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Born of the Night (The League, #1)
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Aug 2013: Assassins in Love > Born of Night Casting

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Lila Lockhart (lilalockhart) | 62 comments Thought I'd make a version for people who have read/are reading this months alt!

Kiara - Brigid Brannagh

Nykyrian - Alexander Skarsgard

Syn - Ian Somerhalder

Jen (NerdifiedJen) (nerdifiedjen) | 53 comments Kiara - Amy Acker or Summer Glau

Nykyrian - Alexander Skarsgard (same as Lila)

Syn - Ian Somerhalder (also same as Lila!)

Claire (cacromwell) | 221 comments I had to think about these for a bit, but here are my suggestions!

Kiara: Emmy Rossum or Shannyn Sossamon, but they're both a little tall. Rachel Bilson maybe?

Nykyrian: a blonde Karl Urban? or maybe Charlie Hunnam slimmed down like he is in Pacific Rim.

Not quite

Bella (bellad007) | 2 comments Nykyrian - Idris Elba

Kiara - Paula Patton

Syn - Sam Witwer

Jen (NerdifiedJen) (nerdifiedjen) | 53 comments Ok, I remember who I was thinking of originally for Syn and it wasn't Smolder-Holder, it was Colin O'Donoghue (captain hook from OUAT).

Lila Lockhart (lilalockhart) | 62 comments Jen wrote: "Ok, I remember who I was thinking of originally for Syn and it wasn't Smolder-Holder, it was Colin O'Donoghue (captain hook from OUAT)."

Oh, I could picture that. He's gorgeous too.

Rebecca | 18 comments Kiara - Jennifer Snow/Amy Adams

Syn - Karl Urban/John Barrowman

Nykyrian - Jason Momoa ( wigged or hair dyed)/Alexander Skarsgard

Darling - Aaron Taylor-Johnson

message 8: by Beth (last edited Aug 26, 2013 03:15AM) (new) - added it

Beth (bethodactyl) | 84 comments Bella wrote: "Nykyrian - Idris Elba"

YES. He was my pick, too! :D

For Kiara, I pictured Gugu Mbatha-Raw (she played the sister of Martha Jones in Doctor Who).

Rebecca | 18 comments Also another pick for Darling is Joseph-Gordon Levitt.

message 10: by Lila (last edited Aug 26, 2013 07:45PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lila Lockhart (lilalockhart) | 62 comments I pictured Darling as Fran Kranz.

Claire (cacromwell) | 221 comments Rebecca wrote: "Also another pick for Darling is Joseph-Gordon Levitt."

I second that!

message 12: by Miya (new)

Miya (nursethalia) I'm only like 20% into the alternate book (plan to finish by tomorrow morning when I'll watch the hangout), but once they said Kiara was tiny and a dancer, I couldn't help but picture her as Lindsey Stirling...

message 13: by Erin (new) - rated it 3 stars

Erin (theoreticallye) | 5 comments For any fans of the Witcher games, I pictured Geralt of Rivia as Nykyrian the whole time

message 14: by Rose (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rose Butler (rosevbutler) | 17 comments Nykyrian - Alexander Skarsgard (I know, I know. I cast him as Misha, too. lol)

Kiara - Natalie Portman

Syn - Nathan Fillion

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