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message 1: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Hey there! So this is our thread :).

Do you have an age range you like to stick in? For the idea I have, the sges would be best sround 18-28.

message 2: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 33 comments That's actually right in my range! I generally go between the ages of 16-26, so your range is great. What's your idea?

message 3: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments One sec, i need to try and type it all out :). You enjoy playing both genders, yes? I was being nosy and looked over your comment history and saw just a lot of male roles... So, just wanted to make sure you're open to both :)

message 4: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments If not, i can modify the idea a bit. Either way i can work with

message 5: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 33 comments No problem, I just perfer guys, but I've done a fair amount of females in past years and in writing characters.

message 6: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Mkay...so would you prefer I switch up the plot to get you just male characters or do you want to give a go to a female role?

message 7: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 33 comments If it will make the plot work better, I can play a girl. I like to think of myself as a rather adaptive role player, so whatever you need, I can do!

message 8: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments I'll write it out both ways and see which you like best. Btw, it may be scattered brained because Im sleepy.

message 9: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 33 comments It's cool. It's currently 2 am where I live, so I'm not exactly 100% here either :3

message 10: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments For starters, you're in the Central time zone to?! Good! That means you'll be in the same times as me probably :)

After a small incident on a plane and an awkward run in with a handsome guy, Madison cant seem to shake the thought of him. But when the plane lands and her and her best friend go off to see Europe, the thought of the guy drifts to the back of her mind. The two had caught rumor of there being a huge party being thrown with a wide range of celebrates, so the girls decide to try and sneak into the large manor when they are rejected at the gate. They manage to succeed, but what happens when it turns out mister handsome is the successful business man who is the owner of the manor and runs into them?

Other half of the story:

Ashley, best friend of the spontaneous Madison Carter, cant help but think the trip to Europe will turn out like all of the other plans involving Madison: a wreck. Okay, okay, truth be told, it was a rush being the friend of someone who got her dragged into things, but it was a bit difficult to handle at times. The trip starts off bad when there is an incident that gets the sir marshal involved with the two girls and two men on the plane. When the plane landed, Ashely tells herself it will only get better...but, it only spirals more out of control, Ashely finding herself starting to enjoy it at some point, maybe because of the guy that she seems to be developing a thing for?

In the case of you wanting to do two male parts, it would just be basically the friend of Madison will be male and the friend of the guy will be a female.

I obviously am leaving the plot open to a lot and barely outlining it. I would love to have a lot of stuff happen, random eventful things. It can involved small laws being broken, embarrassing moments, some danger here and there, and so on. So i guess sorta a humorous adventure with romance as a factor?

Fullllyyyy open for suggesting and changes of any sort. If you hate it, we can toss it out and make a new one and I can revamp this one and try it with someone else. In other words, you can say if you hate it and it wont hurt my feelings or anything :)

message 11: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 33 comments That's a really good idea actually! It kind of reminds my of that one film with Audrey Hepburn for some reason. I do kind of like the idea of playing two guy roles in this piece, in that it gives this unspoken contrast. And, since I imagine that the friend couples are going to be the same age, the contrast between older man/younger woman and younger man/older woman kind of makes it really interesting. What do you think?

message 12: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments I love age differences! Ive rarely gotten to play a girl who is older than a guy, so it would be an interesting thing me to do as well :). Im glad you liked the idea! Im not sure which movie you are talking about, but i bet it is a good one if it has a lot of humor and what not in it like i hope this one ends up as :D

Mkay, so what about the age of the two younger ones (girl number 1 and guy number 1? I was debating on either this being a trip for like a celebration for graduating highschool or a spring break while in college. What do you think?

As for the other two, I was thinking around the 24-26 range? Also, if they are some form of successful, what should it be?

Hmmm....would you wanna make it a bit more complicated? Maybe girl number two could like guy number two--or maybe they are even dating but guy two isn't overly into it and when he runs into Madison second time, maybe things start to get on the rocks for guy two and girl two?

Does that make sense or am i sleep rambling?

message 13: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 33 comments No, I like that, it makes a lot of sense. And the graduation thing would probably be better, because then they can realistically stay longer in Europe.

message 14: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Truth :).

So, any other plot development things you want to iron out? Oh! And do you have suggestions for the plane incident?

