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Name: Shelob
gender: Female
Age: 20
Personality: Quiet, gentle, great hunter, bright, a little sad, amazing fighter
Appearance: Tall, slender, black hair that's a bit wavy, violet eyes, pale skin, high cheekbones
Weapon: Can operate any weapon, but prefers the glaive, staff, and bow and arrow
Kin: Mother that's been killed, a lost little brother
Mate: Wants one but has had bad experience with last lover.
Other: Had an enchantment put on her so she has a pair a black wings on her back. Also has a connection with her snake, Lothorian, so that they share everything. Example, if she gets a wound, the snake gets injured and so on.

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βεℓℓα のαωη name: Reznatala
gender: F
age: 16
personality: kind, sweet.
appearence: blond hair, bright purple eyes. cute.
weapon: spear.
kin: n
mate: n
other: likes to make friends. plays a flute. is a human and is friends with a two foot tall dragon, named Metni.

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Name: Sparrow
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Personality: Funny, sweet, kind of shy, gentle, smart
Appearance: Soft brown hair that's long, bright blue eyes, slender, small,
Weapon: Staff
Other: Plays the violin, has the powers to talk to the animals and shape-shift.

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name: Xiovi
gender: Female
age: Not sure, but young
personality: She's very quiet and wise. She is usually timid, but knows how to fight well. Brave and loyal to her friends. She is a Water Elf.
appearence: Lush black hair that falls to her beginning of her waist. Tall and slender. Beautiful royal blue eyes flecked with silver.
weapon: Three silver throwing daggers
kin: None
mate: Open
other: Her small dragon companion, pictured, is named Komari.

βεℓℓα のαωη we need more carries and ppl

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name: Anira
gender: Female
age: 17
personality: Anira is kind and sweet, as long asyou don't do anything to rile her temper. She is very brave and courageous, and is never afraid to throw herself into the argument or the war. Her fun loving personality can get the better of some people sometimes, them expecting her to be dainty and precocious as her looks suggest. But this tomboy has no intention of ever giving in and being girly.
weapon: her bow and arrow is what she prefers to use, but she can also use a sword or a knife.
kin: her father is the tisroc and her mother is a dryad, which means she can speak to and control plants to some limit.
mate: none
other: her father wants her to marry a rich man who is almost 40 years older than her.

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name: Hiashee
gender: female
age: Around 4 years
personality: Very humble and modest, but tends to speak her mind. She's loyal and a very friendly Narnian horse. She could be a little nieve every now and then.
appearence: White horse with lots of little dark dots all over her body.
weapon: Her hooves
kin: None
mate: None yet
other: Sparrow's friend.

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Lol, yeah sure!!

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