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There is a wonderful nationwide nonprofit organization called Project Linus that is always looking for volunteers to stitch handmade blankets for "in need" children who are in hospitals, in foster care, homeless, or going through traumatic times.

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"Hat Attack is a game where you are given a "target" to "assassinate" and you "kill" them with the finished knit hat you send, hopefully before your assassin gets you! So it is a fast knitting contest. Maybe you heard of Sock Wars, well this was inspired by that.

ETA: I guess sign up ends today so if anyone is interested...go soon!"

from Bear

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v-squared | 1 comments This is a great organization (Project Linus)! Our local chapter also takes donations of supplies, and will gladly accept any yarn bits you have left over from a project or odd skeins you have in your stash. Plus, you meet some pretty cool ladies that were knitting long before you could hold needles!

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Jane (luvstoknit) | 15 comments There are TONS of wonderful organizations to donate our knitted items to out there! Our local knitting group donates hand made baby items to the Children's Hospital in our area. We also donate to Guidepost's Knit for Kids, our local nursing homes, Hurricane Katrina victims (Blankets for the gulf), and we're currently working on bandages for a leper colony in Africa. As knitter's, I think it is so cool that we can share something that we love to do so much with those that are in need.

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The Snuggles Project

"Developed in 1996, this project encourages fiber artists to make 'snuggles,' or blankets for animals in shelters. The cold environment of a shelter is frightening for an animal that has been abandoned or abused. 'Snuggles' allow them to curl up next to something warm while they wait to be adopted. The Snuggles Project now recruits members for a nominal fee that entitles them to discounts on yarn and free Snuggles patterns."

-Page a Day Calendar

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Cubs For Kids

"Every child should have a teddy bear. Cubs For Kids is an organization that solicits knit teddy-bear clothing to make each bear a one-of-a-kind cuddly friend for a homeless child. Put a smile on a child's face by knitting up some bear clothes and sending them to the address of Cubs' website."

-Page a Day Calendar

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April (iLuv) The Ships Project

I knit for the Ships Project... a non-political group that gives knitted items to soldiers currently fighting the "War on Terror".

They have pretty stringent guidelines, so if you're trying to use up odd bits of yarn, it's probably best to give to another organization. Just my own observation... however, it's well worth the effort when you read the letters the organizer gets from the troops.

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