You throw like a bitch." She grinned at him as though she'd paid him a compliment and chucked the paper ball back at him, hitting him square in the eye. "Have a nice day." She said, her voice soft and kind. "Fucktard." She added as she picked up her messenger bag and walked out of the classroom.

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Luckily for the band, Alice didn't exactly believe in first impressions. In fact, she barely took notice of a persons attitude, not for a few days anyway. It took a while for emotions to kick in, a long while. Once, George had taken Alice out to a bar for her 16th, just for a bite to eat, nothing more. Alice had been called every possible swearword in the book along with a bunch of other knock down names. It took 3 days for this to kick it, only then did she realize it'd be a long time until she found herself back at that shit hole. Alice sat herself up slightly, feeling eyes on her. Adam's eyes, Adam's cute eyes. Yes, Alice would admit she found Adam cute, the cutest out of the bunch. Sure the rest were pretty good looking, but there was something about this guy- The way his eyes shone slightly, the embarrassment from the maid's words lingered across his face, only making him more attractive. Adam's voice.. Oh, his voice was just the cherry on the cake. No wonder he was the singer for one of the biggest bands around. That's when it hit her, Alice was sitting in the same room as Adam, Xavier, Mike and Jace. Though Alice looked at them like she saw everybody else, she did feel a hint of fluster brush over her.

My name? What's my name.. "Alice, and.. you're Adam?" Alice asked softly, the thoughts running through her mind blocking up, building some sort of hellish barrier she knew would take more than a brain game to un clog. Alice thought about things for a few seconds, directing her gaze to the others. As she spoke their names, her head drifting in their direction, pointing out who she was talking to.

"Mike, Xavier.. And.. uh" Alice said, tapping the side of her head, doing everything she could to remember the names her dad had previously said in the phone call. "Jace, that's it.." Alice muttered softly, looking up to Adam again. "It's nice to meet you.." Said the girl softly, unsure on how to react. She'd only just realized this band was her best friend's all time favorite. This proves how Alice really didn't have much interest in celebrities.


Alex listened to the girl as she mumbled, pointing out her thoughts and revealing to the class she doubted she'd settle down well. Everyone settled down in the end, even the generic deuce lord football kid, who happened to be Alex's best friend. Alex rose from his seat when the new kid strolled towards Luke. Alex followed her, though his footsteps more tiptoes than anything else. He was silent, thus why he wasn't noticed by all too many people. Most assumed he was just leaving class, it was the end after all. Once Penelope gave look her little rant, he watched her walk away, picking up the paper which hit his good pal in the eye. Alex made a quick choice, aiming for the back of her head and throwing with force, though it wasn't enough force to actually hurt somebody; it was paper after all.

"I'm sorry, Miss whatsername.." Alex began, raising a brow. "You may think you're hard going for attempting to make a fool out of Luke, but you're really nothing more than that paper ball. Trash. Don't even think about talking to him like that, the only bitch in here right now is you. And you wanna know what else really sucks?" Asked Alex, looking into the girl's eyes with a slight glare, the class building up behind them. "Your mom.." He spat, leaving the room with his classmates and heading out to his next class: Art.

Alex really hoped this newb wasn't in his next class, he hated people treating him or his friends like shit. Who the hell did she think she was? Sure, she had the right to be a little peeved, having half the class lob paper balls at her, but to attempt an intimidation? That was something few people even thought about.

Though the class could be a little cruel, they weren't always that bad. Especially not Luke, he was the bunny of the group. He tagged along and joined in, usually he got into trouble, even though he was probably the nicest guy there.

Once in art, Alex sat at his desk, fingering the pencil which left a faint mark on his finger. Luke looked pretty embarrassed, though he was sure as hell thankful for Alex's words.

(How about they truly hate each other? Well, everybody thinks they do anyway.. They could be partnered up for some assignment and finally see eye to eye.. thus realize they actually quite like each other. They could have to hide it from the rest of the class? Act like they hate each other though really they're quite in love?)

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Adam saw a faint look of recognition dawn on the girls, whose name he found out was Alice, face. No way had it just hit her who they were. Still, she didn't seem too frazzled by meeting them, and he liked it. He smiled kindly as she pointed out their names. He opened his mouth to reply, but Xavier beat him to the punch. "That's our names, baby. Don't forget them. You may need to use them later." Xavier said, earning a light punch on the shoulder from Jace, who was the most subtle of the group. They all knew Xavier had no shame; he'd flirt with anyone. He was an even bigger player than Adam, which was a major feat.

Adam rolled his eyes and just kept grinning at Alice. "That's a very pretty name." Mike snorted. "Every girl has a pretty name according to you, bro." He said, doing away with his ridiculous attempts at trying to sound British. Adam shot him a look. "That's not true. Other parts of them are pretty according to me, but some girls have weird names. Like that chick Ulga that you brought home last week." He said, smirking. "I was drunk!" Mike protested, arms crossed.

Jace chuckled. "Do you remember her German accent? And that body builders body of hers? Her arms were bigger than Mikes!" He said, gasping as he laughed even harder at the memory. Adam and Xavier joined in with the laughter, holding their stomachs. Mike turned red, then finally sighed. "Whatever." He muttered. "Like you guys never made any mistakes." "None that big." Said Xavier, grinning.


((That sounds fine :)))

Penelope felt something hit the back of her head. She was about to roll her eyes and keep walking until she heard the 'your mom' comment. It shouldn't have stung, but it did. Anything remotely involving her real mom did. "Fuck off, dumb ass. Do you seriously think I'm going to listen to you? You may think you rule the school, but you certainly don't rule me. So I only have one question for you: should I bend over so you can kiss my ass or would you rather kneel?" She snapped back. She didn't wait for a response, but she straightened her shoulders and walked out of class.

Once out, she went to art, only to see the guy and his idiot friends again. "You again? What the hell did I do to deserve this?" She muttered as she brushed past him to a seat so far back that it was practically out of the classroom. Penelope took out her sketch book and pencils. The sketch pad was more half diary half sketch book than anything, though she used the pictures to express herself more than actual words.

She tapped her pencil against her sketch book before finally drawing a small skull in the corner and then a cartoonish sketch of the school, which showed it as more of a prison than anything. For once, she actually wrote something. It said, Day 1: This school may suck even more than the last six.

It pretty much summed up her feelings, and she liked the sketches. Feeling slightly satisfied, she put the book back into her messenger bag and waited for the teacher's instructions, keeping her eyes away from the obviously immature and annoying guy who's name she still didn't know. Nor did she care to know his name. She just prayed this was her last period with him.

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Alice looked to Xavier, who really looked like he needed an aspirin and a few hours more in bed. When her name was complimented, Alice began to glow a bright red. Pretty? Alice was never called pretty, she never spoke to anybody long enough to be called pretty. Alice normally left the conversation before the unlucky punter even learned her name. What was the point in talking to somebody you doubted you'd ever see again? Alice had a strange mind, her life worked out differently to others. Though, it was quite sweet. Alice herself was quite sweet, a cute girl who was almost an intelligent child in an adults body.

"Thanks, you-" Alice began, though she was interrupted by the story of Ulga. Being party German herself, Alice knew a lot of Ulga's. More to the point, they were almost always hard-drinking boy builders. Thus, no offense was taken. "You slept with a body builder called Ulga?" Alice giggled, curling herself up slightly as she listened to their hilarious conversations. The boys were touring in a week, George was determined to bring Alice, but she didn't seem to want to. Probably because she'd never really met the boys before, they seemed funny.

