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Rubin & Ed

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message 1: by Recynd (new)

Recynd Never released on DVD, I did manage to finagle a copy of this slice of heaven from the writer/director (angelic AND genius...go figure). Since I haven't owned a VCR for years, I've had no way of introducting my 10-year old son to the wonder that is "Rubin & Ed".

"Rubin & Ed" is the story of two outcast-types, much more alike than they are different: Howard Hessemann is Ed, a middle-aged, unemployed real-estate-motivation-seminar devotee, with a distracting toupee and an anger-management problem; Crispin Glover is Rubin, a chamber-music loving loner in search of the perfect burial spot for his beloved cat, Simon.

Has anyone seen it? I think I need to adjust my top-ten list to allow "Rubin & Ed" a spot; my son, however, may not not agree...nor be recovering any time soon.

message 2: by lilias (new)

lilias I have wanted to see it ever since I saw this video of Glover as Rubin on the Letterman Show. I can't find it anywhere, though.

message 3: by Ed (new)

Ed | 218 comments Mod
I would love to see that as well.

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