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Shawn Brady I loved the last part of this book about the life of christ but the first part overwhelmed me. If anyone has a deep understanding about this book or even a good one I would love to talk to you

Mark Branham Still around? I've had almost 30 years with the book. Always learn something new with each read.

Michael Westbrook Simply put, one of the most important books in existence.

Stephen Beam Yes, it is the most unique and important book on this planet... at least it is to me.

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Paul Harry The Garden The Unauthorized Biography of Adam and Eve by Paul T. Harry I started reading the Urantia book probably 40 years ago. I was so impressed with it (especially the bare-bones story of Adam and Eve) that I was inspired to write about them--so I did. The Garden, The Unauthorized Biography of Adam and Eve was my attempt to bring Adam and Eve to life in a way that everyone would understand and enjoy. So far, the results and reviews have been great.The Garden: The Unauthorized Biography of Adam and Eve|16132447] I hope you'll take a look.

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Malcolm Locke Tremendous summary of the very complicated URANTIA BOOK in THE URANTIA REVELATION: THE STRUCTURE AND THE MEANING OF THE UNIVERSE EXPLAINED by Malcom Locke. 452 lucid pages. Can get it on Amazon.

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