Finally, George walked in. Seeing his girl in fits of laughter he chuckled slightly, "I'm guessing you've told Alice about your past?" George winked, taking a seat next to his daughter and sliding his phone back into his pocket. "I've managed to get you on one of Europe's biggest tours. It's next week, I'll be joining you.. Of course.." George chuckled, laying back slightly. "I'm determined to bring you along- You need a break from all that damn work.." George said, poking Alice's cheek slightly. "It's a tour around every country in Europe, most places you'll be performing have English speaking citizens, or at least kids educated well enough in Languages to understand what you're on about." George began.


Alex rose a brow, though he felt slightly embarrassed at her sudden outburst, he sure as hell wasn't about to admit it.

Then the asshat walked in, Alex rolled his eyes and listened to her attempted snarks. "Popped out the wrong vagina, didn't ya?.." Alex's friend muttered, Alex chuckled slightly and shook his head, standing to fetch his art book from the corner of the classroom, the closet unfortunately behind Penelope. "Don't get too close, you might catch something!" Called another of Alex's friends, giving him a wink as he picked up his book.

Alex let out another chuckle, "Don't worry stevie.. I got it covered!" He called back, covering his nose and mouth before closing the closet door and sliding back over to his desk. Once he sat back down, he paid slight attention to the teacher who ranted on about Van Gough, the guy he'd been learning about for what felt like weeks. Alex was about to doze off when the teacher babbled on about an assignment. "I know I usually allow you to choose your own pairs, but this time I'm going to choose due to lack of care last time." Began the teacher, who scanned her eyes around the room in search of appropriate buddies. Once she'd decided, she began to call out. "Mia, I'd like you to go with.. Jess. Alex, I'd like you to go with.." She began, spotting the new girl and smiling. "I'd like you to partner up with her.." She demanded. Alex's face fell faster than a glass smashing on the floor, the cracking of his heart resembling the glass almost to the exact detail. Once the teacher finished pairing the class up, she continued describing the assignment. "I'd like the first page in tomorrow, if this means meeting up after school- so be it." She snapped.

(I know it's probably a bit soon, but I assume for the first time they meet up they could do nothing but argue until one of them finally snaps, telling the other one they're done with the arguing? I can't really think of much else)

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Adam's laughter finally calmed a bit. He smiled up at Alice when she laughed; she had a nice laugh, he decided. Mike rolled his eyes yet again. "Just that once. The rest of the girls I've dated have actually looked like girls." He said, as though this made the story any less funny. This only made the boys laugh louder. Finally, the laughter died down a bit, but they were all still chucking. Adam grinned even more broadly when George came in.

"Course. We do have a wide history, after all." He said. As George started discussing the tour, Adam listened intently. He never played around when talking about concerts and work. All things aside, Adam was serious about his career, so serious he could go from joking to unbelievably serious in a minute when it came to work. He nodded and then glanced over at Alice when George said she might go. "You really should. I swear it'll be a lot of fun. These kind of tours always are."

Then again, Adam thought, they were fun in that there was a lot of drinking and girls involved, both of which he didn't see Alice being particularly interested in. Still, he liked the idea of her going. He honestly thought she seemed like a nice, down-to-earth person. He was sure they'd get along and become good friends. He pushed away the thought and looked at George again. "So, what cities are we hitting?" He asked, trying to get back to the topic at hand and not seem too eager to get to know George's daughter. Even though he was sure he just sounded friendly in a purely platonic way, he wasn't sure how a dad might feel about what he'd said. George seemed cool enough, not all stiff and rude like most managers. But Adam still needed to tread carefully when it came to work.


Penelope grit her teeth and decided to just try to ignore it. She figured if she said anything else she'd give the fucktard a reason to continue trying to talk to her, and that was not something she wanted. She heard the guys comment about her mom and bit her lip to keep from punching him, which she knew would certainly make her feel better and would probably hurt him; she was a lot stronger than she looked, considering she'd spent most of her childhood fighting off people who were trying to steal her food or men who were trying to hurt her. As class continued, she ignored the teachers lecture. She knew a ton about Van Gough as it was; he was one of her favorite artists. She took back out her sketch book and continued to doodle random things, including a not so nice sketch of the boy. As class nearly ended, Penelope let out a sigh of relief. One more period with Mr. Popular and then she'd be able to leave. Then she heard it. Alex. Was that his name? She was afraid to look up. She saw the teacher smiling at her and the boy. She wanted to scream, to throw things. Him? Out of everyone? Really?

She couldn't get out of that class fast enough; she felt sick to her stomach and still a little sad about the comments on her mom, though she'd never show that. She rushed down to the book room, deciding she'd just skip next period and get her books now. It sadly only took about twenty minutes to get her books squared away. Thank god for the schools huge size though, because it took her forever to get to her locker. Once she did get there, however, she saw an emo guy standing in front of it. "Hey, are you Penelope?" He questioned. She nodded, looking at him apprehensively. He grinned at her and suddenly gave her an awkward high five. "Heard you told off Alex. Nice. That guys been pushing my buttons for two years now and I never had the guts to tell him to kiss my ass. You've been here for a day and you've already done it. I think you're my new favorite person." Penelope offered a small smile. "Um, thanks, I guess. I just kind of think he needed to be put in his place."

The guy just kept grinning. "Well, it's nice to meet a girl who isn't swooning over that ass wipe." He said. "I'm Jack, by the way. Resident tech geek. Or emo. Whichever I feel like being." He said. Penelope decided she liked this guy. Maybe they'd become friends. He was a small dash of hope, at least. "Penelope, as you already know. It was nice to meet you, but I got to get to class now." She said after tucking her books into her locker, except for her Calculus book. Thank god that was her next subject. Something easy. "Cool. I'll see you at lunch then." Jack said before turning and leaving. Penelope smiled and nodded before leaning against her locker, letting out a sigh of relief. Then she went to Calculus, her spirits slightly uplifted.

((It's fine. Do you want to skip to lunch? Maybe they could run into each other in the lunch line and arrange to meet after school for the project?))

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Alice had almost forgotten about the tour, even though her father had begged her to go merely an hour ago. Eh, she'd definitely give it some thought now. Adam seemed nice, more than nice. Over time, Alice had met some real assholes. Most she'd let go, but some she really wanted to turn back and kick in the ass. Even Alice's dad admitted some band members are just unbelievably full of themselves, telling Alice all sorts of things, all sorts of lies. Most of which caused havoc, leaving Alice to be the little naive girl in the corner. This was mainly when they'd been drinking, when sober? The guys could actually be considered nice people. Alice didn't trust drink, not with certain people anyway. Alice's impression of Adam's drinking? Well it seemed he caught himself some ladies and woke up with a killer headache, this wasn't nearly as bad as most of the things she'd seen before.

George looked to Alice, a shining hope in his eye as he wished for her to say she'd go. George didn't spend enough time with his Alice, so little time he'd missed years of her childhood tending to all sorts of errands he'd been sent on. Looking at the girl now bought some sort of spark back to George, knowing she'd grown up well enough alone, without anybody to hold her. Alice's mother was even more of a busybody, always out and about, planning meetings and god knows what else. Growing up alone left Alice a little strange, but it didn't bother anybody other than the Jerks who wanted to sleep with her.