Oh and when we make characters, are you cool with short profiles (only maybe elaborating a few key things if needed)? I write from my phone so profiles are annoying to make... Also, i like to develop the personalities more so in the rp rather than write them out :)

message 15: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 33 comments Maybe Melanie and the guy both get up with out looking, slam into eachother, and she knocks his drink over and it goes down his shirt?

And I'm fine with that, as I am also on my phone.

message 16: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Hmm...maybe a bit more elaborate? I cant think of something really good/creative right now is the only thing. So we can go with the drinks if neither of us get a spark in our brains before we start :).

Speak of, i may be about to head to sleep...almost almost 3 and all lol. What time do you usually get online in the afternoon?

message 17: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 33 comments I'm on from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed, really. The app tells me when you respond, so if you make a post, I'll know. Check for me between 10 and 12, that's normally when I crawl out of my cave and start going crazy with my rping.

message 18: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments So, i didnt get a notification for your reply. I had been waiting for a reply i already had. Bullshit. So, did we need to iron anything else out...or?

message 19: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 33 comments Nope, I think we have it mostly mapped out.

message 20: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Then...characters? Short profiles, yes?

message 21: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 33 comments Alright, is that my cue to go first?

message 22: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Haha, if you want? I was just making sure that the short profiles were still okay :).

message 23: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 33 comments Alright! I have to type up a response and get another picture, so if you want to post yours, go ahead!

message 24: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Shall do :). Off to photobank!

message 25: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 33 comments Name: Leo Merchant
Age: 25
Appearance: http://blogs.artinfo.com/cuttingroom/...
Personality: Lee is a charismatic, sly business man. He can charm anyone he meets, and has the patience of a saint. Respectable, Kind, and Resourceful.
Bio: Inheirated his fathers company at 22. Has turned it around to double the profit his father earned.

Name: Jared (Red) Hart
Age: 18 (barely legal!)
Looks: http://s2.favim.com/orig/35/beautful-...
Personality: Red is calculating, always thinking through situations. He has a twisted sense of humor, an unending curiosity, and covers it up with a polite facade.
Bio: Just graduated High school.

message 26: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Name: Katherine Salvoti
Nicknamed: Kathy, Kat, and rarely Kitten (though it annoys her).

Age: 18 (just turned)

D.O.B.: May 12th


Her eyes are a deep blue, more like a sapphire color. Her hair is dark brown, almost black and tends to have some curl to it. She doesnt dress gothic, as the picture would lead to believe, but rather her style varies vastly depending on her mode. She is about 5'3" tall and weighs around 122 pounds. Her skin is semi tan, more nearly pale.

Personality: tbrp

History (very brief): there are a long list of 'adventures' and what not that have happened within Kat's life, usually always working out. Her parents make an average amount of money, making her life decent enough. Her richer uncle gave her the money to go off to Europe for a few weeks with a close friend to celebrate her graduation.


Name: Laken Michaels

Age: 23 and a half

D.O.B.: August 7th


Laken has lighter blue eyes that have some hazel tint to them at times. Her hair general has a curled look to it and is a chocolate color. She is around 5'5" tall and weighs around 128 pounds. She has a wide range of clothing that the likes, but she is generally dressed nice when in public.

Personality: tbrp

History (very brief): Laken was the daughter of a lower class family, having to work when she turned 16 to help support their family since her mother had just had another child by accidents. When she was at her waitress job one day, a man asked her if she was interested in modeling. Things went from there and soon her family didnt have to worry about money as Laken became more popular, soon advancing to an acting career. Laken put money towards her father's dream of owning a bar, and now her mother, father, and younger brother are more than well off with their popular bar. As for Laken, she is an increasing hit, though the stress can be over bearing at times.

message 27: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Love your characters! So, are you generally the one to get asked to start the rp with the first post? I usually am asked to and am perfectly fine with doing it again if you don't want to :).

message 28: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 33 comments I think you should get the honors after orchestrating this beauty.

