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A Boy who has bad eyesight is determined to be the best soccer player in the county.

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Connor A boy named Paul is being bossed around when whoosh! there goes the school in a sinkhole. Paul moves to tangerine middle school finding new friends and fun experiences.

Connor It was a great book. For dedicated soccer players.

Malia i found it interesting that Paul parents were knowlegable of what Erik did to him yet let it pass by. Was it because they felt Erik had more of a future?

Amdeyesus how come u cried

Amdeyesus the book was good but it was kind of messed up how the coach of the team made the players of the football team grab victor and tino when they beat up erik and arthur

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i didnt really like the book

Courtney Orf I liked the book. Erik was so mean to Paul and made him blind. Thats sad.

Sidney my teacher read us this book and she just started to cry in some parts

Starburst i love soccer, but this book was creepy.

♥Booknerdswift♥ had to read for school. thought it was good. erik and arthur were mean to joey! making fun of him for trying to take his brother's shoes off!

Sarah If he is blind, how could he play soccer?

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