"We'll be seeing a whole bunch of cities.." George began, listing each and every one. They all sounded fabulous. "I'll go.." Alice said with a smile, unable to resist the destinations. Alice started to hug her dad slightly. "The tour bus has 5 sleeping compartments.. You can either stay with me or one of these drunks.." George offered. "Personally I'd rather you stayed with one of these, I understand it's a little weird sharing a bunk with your dad.." George chuckled. Alice thought about that for a second, "Well it's not up to me.. It's up to you.. I'll stay with whoever's willing to put up with me.." Alice giggled, slowly standing up and stretching slightly, feeling a little tired. Her father would really trust her with one of these? That must have meant they weren't that bad at all.

(We could skip to the beginning of the tour if you want?)


Thankfully the lunch bell rang before Alex was faced with the rodent his art teacher had decided to put him with. Sure, if it was one lesson.. he could bare that. Maybe two. But no, he'd been stuck with her for the rest of the term. If not longer, depending on the quality of their work. Though it seemed Alex came across as a popular Jock, he didn't really think of himself that way. It wasn't Penelope's style that put him off, it was the attitude. Sure, if she wanted to walk around in dark clothing, band tee's and god knows what else, then so be it. Who was Alex to judge that? She'd wear what she wanted, even if Alex cared it wouldn't change anything. Alex hated how she was so damn miserable, how she thought of him as some sort of worm for being popular. As strange as this may sound- Alex didn't like popularity, he felt almost trapped.. Like if he wore something similar to Penelope he'd be completely trampled, he had hardly any privacy.

Alex wondered through the corridors, he stood only with his friend Morgan, she was a little like Penelope.. Just, well.. They were friends, that was a difference enough for Alex. When Alex spotted Penelope, he sighed slightly, knowing somebody would have to break the ice at some point. "Oi.." He called, only loud enough to catch her attention. "We've gotta get that art done, friends or not." Alex confessed, pulling out a piece of paper and writing down his address. "Come by at say- five?" Alex asked, biting the insides of his mouth slightly, holding back anything he really wanted to say.

"Oh, you may wanna bring some paints.. I have some, just not enough.." Alex muttered, sticking the piece of paper in her hand before scurrying off with his friend. The end of the day soon dawned, Alex found himself waiting around at home, hoping Penelope would arrive late so they'd have less time to argue. Alex dumped himself down on the couch, he was home alone for a change. Finally, it was 5pm. Alex expected company more than soon.

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Marrie  | 4582 comments ((Sure.))

The first morning of the tour, Adam awoke very early. Four o' clock in the morning to be exact. He'd spent the night before at home, scheduling with George. There was no girl in his bed for once; he didn't even want the possibility of a set back today. He was all business. Yawning and stretching, Adam went to the bathroom to shower and get ready. Once out of the shower, Adam dressed in a simple black button up and a pair of blue jeans.

He spent more time than usual inspecting his appearance, not because he was vain but simply because he knew there would be media galore outside today. Once he was sure he looked presentable, he stepped out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen. He made some tea and spent some time drinking it, trying to soothe his nerves. Just because his band had gotten huge didn't mean Adam had lost his bit of stage freight. Recording was simple, easy. But even though Adam loved his concerts and interacting with his fans, he hated preparing for them. His stomach was always in knots the morning before he had to preform and he always was trying to practice his vocals and guitars all day before a concert. He did not want to disappoint buying fans.

This was how he spent the next hour, practicing. Then he heard a loud honk, undoubtedly a tour bus. His idea was confirmed when he heard Xavier yell, "Get the hell out here, Adam! We've got a tour to start!" Adam grinned despite his nervousness and rushed out to the car. He climbed in, rough housing around with his friends a bit before noticing Alice. She looked rather quiet, as usual and pretty easy to just brush past. At least for most people.

Over the last few weeks, Adam had never managed to ignore her. He'd always noticed when she was in a room, always wanted to talk to her, even if he had nothing to say. The two had grown to be rather good friends, he supposed. Adam put his bags in his room on the bus, which he'd offered to share with Alice. Honestly, he didn't trust Xavier to keep his hands/comments to himself, Mike would probably keep her up all night snoring, and Jace was just too shy to room with a girl. So Adam had seen himself as the best choice. He smiled at Alice and sat down beside her. "You excited?" He asked, his leg shaking almost without his noticing; it was a nervous habit.


Penelope was on her way to the cafeteria when Alex walked over to her. She glared at him and took the paper from him a bit harder than she meant to, her nails swiping across his skin. It wasn't like she was naturally this bitchy to everyone, but once you got on Penelope's bad side, well, it was pretty hard to get off of it. And with all the mother jokes he and his friends had made, it was sure to take him a long time to get anywhere near her good side. In other words, they would never be friends. "Yeah. Sadly, I'll be there instead of sitting at home watching Golden Girls." There was some definite sarcasm in her voice. She didn't wait for a reply but simply went her own way, going off to the cafeteria. She spent lunch with Jack and his friends, who turned out to be pretty cool. They called themselves the 'nerd herd' and Penelope was pretty sure they'd be the only people she'd fit in with at school.

As the day came to a close, Penelope headed off to her car. The insults had lessened a bit, though they still kept coming from time to time. Then again, so did the suggestive comments from annoying guys. She went to her truck and drove home, dreading when the time would come for her to have to leave and go to Alex's house. If there was one person she didn't want to see, it was him. She debated just not going, but she knew that might just be letting him win. Plus, Penelope cared way too much about her grades to let an entire project go unfinished, whether she had to do it with a tool or not.

So, at 4:45, she left the house with some paints in her purse and headed for the address he'd given her. It took her a little while but she finally came to a posh part of town that she thought would be quite fitting for the kind of person he was. It was snooty and annoying, just like him. She pulled up to one of the biggest mansions in the neighborhood. "Holy shit." She muttered under her breath, eyeing the place. She allowed herself to marvel a few minutes before forcing herself to look passive, like this house was tiny.

She adjusted her chop sticks, smoothing her hair and fixing her lipstick. It wasn't that she cared what Alex thought of her; she really didn't. But she did want to make him at least a little flustered. She adjusted her shirt and, deciding she looked okay, not exactly pretty, but okay, she got out of the car and walked up to his house. She knocked on the door, adjusting her purse and feeling a bit awkward, but mostly still pissed. The girl could hold a major grudge.

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Alice had been up all night, it wasn't nerves or anything quite like that. It was more getting at least some of her coursework done so she could have a little free time. Though the outcome of her coursework caused her to start again, knowing all the scribbled notes made the final piece look quite scruffy. Alice didn't like scruffy, a few ink stains she could bare.. But a fully rumpled piece? That wasn't something she liked. Alice sighed slightly, 5am.. She was due on the bus in 15 minutes. Alice sorted out some food and pushed her luggage down the stairs, unable to carry it due to being a little too tiny. The luggage probably weighing in as much as she did.

The 15 minutes were the longest, most boring ones of what felt like her entire life. You could say Alice was a little excited, mainly over seeing Adam. It was safe to say she'd grown a little too close, he seemed so sweet and trustworthy. Nobody else was quite like that, they'd always been so cruel but he was.. he was just sweet. Alice stepped on the tour bus with her father who was a little panicky, hoping all the boys would arrive on time. Thankfully, after 10 minutes they'd all been picked up and were on the bus.

