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message 1: by Anne (new)

Anne | 1 comments Please go on! What is this vision she had? Why did she run? How can she help these people? How did she and Chris meet? How is it that he's not just like his parents?

~(PierceTheVeil)~ (piercetheveil) | 24 comments AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is AMAZING! I love that Ava and Chris are running away together! It's so romantic!!!!!! and I think you're gonna win BEST VILLIANS EVER for the madisons!
Jeez, his parents are snobby! Poor Chris...
Anyway, great job!

~(PierceTheVeil)~ (piercetheveil) | 24 comments LOL. interrogation! :) LOL.

~(PierceTheVeil)~ (piercetheveil) | 24 comments It's like you're playing 20 questions :)

~(PierceTheVeil)~ (piercetheveil) | 24 comments So, do you have a story plot already worked out and everything?

message 6: by Renee (new)

Renee (rjmiller) Ashley;

Are you seriously only 12? If that's the case you have nothing to worry about. This is a great beginning and I think you should keep going. Remember though, it takes months to write a full story. Some authors take years.

There are some grammar and spelling errors that can be fixed later but overall I really liked it. THe preface I would include with your first chapter. The separation isn't needed since they flow together so well.

When you've finished the story you could consider a preface or prologue. I find they are easier to write later. You may not want one in the end.

Anyway, that's my thoughts. I look forward to reading more once you've posted it. I don't know why you hate it, it's good. I wish I had the guts to show people what I wrote when I was 12, sadly it's not as good as what you have here.

~(PierceTheVeil)~ (piercetheveil) | 24 comments LOL. My mom somehow found out I was writing a book (I'm seriously betting on the psychic theory) and she read it. I didn't aske her to (or tell her she COULD) she just did and then she laughed...
I swear, most embarassing moment of my life! I thought I was going to sink into the ground and NEVER come out again.
SHe thought it was pretty funny, and doesn't really think I'll actually publsih it. It's what she calls me newest "phase"" (she also said that about twilight last year and I'm still a Fanpire, so hah!)
Oh well. It didn't really stop me. And really, I would have been a bit scared if my MOM liked my book, I mean, we have OPPOSITE tastes (she doesn't like Jasper)
So it's kinda a compliment that she's not a fan... That's how I look at it anyway.

message 8: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey I love it and want more of it!

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm jealous xD super-good I wish I could write like that... maybe someday:) I'm twelve too, but I'm more of a "poetry person" I like writing stories but I'm not that good, except I think I'm creative so I'd be a good children's writer... something like Robbert Munsch... anyway... you inspire me:D

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