message 29: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Mkay, i shall get to work on something now. :)

message 30: by Savannah W ~ (last edited Aug 21, 2013 09:22PM) (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments After four times through the metal detector, Kat had finally been allowed through to where Jared waited to her. Before he had time to even react, Kat grabbed his wrist and began to pull him through the crowd. Glares were thrown their way as Katherine weaved their way through the packed airport, occasionally bumping into a poor victim here and there. Kathy ignored their mutters of how rude the new generation was and kept to her primary focus: getting to that damn plane before it took flight. It was bad enough that the roads had iced over and traffic got backed up, but now the annoying airport was going to make them miss the flight for sure! "No, no, no," Kathy said in distress as she saw a guy decked out in his uniform preparing to close the door to their ramp. "Hey!" she shouted, again not taking shame in all the stares. Luckily and of the stares happen to be that boy. She gave a thankful smile when he stopped closing the doors. As the two reached the door, Katherine finally released her grip on Red's wrist. "Thank you for holding the door," she said, her charming, innocent smile in place. She looked over her shoulder to Jared as the guy checked her ticket. "Told you we were gonna make it." Triumphantly, Kat looked back to the guy as he handed her the ticket back and motioned for her to fo ahead. She took a few steps forward, going slow to wait up on her friend.

Twisting a curl around her finger, Laken gazed blankly out the window of the plane. First class had never truly grown on her, even after the years she had been boarded in it. She was still used to the annoying chatter of coach, the crying baby that would always--always, and the odd smell that Laken was sure had soaked directly into the fabric of the seats. But, first class was so much better, she had to admit...she just felt out of place still. Glancing to the left, Laken wondered where Leo had went off to. He had been right behind her during boarding, and now...she had the faintest idea where the man had went off to. Ah well, he was a big boy. He would find his way to his seat. Laken let her hand fall to her lap, the curl falling back in place as she let out a breath. Her nerves were still on edge considering only two days from now she would be meeting Lee's family. Laken had and Leo had known one another for awhile now, but only a few months ago the two got together. Now the next big step. Truth be told, Laken wasnt sure who was more against her meeting the folks, him or her. Laken assumed the both of them were against it for different reasons, him maybe because it was a huge step he may not be ready for and her because she didnt want to make a fool of herself in front of them. Either way, the both of them had decided to go on with the introductions. Lovely.

((hope that was okay? I can edit if you want! I just went with the first stuff that came to mind.))

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Robingray | 33 comments ((It's great))

"This is what you call making it?" Red shot back, thanking their ticket checker for the two of them. The morning had been an just one huge mess after another, and he couldn't wait to sit down and rest for the trip. "God, if you weren't just dragging me of to Europe right now," he joked, punching her on the arm in a friendly way. Red put his arm around her shoulders, beaming. "This had better be the best vacation ever! I mean, it's Europe. Like, the best continent ever," he babbled. "We've got everything booked, right? Hotels and what not? I swear, if this ends up like Spring Break," he trailed off as the stepped onto the plane, beaming.

Leo returned back to his seat, sliding in next to Laken. He smiled politely at her, sighing happily. "It's great to be heading back home," he said lightly, trying to talk down his nerves. He knew he shouldn't be worried about this. Laken was great, and his parents would love her. A well of model, friends for years, they were engineered to be a great couple. And yet, Leo couldn't help but feel like something was missing. Sure, he liked Laken, they were practically siblings after all this time. But that was the problem, he guessed. He was too close to like her as anything more than just a great friend. He sighed, resting his chin on his fist as he mulled this over.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Katherine felt herself wince at the thought of spring break. "Now, you know damn well that trip was full of memories, regardless of the hours spent with food poisoning and extreme sunburns," she countered, shaking his arm from her shoulder as the two went aboard the plane, the walking space decreasing. She handed her ticket to a woman who directed her towards their lovely first class seat--only her uncle to thank for that. The man never had a daughter, so Kat had gotten all his attention, him seeing her as his little girl he had to spoil from time to time. "And yes, i think it's all booked. Here," she continued, pulling a printed picture of the small townhouse like apartments that were rentalable that had booked. "Thats the place mom helped me find. It's in the middle of everything." The scary fact to this was that Kathy's mom had just as bad of luck as her when it came to things...so considering the two of them were the ones that found the living arrangements for their vacation was almost frightening. Kat all but plopped into a seat next to the aisle in the center row at the front of the plane.

Laken opened her mouth to say something towards his comment, a smile on her face, but the smile weakened as she realized she had nothing to say. What could she say? Instead, Laken looked towards the window again, about to let her mind drift off again. Maybe this was a bad idea. She could still get out of it even after landing. She could just tell Leo that she would rather wait to met them, spend the day going to some historical landmark instead, and let him visit with his parents. For a woman who is not afraid to walk in super maxed out heels down a small walkway in front of hundreds of people, Laken sure was being a wimp towards this. She had met plenty of parents before! Why was it intimidating to met Leo's?! "So, what are we doing after we land?" she asked, having not asked yet.