Alice smiled when she saw Adam, "Hey!" Alice grinned, pulling her legs up onto the couch and turning to him. George eying him slightly, hoping to catch him in a second. "I'm quite excited! You?" Alice asked, giving the guy yet another adorable smile. "Hey, Adam? You got a minute?" George asked, coaxing Adam out of the area for a quick word. "So, I know I'm going to sound like a totally old- uncool father, but It's my job to be. So, I'm trusting you to keep her happy and safe. Don't try anything, if I find out you've touched her anywhere.." George warned, chuckling towards the end and patting his back. "You're good to go.." George muttered.

Alice had moved herself up onto the bunk she'd assumed was theirs, it was the same size as the rest but had her more feminine things in. The pink pillows and quilts.. Alice just hoped Adam didn't mind.


Much like Penelope, Alex didn't like to see a project unfinished. Even if she hadn't turned up, he'd do it all and explain the situation to the teacher the next morning. He wasn't about to fail because of some bitch who felt she ruled him. That's how Alex thought of her anyway- She probably didn't give a darn. Alex jumped slightly as the sound of knocking, growing so used to the sound of silence, the banging sounded like a war had began. Alex pulled himself up from the couch he'd become quite attached to and headed down to hall to the large double doors. Once he was sure he didn't look like shit, he opened the door wide enough for her to enter.

"Come in.." Alex muttered, closing the door behind her, not offering the faintest of smiles. "Come on.." Alex said, leading her up the large flight of stairs, once at the top of those they were up some more until finally on Alex's bedroom floor. The third floor up, second room along. Alex lead the girl in, sitting on his bed and looking to her. Even if he hated her, she was quite pretty. That he'd admit. Even if she was different to the rest, maybe a little darker- That didn't change the fact that on the outside, she was quite cute. Shame she was so on the inside.

"So, what we gotta do?" Alex asked, deciding to get straight to the point. Instead of calling her some name, he just stared at her, throwing daggers in his mind. How could a pair hate eachother so much in such a short period of time? It was unbelievable. Sure, Alex felt quite bad the mother thing.. He had a mother, but they didn't get on. Not at all. Alex's mum was always out, the two barely spoke and when they did it was always about her. That was Alex being a snoot, that was his mother caring more about her manicure than her son. It upset Alex, quite a lot actually. To know the woman who was supposed to love you cared more about the acrylics than the child.

Alex opened up the course sheet, they had to paint a canvas. It had to be flowers, of course. Their art teacher had a thing about flowers. Alex was convinced she'd throw a fit if flowers weren't delivered 24/7.

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Adam liked the way Alice smiled. In fact, in the short time he'd known her, it had grown to be his favorite thing about her. She had nice teeth, white and clean. That sounded weird, but it was true. And her lips were quite nice as well, not too small but not too big either. Feminine and full were the words he'd use to describe them. He smiled back, opening his mouth to reply. Then George had come over and coaxed him out of his seat and away from Alice.

Adam listened to George's lecture with growing anxiety. He wasn't into Alice like that, not at all. But hearing George say that only made him nervous. He almost wished he would have had her room with Mike or Jace. Xavier, of course, was a no. He'd get them all in trouble. He bit his bottom lip and nodded. "Yes, sir. I understand. I promise not to try anything. You have my word. I wouldn't want to do anything to mess with Alice's emotions and I certainly wouldn't want to ruin my own reputation or the one cool manager we've had." He said, giving what he hoped was a reassuring smile, though he was sure it looked more nervous than anything.

Adam was rather eager to get the hell away from George; this was the first time he'd ever seen him remotely serious and to be honest, it truly scared him. "I'd better go unpack, now. Thanks for the chat, sir." He said and quickly went off to his cabin, only to see Alice putting her stuff on her bed. He felt odd being around her after his chat with her father, but he suppressed it, managing to look normal. "Hey. Nice sheets. Although, they might turn off some girls. Especially if they think that's my bed." He joked.


Penelope barely had time to see any of the house, considering she was being led upstairs. She didn't mind though; she was sure she'd look like an uncultured idiot if she saw much of the house. She'd gape. The fact was that they didn't have houses like this in Mexico, and even though she'd been in America for six years, she never did get used to seeing mansions.

She sighed and plopped onto his bedroom floor. She cursed under her breath in Spanish. "You climb that many stairs to get to your room? How the hell do you put up with that?" She didn't wait for an answer, but instead took out her own course sheet and paints, rolling her eyes as she read through it herself. "Apparently we're painting flowers." She stated the obvious, then sighed and laid on her stomach, studying the blank canvas from a few angles. She didn't like Alex, but she sure as hell wasn't going to waste time telling him what a dick head he was when there was work to be done. Maybe she would after they'd finished, though.

"If the teacher really loves flowers that much, we could at least make it interesting. Maybe some flowers blended together so you can't really tell which flower is which. They could form a sort of jumbo flower." She suggested. "Like an abstract kind of thing, you know." She took a pencil out of behind her ear, where she always kept it and pulled an empty piece of paper from her sketchpad, which had also been in her purse. She drew a rough outline of what she was talking about. "Like this." She said, scooting it over to him without getting too close. Penelope liked her space with people she did like. When it came to people she loathed, she really liked her space.

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Alice's dad had also warned her, telling her to stay away from things she shouldn't involve herself in. It was advice Alice had been given since birth, advice she'd always followed and would always follow. Even thought she thought Adam was cute, she knew the chances of a relationship were slimmer than anything. Alice hadn't had a true relationship, she'd only been kissed once and that was just a stupid dare some high school major decided to do. It was quite gross actually, though that was probably the first time Alice was hostile towards anybody. Slapping guy's wasn't her daily agenda. Alice blanked out slightly, staring at her pink bedding with a sigh. God she needed a change, in life and bedding.

Seconds later, Adam popped up. "Oh, hey.." Alice said, her tone a little bored. When he mentioned her bedding, Alice laughed slightly. "Well, if you plan on sleeping with girls I'm moving in with Mike.." Alice said, looking to him with a semi serious face. No way was he sleeping with some girl whilst she was tucked up in the corner. Besides, Mike was funny. Especially when he attempted an English accent, now that was even funnier. "Just push my stuff to the side.. I don't need much room.." Alice said nonchalantly. The only thing she planned keeping in the bunk was her onesie, she'd keep the rest of her things elsewhere.

"I'm looking forward to seeing you on stage.." Alice said with a faint smile, she'd never heard their music or seen their videos- It was all new to her, every bit of it. In fact, she'd barely heard of them when they'd first met. Over the past few week's they'd grown bigger, like Alice and Adam had grown closer. Alice looked to Adam once again, her eyes shining slightly as she smiling, her pearly teeth sticking out a little.


Alex listened to her as they climbed the stairs, he knew the question was rhetorical and didn't bother with an answer. Though she had a point, when they first moved in Alex was only a young boy. Getting to his room look a wee while, he'd often stay downstairs or upstairs all day to avoid the mass amount of steps he'd have to take. It was quite a decision, stay downstairs where there's food or in the bedroom where there's privacy?

"Flowers, eh?" Alex said, leaning his head back slightly as he listened to her idea. It sounded good, especially the jumbo flower. "I like that" Alex muttered, tilting his head and the fact that he actually liked that. "What about a blue vase? She always has this irritating cup on her desk.. Like, it's always there.. It's just full of crap, tea.. coffee.. all mixed. I swear that teacher's a nutter.." Alex muttered, leaning back a little more to keep his distance. Alex could tell when somebody was unwelcoming, and his sensing were off the scales. "So, what do we do?- I mean, what first? The painting or the written work?" Alex asked, leaning forward again so he didn't lose his balance.

