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Eric (galvezeric) | 5 comments Mod
Check This out... I haven't run across anything like it yet.

mAss Kickers on YouTube

We are popping up everywhere. Please join the other groups to meet other mAss Kickers.




check out friendster

More to come... stay tuned...

message 2: by Eric (new)

Eric (galvezeric) | 5 comments Mod
My name is Eric Anthony Galvez PT DPT CSCS. In September 2005, I was diagnosed with a golf-ball sized meningioma brain tumor between the brain stem and cerebellum, and have been unable to return to my career as a PT just yet. However as a physical therapist, it is engrained in our practice to be good teachers, and I have published a book, Reversal: When A Therapist Becomes A Patient, regarding my unique experiences as a young adult brain tumor/rehab patient and healthcare professional. It stands out in the market because it contains:

1. The humorous and entertaining perspective of a young active male brain tumor patient presented in a conversational tone.
2. The logical perspective of a patient with a medical background when faced with difficult medical dilemmas
3. Multiple perspectives from the loved ones closest to a patient
4. A real time format that is easy to read and validates the authenticity of the situation
5. A book soundtrack available exclusively on iTunes
6. The perspective of a first generation Filipino American patient vs. the views of his overprotective traditional Filipino parents

For more information about me, please explore The new edition of Reversal: When A Therapist Becomes A Patient is available for pre-order at The new edition features 4 new chapters, 2 new essays, a new conclusion, and updated chapters.

Pre-order the book here:

The previous edition focused on year one of this remarkable story, but much has happened since the book was initially published. The latest edition therefore features years two and three, with all net proceeds donated to the mAss Kickers Foundation.

Please help me spread awareness about brain tumors and the plight of young adult survivors by reposting or forwarding this message to people who might be interested. This “blook” is very different from anything out there!

Check out the “Book Video”

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