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Robingray | 33 comments Red rolled his eyes, moving past her to sit down in his seat by the window. He looked down at the picture, and he had to admit it was pretty nice looking. "You know I love Molly to death, but your mom would lose her head if it wasn't screwed on," he commented, looking out the window. Red was actually pretty excited. I mean, yeah, he'd probably end up doing a lot of damage control for his spass of a friend, but it was in Europe. This was the nicest vacation he's ever been on. "By the way, tell your uncle I love him."

Leo smiled at that. "We actually have a party to get to. There will be a lot of other models there, actually," he explained. Leo loved owning a company in the fashion industry. Parties with models, amazing salary, basically the best life a young twenty-something year old could have. Well, except for what he perfered to call the Laken debacle. He knew she actually liked him, more than he liked her, and as much as he didn't see this relationship going anywhere, he couldn't justify just breaking up with her for no reason. Leo didn't want to jeapordize their relationship, and if that meant spending a long, awkward dinner with mom and dad, then he could bare it.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments True, Kathy thought towards her mom, she probably would lose her head had it not been attached. "Oh trust me, I think he loves you to, if ya know what i mean," she said the last bit in a suggestive tone. Despite the fact her Uncle had been married, Kat still had her believes that that look he gave all her guy friends was...well, a bit intense. "It will just trill him to know you share his feelings." Kathy slumped more so into her seat, disliking the fact she didnt have anything to put her feet against since they were at the very front of the damn front. She cocked her head towards Red with a half cocked grin on her face to gage his reaction, not sure if he had ever caught onto the questionable vibe her uncle gives off.

Lucky for Leo, Laken had never been the extremely jealous type. She would have her moments, but only when the guy she was with gave her reason to be: ie he is actually flirting with a girl pretty hardcore and what not. It didnt really bother her that Leo was always around stunning women. He had always been a loyal guy when he was with a girl, at least from what she knew. "Ah, so I will get to network," she said with a smile. Laken had always been a social butterfly for the most part, one of the reasons she's gotten so far from what she used to have. "At your place or is it else where?" Laken could recall the two or three times Laken had been to Europe and been over at Leo's home. It was...well, stunning would be an understatement. So, it wouldnt shock her if thats where the bash was being held.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments (( just incase it didnt notify you :).)) 

message 36: by Robingray (new)

Robingray | 33 comments ((Thank you!))

Red laughed, rolling his eyes. "If your uncle just randomly flies you off to Europe, I see no problem in being his trophy husband," he replied casually, leaning back in his chair, a smile gracing his lips. "Where are we going when we first land. After we check in, of course. There's so much to see in Europe, how are we going to fit it all in?" Red reached into his backpack, pulling out his spiral notebook that he'd brought with them on all of their vacations prior. It was filled with things they should see, places they've been, and even a few pictures from their most reasonable trips. "We must consul the notebook," Red deadpanned.

Leo nodded casually, loosening his tie and leaning back. "Yes, it will be at my home. There will be representatives from every major fashion company with an office in Europe. So, if all goes well, we'll be getting a pretty good Christmas bonus," he joked, smiling lightly at Laken. To be honest, Leo missed this. The casual conversations they had, were things were simple and they were just heading to a party as friends. He worried that the meeting with his parents would change things, set a president that he wouldn't be able to follow.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments There were several places Kathy had considered going first, but she knew better than to try and make plans ahead of time and on her own. She moved so that one of her legs was crossed under the over that was still hitting normal as she turned slightly to better see Jared and the notebook. "I was thinkin we could make plans during this terribly long flight. You know how bad things go when I make the plans." Kat guessed the reason behind why things blew up in her face when planning ahead was because her nature was spontaneous. Breaking ones nature tends to throw things off balance, thus why it is impossible for plans to be made for Katherine Salvoti. The flight attendants were going down the aisles, making sure everyone was properly prepared for take off.

Laken felt herself relax a bit when she saw Leo give a soft smile. At least he wasnt completely wound up and about to break. "Great, then my dad may be getting that extension on the bar he wants," Laken replied, being serious as to where any extra money she had would go. She wore a bigger smile than Leo, something she had noticed she did often. Was she just happier than him in general or if it was just a recent development...like the last two months. Laken let the thought go from her mind, not wanting to worry about that stuff. "Have anything in mind for what you would use yours for beyond stuffing it into a savings account?"

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Yo?!

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