"I reckon the painting first.. Then that's all out the way and the written piece would be a little more exact as we'd have the piece.." Alex said, looking to Penelope who just seemed to look cuter and cuter. What had Alex eaten? Whatever it was, he didn't plan on going near it again. He felt slightly different- Maybe it was just school which made the two fight? They hadn't kicked up a fuss, not yet anyway. It was quite nice actually, not biting each others heads off over stupid things like paper balls.

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Adam smirked at her response. "If you move in with Mike, you'll get little to no sleep. The guy snores all through the night." He teased. "But don't worry. I have enough respect not to have girls in the same room that somebodies sleeping in. If I have any girls to take care of, I suppose I'll just take care of them in the bathroom or something." He said, only half joking.

Adam wasn't really crude, but he did like girls, obviously. And even if he did slightly like Alice, it was just a crush, one he hoped to soon get over. And it wasn't like anything could happen there so why not keep up with the groupies? He liked them enough, or at least he liked parts of them. He knew there was no point in trying to get with Alice; that was not happening, especially not after his talk with her dad. No way would he wager his career like that.

Adam smiled at her next comment as he began to put some blue bedding onto his own bed and tuck away his clothes in a small dresser he had. All except his underwear, of course. Those could stay in his bag. "I am too. Though you should forgive me if we suck an unbelievable amount. The first night is usual when we're at our most nervous, therefore our worst. So don't be too harsh with us. We'll probably just end up drinking to numb the pain of sucking." He joked, though there was some slight anxiety at the end of his voice. Adam really was afraid of disappointing his crowd tonight; he had heard it was supposed to be a big one.


Penelope's eyes flickered over to Alex. Even if she didn't like him much, she had to admit he was kind of cute. At least in a posh, preppy, rich kid kind of way. Certainly not her type, but undeniably good looking. She nodded at his blue vase suggestion. "That could work." She said, biting her lip as she grabbed her paper yet again and began to draw a vase at the bottom. Once she was done, she passed it back over to him again. "That's what it would look like." She muttered.

She felt oddly calmer, not necessarily super calm or anything like that, but not nearly as pissed as she was before. She supposed that having a purpose, having something to busy herself with, had helped quite a bit. Penelope always had a one track mind. She couldn't hate someone while trying to figure out what to do on a school project. Sure, she could go back to hating said person once her mind was off the project, but certainly not while she was preoccupied.

Penelope nodded again. "Yeah, I'm better at painting than I am at writing anyway." She admitted. She wasn't terrible at writing, and she did like English class. But since she wasn't a native English speaker she did sometimes have trouble using the correct phrases and such. She always did pretty well on reports, but she didn't exactly like having to do them. "Should we start actually painting right now or should we do a bit more concept art?" She asked, studying the blank canvas once again.

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"In the bathroom? Well, if you wake up aching don't blame me-" Alice laughed, feeling slightly awkward at the conversation. Alice knew if anything did happen, nothing would happen to the band. They'd just never see each other again, Alice would probably end up somewhere in Africa with some new name and new face. George was a little over protective sometimes. "I- I don't mind snoring, if that's the case. You should enjoy your tour. I don't want to get in your way, that wasn't the point of me coming.." Alice giggled, leaning her head down and staring at her rather tiny feel. The bunk was quite high, meaning she'd probably have to climb up Adam before she could get into the bed.

"Pink and blue, huh? Looks cool.." Alice said, her voice slightly quieter than before. This tour was two weeks, two weeks in a fairly cramped tour bus with 5 guys. It couldn't be too bad, could it? Alice didn't mind Adam, he was funny. Xavier was a little creepy, Mike was adorable and Jace? Well, he was just Jace. Hopefully over time Alice would grow closer, she was beginning to like this tour already. It sounded like a lot of fun. They'd be traveling until 4, that was another 10 hours at least. That was a long time to kill.

"Aw, bro.." Alice laughed, shaking her head. "Don't be nervous, my dad said you're really good, evening when you.. you know, muck it up a little- Everybody mucks up, I put white socks in with red.. Now they're pink" Alice said, pulling up some pink socks before putting them on. Alice was sat in the corner of the bunk, she fit quite nicely. "If you calm your nerves.. I'll buy you a drink, if you perform really well.. I'll buy you two." Alice giggled, looking down to him with her adorable smile. God, was Alice falling for this boy?

Alex scrunched his face up in thought, he knew it'd take hours to paint alone. "As much as I want a high grade too, we've only got tonight.. I think we should just start, if it turns out crappy then.. Crap, but if it's good then we've both got a good grade in the bag.." Alex said, there was a point in his statement. "So, the vase looks good.. The flowers look good, now we just have to put it all together to make something a little more fabulous.." Alex said, tilting his head as he stared blankly at the equally blank canvas.

After a while, the two began to draw. Their teamwork made quite a nice outline, soon the details were coming together and it looked remotely like the rough, just neat. Alex was a good drawer, but that was something he kept from his friends. Art wasn't exactly the manliest of subjects, and personally he'd rather be known as an English nerd rather than art. Though, art wasn't exactly a hobby, it was just a talent he'd been born with.

"It's looking good.." Alex admitted, tilting his head to see each and every angle they'd drawn. No doubt was Penelope a good drawer also, her side looked just as good as his, if not better. Soon, it was time to whip out the paints. Alex did as directed, painting the area's he needed to paint and going to further. Quite honestly, Alex couldn't be bothered to argue. After half an hour of work, they were just about half done. "Want a drink? brain food?" Alex asked, pulling himself up from the bed to stretch a little. It was 7pm, not overly late considering how far they'd gotten.

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Adam offered a tiny smile as Alice reasurred him. Just her presence on the bus was kind of reasurring. She was nice and pretty and- He stopped his thoughts from running a muck. There was no point in entertaining delusions. He smiled back at her; he found her smile rather infectious. "Thanks, Alice." He murmured. "I guess I can try to calm down. But I'm always nervous before a tour." He admitted softly, glancing up at her a bit sheepishly. He'd never told anyone that, though his band mates knew, considering Adam wasn't the best at hiding his obvious nervousness.

"Although, I do think our beds look rather good together. A bit steryotypical seeing as I'm a boy and you're a girl, but good." Adam agreed, nodding. He decided to stop looking at Alice; it was too hard to see her smile and smile back without really looking at her. He couldn't even study the girl without feeling bad, considering that alone seemed wrong to him. He suddenly stood. "I think I'm going to go get a soda. You want one?" He asked, mainly for a reason to leave the room.


Penelope just nodded to Alex's statement. She threw herself into the work once they started, drawing detailed flowers and a vase. As the outline finished, she heard Alex's question, but it didn't really register. "Huh?" She asked, not looking up as she added the final detail to one of her flowers. Then she finally glanced up at him, his words registering. She arched a brow in thought. She wanted to be stubborn enough to say no, she didn't want anything from him. But honestly, she was too tired to even bother bickering. She hadn't forgiven him, obviously. But she wasn't quite in the mood to argue with him.

"You know, maybe I should get home. My parents have this thing when it comes to guys. Even if I don't like them, they don't like me to be over any later than eight. And since I doubt we could finish painting over this well in just an hour, why don't we call it a day? I could come back tomorrow or something." She stood and stretched, grabbing her purse and her sketch book, sticking her pencil behind her ear again. She felt slightly awkward, standing in the guy she pretty much hated's room. Before it hadn't seemed so weird; she'd been fairly busy either drawing or brainstorming. But now she wanted to just get out.

