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Thoughts on ending!? Rebecca?
Estefani Rodriguez Estefani Aug 15, 2013 05:38PM
I need to be honest and say that I am truly dissapointed that Rebecca was killed!
I really wanted her to be found and hopefully end up with mark. He did have some feelings for her. I keep thinking that in the next book it will be revealed that she is still missing because of Ava. But after reading Marks POV I doubt that now :( I was really starting to like Rebecca. And seeing that mark is falling or at least I think he is falling for someone. And how he never felt that way with Rebecca. It gets me so mad.
What do you guys think??

I think Rebecca is dead. Im just so disappointed about the WAY it all came out. There was no build up or supense. The whole book was very diappointing.

Stacey I don't think she is. Nothing about what happened to Rebecca as decided in the just-released Revealing Us. And the fifth book is the trial. My friend ...more
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Thank God I'm not the Bly one!
Exactly my point! That bitch could have lied. But I would be devastated if she doesn't end up with mark.
And I not read the first journal. I just could not read the rest. I can not imagine how much pain they hold. And if I remember correctly he did share her. I don't think I could handle reading that. How does it end in the journal though. Does it ever seem like he feels more for her??

Stacey Stacey Diehl Yea, it does. There were scenes where she was all over him as much as he was all over her. Real passion, kissing. Total give-and-take. He ...more
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I couldn't read Rebecca's journals . The thought of him sharing her with some other guy and her having to share him with Ava just sort of taints their relationship in my mind . And I don't think Rebecca is dead . Ava could have shot her but that doesn't necessarily mean she is dead . Her body is not found in the Third book too.
P.S. Did Mark really have Rebecca and Ava at the same time ?? Or was it that Mark had Ava with with him half the time and the rest half Rebecca ? Or was it just a one time thing ?? I don't think it was one time because Ava tells us before attempting to kill Sara that he had continued a sort of relationship with her as well as Rebecca .

Stacey (last edited Aug 15, 2013 11:24PM ) Aug 15, 2013 11:10PM   -1 votes
Remember, Ava SAID she killed Rebecca but she's such a spiteful b*tch she could have just lied to hurt Mark. I have no doubt she intended to kill Sara when she tried to force her into her car but that doesn't mean she DID kill Rebecca. I'm reserving judgement until I've read Revealing Us (my Kindle order downloads 9/10/13) and they've found her body. Like you, I'm not ready to let Rebecca go. As for Mark, I think he was crazy for Rebecca. He was devastated at the end but he's so messed up he's unwilling to just let it out. I like Crystal but she's not the rare soul Rebecca's journals reveal.

Have you read Rebecca's journals? Heartbreaking.

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