She had to admit he wasn't terrible when he wasn't around his posy. But she wasn't stupid enough to think that tomorrow they'd be fine and dandy and not fighting anymore. He obviously felt the need to prove himself to his peers, and she obviously felt the need to do the exact opposite, to prove that she didn't give a crap what anyone thought of her. They could never be friends. That was just the way things were.

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Alice felt the awkward tension, it was quite uneasy actually. Being the only girl was a little uneasy- What if they all ended up drunk, bringing girls back? What would she do other than just sit in the bunk awkwardly. Alice's dad was sleeping on the bus but wasn't traveling. He'd decided to stick with a couple of guy's in a car, knowing it'd be a lot calmer. Though he thought about his daughter all the time, hoping she was okay with a bunch of boys on the bus. Alice knew she'd be okay, so long as she kept to herself and didn't actually do anything.

"I- No, thanks.." Alice said, even quieter than before. She felt uneasy, something about their conversation. Maybe it was just what her father previously said, whatever it was- It really didn't make her feel good. There was some tingly feeling in her gut, a feeling she'd never felt before. That would be because she'd never really felt a crush before, she'd had those cute little girl-things.. But it wasn't anything she'd flustered over. Not like this. Once Adam left, Alice curled up on her side of the bunk, shuffling as close to the wall as she possibly could. After a second, Alice dropped down, walking over to a couple of band members and sitting down. "Hi.." Alice said to Xavier, a smile on her face. Hopefully this conversation wouldn't be so awkward.


Alex looked at Penelope with a raised eyebrow, he could see what she wanted to say, he just didn't plan on retaliating. "Sure, see you tomorrow.." Alex said rather bluntly, helping her tidy a few things once he realized how awkward things really were. Alex knew they'd never be friends. It was clear in the way they looked at each other, Alex planned on talking to their art teacher with a bit of.. well, Alex. He wanted to swap partners, though she wasn't so bad.. It was darn awkward.

Alex had to be careful with what he said, one wrong move and she'd probably start up again. Alex lead her down the long flight of stairs, yawning slightly as he got to the bottom. Alex opened up the door, looking to her before looking back outside. Alex's mum was walking towards the house, she barged past both Alex and Penelope with out a word. "Nice to see you too, mum" Alex muttered, slightly offended by her actions. Nonetheless he ceased to admit he cared, seeing Penelope off and closing the door once she'd gone.

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Adam went and grabbed a few sodas for Alice, himself, and his friends. While he was gone, Xavier smiled at Alice. "Hey. How you feel about being on a bus with all us sweaty, nasty, gropey boys." Jace rolled his eyes. "A) Gropey isn't a word, b)stop scaring the damn girl, and c) we're not all that bad." He smiled kindly at Alice. "Xavier here is a lot to handle, but don't worry. We're really pretty low key when on tour. Sometimes we bring girls back, but since you're here I think we'll take them some where else. It wouldn't be very nice to do that around you, would it?" Mike nodded but smirked at Jace. "You never even bring girls on the bus. You've been having that relationship with Amy so long that you haven't slept with anyone else in years." Jace smiled. "So I'm in love. It's not that big of a deal. I never liked screwing around anyway." He said. Jace always was the big teddy bear in the group, seen as the sensitive one by the media and in real life.

Having heard their conversation, Adam walked in and joined in, handing everyone their sodas. "Oh, leave Jace alone. I think we should be glad he's happy and not being all mopey anymore." He said. "I am happy for him. But I wish all the girls I bring home wouldn't try to go for the 'sensitive one' instead." Xavier said. Adam rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Most girls are glad to be with you. They're into the whole player thing." He pointed out, earning a grin from Xavier. "I am pretty hot and charming." The band mates all rolled their eyes, having heard this a million times before.


Penelope was slightly surprised to see Alex's mom brush past him without a single word. She glanced up at him, though she didn't say anything. She almost felt bad for him. Then she remembered all the things he and his friends had said about her mom and her facial expression hardened. How could he be so unsympathetic when he had a mom like that? Did he not realize that other people could have bad moms too? Or was he really just that eager to fit in? Or worse, was he that big of an asshole? She managed to keep her comments to herself, which was pretty hard for her to do.

Penelope rocked back and forth on her feet, looking awkward. "So, um, I'll see you at school, I guess." She said, glancing down at her hands. She didn't bother waiting for a response but instead went to her truck and climbed inside, pulling out of the driveway and onto the road.

((Should we skip to the next day? Morning at school?))

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Alice looked around to each of the boy's as they spoke, it seemed they all had many a girl and many an adventure. Jace came across as a nice guy, she quite liked the way he was so well spoken "It's nicer to be in love than to sleep around, just think- If the poor girl did like you, then.. well, she's just been chucked for another girl.." Alice said, looking to the floor as she spoke. Being a girl with no sexual experience, talking about this wasn't particularly easy. "I mean.. Sometimes you have to think about the emotional feelings before the pleasurable feelings.." Alice finally said, unable to word it before. "Though, I'm not one to judge how you guys work.. I can't say I've had much dating experience.." Alice admitted, giggling slightly.

Most girls would be ashamed to admit they'd never had a boyfriend, but Alice, well Alice was quite proud of that. Okay, maybe proud was the wrong word.. Happy? Hm, Happy fit well. Alice didn't care if she never had a boyfriend, so long as she had friends and family she thought she'd be fine. George really did raise a strange girl, considering most females of her age were racing after men twice their age, begging for something they were way too young for. "I'm happy for you Jace, I hope you and.. Amy last a long time.." Alice said, forgetting the girls name for a short second.


Alex preferred to keep the topic of his mother out of bounds, if someone insulted her, he wasn't at all offended. It was more- Alex's mum really didn't care about him, and honestly.. Alex would rather lose somebody who really cared than stick with somebody who didn't care at all. But he couldn't just wish his mum away, he wouldn't wish his mum away. That wasn't right, no matter what the circumstances. Alex's mother just went upstairs, still silent. Alex's face saddened slightly, though he refused to show it.

The next day, Alex arrived earlier than usual, parking in his space as Penelope hadn't arrived yet. As usual, Alex was greeted by a large crowd. Saying his hello's, Alex walked into the large building and headed towards his first class as the bell rang. Physics, again. One thing about physics was the teacher.. She was lovely, possibly one of the nicest teachers you'd ever meet. If you forgot something, she'd be sweet enough to lend it to you. Usually, teachers made you pay for it.. Normally they'd pick on you for the rest of the lesson, making you answer things which were way too hard for anybody in the class to understand.
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Marrie  | 4582 comments ((No, they're fine! And if you're tired you should go to bed. I'm about to go to bed myself (yes, I'm an old lady since it's barely nine here) anyway.))

Adam looked slightly surprised at Alice's statement. She hadn't ever talked about past relationships, but he figured it was because she wasn't very open. Had she even dated anyone then? Or just very few people? He suddenly was very curious, but he didn't think it was right or polite to ask such a crude question so he kept his wonderings to himself. "Thank you, Alice." Jace said, smiling to himself as though he was thinking about Amy again.

"Well, we are young. We're just sewing our wild oats." Adam pointed out, bringing the topic back to their many relations with girls. He knew he'd probably never settle down, honestly. But he did plan on someday stopping seeing all the girls. "Not me. I like being with lots of girls." Xavier said proudly. Mike snorted. "That's because you're a total pig." He said, and Xavier didn't deny it; he just shrugged. Adam continued, "I think I'll someday stop seeing all these girls. But for now I just want to test the waters. I think most young people have that phase." He hadn't admitted that before, and didn't know why he did now, but he felt more safe saying it to Alice than anyone else.


Penelope arrived to school early the next day. She didn't even go near Alex's spot; she wasn't in the mood to deal with anyone she disliked. Which probably wouldn't make first or second period pass by well, now that she thought about it. It really sucked that Alex and his preppy, popular guy clones had to ruin those subjects for her, considering she actually liked both of them.

Penelope was wearing a pair of ripped blue jeans and a tattered black shirt with an undershirt underneath. Her hair was down and thick, black curls fell over her shoulder and framed her face. She ran a hand through her hair, glad that at least today there were little to no comments about her appearance, probably because people had moved on and she was no longer big news. She went to her locker and grabbed her physics book, getting to class before anyone since she didn't run into Jack or any of her other friends and didn't think she would until third period. She took a seat in the back corner of the room, taking out her sketch book and doodling. She decided today she'd just try to ignore everyone. Unless they went too far; then she'd probably punch someone because she was done with just talking when people pissed her off.

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Alice just gave the boys a friendly smile, glad when Adam confessed he'd one say stop adventuring with the ladies. Surely it'd get boring after a while, but Alice spoke her mind. The mind she'd been building up by herself for the past 18 years, learning from people as she grew older. "You sew whatever seeds you want.." Alice then added, leaning back on the couch with a yawn. Alice's travel bag sat next to her, she stretched over and hooked her fingers round it, pulling it up. Once the small bag sat on her lap, Alice unzipped, pulling out a couple of revision paper's she taken. Alice's dad asked her not to take anything science at all, but she knew she'd have to.

Alice settled back down, still sat next to Xavier, which didn't bother her. When wrapped up in something, surroundings didn't really bother Alice. Upon opening the work book, Alice was faced with a whole bunch of questions she'd been working on. Thankfully, Science was one of Alice's strongest subject, she actually understood the words and phrases, shapes and codes all placed randomly in the question. Why forensics was so muddled, Alice didn't understand.


Alex was similar to Penelope, he didn't have any interest in talking to her. Though, if his friends started up.. that was their business, he sure as hell wasn't getting involved. This time, he didn't plan on sticking up for anybody.. Not unless things went ape, which wasn't very likely considering things seems to be under control at the moment. Alex was sat nearer the front, twiddling his pen round his finger and thumb and the teacher began to lecture the class. That was when a group of girls came in, it wasn't Maria's pretty shits, these girls were just the wannabe's.

"Ew, black is such a gross colour.. Why would you put your hair through that?" One of the girls moaned, sitting herself down at the back with the rest of her friends. "Why wear black when your hair's black? It makes you look pathetic" The girls began, attempting to put her down as much as possible. "Why don't you just go slit your wrists? Dirty little emo" The third and final girl said, "Or better.. Kill yourself!" She snapped. Alex was aware of this conversation, as were the rest of the class.

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Marrie  | 4582 comments Adam gave a small smile at Alice's answer. He sat in the chair near the couch, looking over at her papers. "Geez, Alice. You're on vacation. Why are you still doing all of that paper work?" He questioned, though he was grinning. He liked how smart she was, how she knew so many things he didn't. He figured it should have made him feel inadequate, but it didn't. In fact, it only made him want to learn more. Back home, Adam had been a real nerd; he'd known everything about everything. And even though he was definitely still smart and he was really quite into things like science and history and math, he thought he might have lost a bit of his brains while on tour or doing it with girls or drinking. Alice made him want to be able to do more studying again. Her drive never failed to make him want to have more drive for school again too. He pushed these thoughts away, focusing on the topic at hand. He didn't need to think about how great she was. Her father had made it clear; nothing was happening there.


Penelope had heard pretty much everything the girls were saying before so it didn't bother her very much. Her hair was naturally black, something she refused to feel bad about, considering it was one of the few things she liked about herself. She just rolled her eyes at them. The comments might be an attempt to hurt her, but she'd be damned if she let them. And Penelope hadn't been kidding herself when she'd told herself she'd just punch someone if they tried to mess with her. She was done. It was only the second day of school, but if she had to scare some preppy little bitches by kicking their skinny butts, then she would.

She stood and smiled a snarky, sardonic smile. "See, I may be an emo, but that could always change with time. However, you three with always be vivacious, disgusting, malicious, skrawny bitches with nothing better to do with their time than put people down in hopes that it will make them look cool to the popular girls and that Alex here, or any popular guy for that matter, will feel them up in the back of his car." She said, and there was no silky sweet mask behind her voice this time like there had been last time she'd been chewing someone out.

Now it was clear she meant business, that she was done. She leaned forward and punched the nearest one to her. When the other lunged, she punched them too, along with kicking and kneeing them. When they were all on the floor, she bowed to the class as though it was all a show. "Thank you for your kindness." She said sarcastically, then looked over at the teacher. "Don't bother calling it in; I'll send myself to the principles." She left the room calmly, but once she was in the hall she was surprised to feel tears well up in her eyes but she pushed them back. She was not breaking, not right here, she told herself. And she wasn't going to the principle's either. She had to get to her car, to go for a drive. She knew she shouldn't have let the things they said get to her, but one thing kept ringing out. Kill yourself, They'd said. But they hadn't known how many times she'd attempted that very thing when she lived in Mexico, even as a young child. She bit her bottom lip and practically ran outside.

(Sorry Adam's was so much shorter than Penelope's. I just had more of an idea for Penelope's than Adam's. I promise the next one will be longer!))

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(Don't worry, a few short posts I can live with. It's when the entire RP is focused round the girl.. That I don't like so much. How about the two kinda talk that night and end up kissing? one of the band members could see?)

"Vacation my ass.. If I don't complete these papers by the time we're back, I'll never complete the course. If I don't complete the course.. I won't get the doctorate I've been working for.." Alice said simply, she had a fair point. Alice knew she'd need more than a masters degree in Science to become a forensics scientist, she'd need a doctorate. Alice's dream was to become a doctor, not necessarily the medical doctor. Though, she'd qualify for one if she took a few more courses and actually took interest in that area. Dr. Alice Siphen-Advenicci, the name Alice hoped to be privileged with one day.

"It's really hard, in fact.. It's retardedly easy, though saying that I bet I'll turn the page and have some questions I've never even heard of. So long as I don't have to work out the family punnets for tuberculosis, I'm not overly bothered with this work.." Alice giggled, leaning back as she read a few more bits and completed the sections she needed to do. After that, she decided against the work and dumped it to one side, closing her eyes boredly.

-Concert skipping-

Sooner rather than later, they arrived at the stadium. It was big, very big. In fact, Alice and George managed to get lost after having a bite to eat when they'd told the boy's they'd meet them on stage. Soon, Alice walked onto the stage, the doors weren't due to open for another 15 minutes so she could wish the boy's luck. George was backstage, that was where he normally stayed. Though he could stand at the side and watch them from the closest view possible, he'd heard a lot of their songs and swore he knew each and every lyric. It wasn't all new to him.

Fans began to fill up the hall as the doors opened, the band now at the side of the stage, unseen by anybody but Alice who was stood with them. "Good luck.." Alice whispered softly, wrapping her arms around Adam and standing up on her tiptoes, pecking his cheek before doing the same to the rest of the band. Though, she refrained from pecking Jace, knowing he had a girlfriend.


Alex hadn't expected the girls to be so harsh, sure a few bad comments were called for but telling the girl to kill herself? Now that wasn't nice, even in Alex's eyes that was morally wrong. Sure, being a bitch was the nature of the girls, but Alex never thought it was so bad they'd wish death upon a girl. It wasn't called for, in fact, Alex found himself eying the girls with daggers like the rest of the class. Penelope seemed to be coping well with the comments, Alex knew he'd probably out of the classroom by then if it was him.

Then shit went down, one second Penelope was sticking up for herself, the next her fist was plundering into the nearest blonde's face, causing a whole lot of blood to gush down her pretty face. The next thing he knew, the other girls were on the floor, their eyes watering and faces looking dainty. It was almost as if they were about to scream and cry for their mummies, begging to be taken to the mall and treated for being punched in the face and kicked in the gut.

Alex hadn't seen anybody so angry, he'd never seen anything like that kick off in class. For the whole 3 years he'd been at the school, that was the first bitch fight he'd seen. Surprisingly, he felt no sorrow for the 4 girls wounded on the floor. His sorrow fled towards the girl who'd just been humiliated by four blondes, he knew that must have cracked even the hardest of shells.

Whilst the class crowded round the swollen girls, the teacher going bizerk and nothing being done about the punches, Alex found himself leaving the classroom shortly after Penelope. Why did he cared so much? It seemed the night they'd spent together cleared the air ever so slightly, even though they still didn't like each other, he still gave a tiny damn about her feelings. "Penelope?" Alex said quietly, he couldn't see her around.

As soon as Alex stepped outside, he saw the girl fleeing towards her car and decided to follow her. Once again, Alex had no idea why. Once he finally caught up, he quickly tapped her on the shoulder. Once they'd ground to a halt, he stood there, panting like a puppy. "Y-eaah, I know you can't stand me.. I know you probably want to hit me too, but I don't care right now. Even I think what they said was fucking wrong.. The class is manic right now.. Thought I'd see if you were okay?" Alex asked, knowing he sounded absolutely ridiculous.

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Marrie  | 4582 comments ((Don't worry, it's a major pet peeve of mine when people do that too. I try to keep the posts fair, so that I'm not making anyone's story longer than the other person.
And I like that idea! Maybe Adam's been drinking a bit, not enough to be drunk but to have enough guts to kiss her?))

As the time for the concert came closer, Adam's nerves became more and more wired. What if his voice cracked, making him sound like a thirteen year old boy? What if no one caught him when he stage dived, leaving him in the dust? What if they booed and threw cans at him like they had during one of his early gigs? Granted, that gig had been for a bunch of people who were obviously stoned out of their mind and too busy making out with one another to do much more than become annoyed with his background music. Still, he was sure it could happen again. Oh god, he was going to screw up, wasn't he?

As the band went to the side of the stage, getting ready to go on, Adam's assistants put things in his ears so he could hear himself, told him how well he would do, wished him good luck. But he barely heard them. He hummed to himself, attempting to at least kind of work on his vocals, though he couldn't be too loud without causing a total riot from a bunch of over-hyped fangirls who would more than likely try to steal locks of his hair if given the chance. He sighed, closing his eyes and trying to keep himself calm, keep his thoughts from getting too muddled. Then he heard a familiar, soft, shy voice wishing him good luck. He nodded, barely registering that it was Alice. That was until she kissed his cheek.

His eyes snapped open at once, but he barely got a look at her, seeing as she was already moving on to kiss his other band mates on the cheek. If she was kissing them too, then the kiss for him meant nothing, right? It had to. Yet Adam felt a burning feeling on his cheek, as though he was a phoenix rising from ashes. He felt alive, like he could actually do this concert without screwing up. He touched his cheek when no one was looking, trying to permanently stamp how soft Alice's lips were on his skin, how her body had pressed somewhat close to his for a short moment. Then he was being pushed onto the stage, his mind still all out of sorts, feeling like a mad man, his stomach in knots over Alice rather than his nervousness now.

He stood at the mike, looking slightly bewildered, trying to catch Alice in the crowd though he didn't think he would find her, considering there were thousands out there, all thrashing around and screaming the bands name, yelling out 'TOXIC WASTE!' 'TOXIC WASTE!'. Adam saw signs with his name on them, but he barely noticed. He barely heard himself when he sang into the mike, his voice raising and falling with perfect time, the music flowing together in just the right harmony, a mix of sadness and anger and happiness and all the things that made music great. Normally the music coursed through his mind, his focus all there. But today, even as the band killed it, he only thought one thing, over and over and over again. Alice kissed me on the cheek.


As the concert ended, Adam stood at the mike, sweating and beaming at the crowd, though his thoughts were still on Alice. "Thank you guys! You've been one of the best crowds we've had. Good night everybody!" Then he stage dived, landing in the trusting hands of the crowd. They passed him along, screaming and girls saying how they'd never wash their hands again after this. Normally he would have winked at these girls, all of his charm coming out. But this time he barely registered their comments. Alice kissed me on the cheek. As the night came to an end, Adam got out of the crowd and headed for backstage, where there was sure to be celebration and booze. And hopefully Alice.


Penelope's eyes watered yet again as she neared her car, but this time, thinking she was alone, she allowed herself to cry. Not a sobbing, gut wrenching cry. She almost never cried like that. Hell, she almost never cried in general. But it was a quiet, slight slump of her shoulders cry. She opened up her car door and jumped when she heard the sound of running footsteps then heavy breathing. Thinking it had to be the school coming to reprimand her for sticking up for herself, she pushed back what remaining tears she had left and bitterly swiped at her eyes; Penelope hated crying. She hated how weak she thought it made her look and feel. She hated how her breathing sounded, how her cheeks got stained with tears. She hated how raw and empty it looked on her. She knew there still had to be tear marks on her cheeks, but she turned around anyway.

And then she saw Alex. Of all the people she could imagine following her out to the car, Alex was pretty much the last. She scoffed at his question, thinking he was just doing this to make fun of her. She didn't trust him one bit, and she hated that he had to be the one left with the knowledge that she'd cried. She bet he'd spread it around school and by tomorrow, the girls would have more to taunt her about. "Like you care. Why did you really follow me out here?" She asked, her arms crossed as she tried her hardest to give him the hard, calculating look she normally had. She knew she failed miserably, probably looking more sad than anything. "Come to add to the insults? Well come on, Alex, pile them on, why don't you? Tell me what a little bitch I am, what a whore I must be; how I fucked the principle to get into this oh so awesome school. Tell me how I'm trash and scum and don't even deserved to be talk to. Tell me how I'm a psycho path." Her voice, which had been more high before, almost frantic, now dropped. She look down at the ground, not even summoning enough strength to glare at him. "Go right ahead. It's not like I haven't heard those things before. Everybody likes to re-use insults. So I'm sure anything you say won't be new. I've heard it all, in Spanish and in English." She said, her voice barely audible by the end.

Then, as her mini rant ended, she let out a tiny breath, feeling more tears coming. Oh god, not now. Anywhere but in front of him. I need to be strong. Crying is for weak girls, like the little girls with mothers to run to when I was a kid, the ones who cried over scraped knees and tiny cuts. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. She repeated her mantra in her mind, barely holding back tears as she stared down at her feet, waiting for him to taunt her.

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