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How long have you been knitting?

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message 1: by Jane (last edited Jan 31, 2008 01:21PM) (new)

Jane (luvstoknit) | 15 comments I was just curious about how long members of this group have been knitting. For me, my mom taught me when I was somewhere between 8 and 10 yrs. old,'s been around "cough,cough""sputter-sputter"... 40 years!

message 2: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 31, 2008 01:34PM) (new)

Oooh I love this topic!

I bow to you! My mom taught me when I was around the same age actually... when my sister and I were bored she'd inevitabley say "you could knit or crochet". So for me, it's been 24 years... I didn't really fall back in love with it till I turned 25 or so. I'm fortunate too, I love to do counted cross-stitch and those felted projects as well. Anything really, where I'm using my hands. As we type, I'm sewing together a "Jolly Roger" for my 3-year old. When the end of the world comes you'll find me happily holed up in my home with my billions of projects to finish!

message 3: by Jo (new)

Jo | 1 comments I have a feeling it is going to be a wide variety, which is so good. Those who have trouble shooted though projects can give tips or book recommendations to others. Kinda like sitting in a knitting circle together. All ages and talents.This is going to be so much fun.

message 4: by Jane (new)

Jane (luvstoknit) | 15 comments That's the way I was, too. I kind of got busy with boys in my teenage years, but after I married I picked up the sticks again. Do you have a room in your house dedicated to knitting? I finally had to take over a small den in our home, so I could keep "organized" (I use that term loosely!). I have tried to pass the knitting craft to my grown daughter, but she just is not interested, boo-hoo! I did teach my daughter-in-law, however, when she became pregnant with her first child. My youngest son, actually took knitting lessons as a surprise for me and gave me a beautiful hand knit scarf for Christmas! But neither of them are "obsessed" with it like I am. I also just learned to handquilt, but like you, I love to use my hands. I just can't sit down without knitting, quilting, or reading.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh Jane, I only wish.... right now we've got the ever blossoming family and so my books are up in my second sons closet, my yarn is in containers in the basement, and my current projects are in the *gasp* bathroom closet, don't worry, no condensation gets in. We're kinda outgrowing our house, but my husband promises me my own craft/knitting room in our final dream house with cedar lined closets for my yarn like my mom's got.

message 6: by Lori (new)

Lori Anderson (lorianderson) Hi! Thank you Christy for inviting me!

I learned to crochet when I was 8 but didn't start knitting until five years ago, when I was pregnant -- that was my "nesting" thing, I guess! I made three sweaters and got carpal tunnel in the first few months, LOL.

Right now I don't have a lot of time to knit because I'm a full-time mom and a full-time jewelry designer. Most of my knitting is done in the passenger seat of the car when we're heading to a show or something. Right now I'm working on a Noni felted bobble bag -- the bag part is done but those danged BOBBLES! I have about a million more to make!

Lori Anderson

Lori Anderson:The Store
Lori Anderson:The Blog

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Alissa, I feel that once you master the "knit" and the "purl" there really is NOTHING in knitting you can't learn. I love to cable, partially because it's so deceiving - it looks so difficult, but it is great fun.

Lori, you're more than welcome - glad to have you.I can't wait to do a Noni back, I love her style! Kudos to you with your perserverance on those bobbles! And aren't you talented, LOVELY jewelry! That must be so fun! Full time Mom as well, to two amazing lil' guys. One will be 3 March 1st, and have a 5 month old as well. Hence, this is why you'll see most of my posts at 5-6 AM or from now out (just got em in bed).

message 8: by Nitrorockets (new)

Nitrorockets I'm still a freshman at the knitting. I learned in the fall of 2005. My coworker taught me, or rather revived my lost memories of the skill. After my coworker showed me the stitches I remembered the times my grandmother guided my hands in the motions. I was a child and gave it up to pursue outdoor play. I'm glad to have the opportunity to take up the skill again.

message 9: by [deleted user] (last edited Feb 04, 2008 04:51AM) (new)

We're welcome to have you Michelle. I do that too actually on long trips, bring my knitting in the car. You won't hear me admit this out loud, but you know those commutes home from work where you're literally rolling, just taking your foot off the break?.... Yeah, used to knit then too, (as the driver) got some great rubbernecking from the construction workers.

message 10: by Peggy (new)

Peggy Thanks for the invite! Nobody I know knits so it is nice to have a place to talk about it! I actually learned to knit about 5 years ago and have only done a few projects, but when I can fit it in to raising 4 girls, I love it! I taught myself using a book and got a little guidance from a cute lady at a yarn shop. I still consider myself a beginner, but am getting better! I especially love knitting baby things--because they are so so cute and I get the satisfaction of a finished project much quicker!

message 11: by Rita (new)

Rita | 3 comments Thanks for inviting me! I learned to knit while I was in grade school in 4H. A year ago this month I saw a cool felted messenger bag pattern on Donna Downey's scrap blog and knew that I had to try it after not knitting for more than 40 years. A year later, I'm totally hooked. I've made two baby sweaters, 3 shawls, more than 12 felted purses, 6 scarves (including a rattle snake and sheep ones) and too many hats to remember the number right now. I love to knit on our frequent road trips to the Austin and Tulsa areas from our home in rural Kansas. My husband has noticed that I make fewer comments about his driving. My favorite knitting book has been Itty Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson. With 4 grandkids I never lack for inspiration. My favorite knitting stores are Loops ( check out her blog)in Tulsa, OK and Holly Berry Needlework shop in Old Colorado City(Colorado Springs, CO). I'm wanting to check out The Knitting Nest in Austin, TX this month. Tomorow we're flying to Orlando to play with two of our Grand's at Disneyworld so knitting will have to wait until I get back.

message 12: by teresa (new)

teresa | 1 comments my name is teresa and I just joined this group.

My mother-in-law gave me an intro lesson around december 2006 and i got a couple books and started teaching myself. She was always around when I got stuck. I started on scarves and in the last 6 months or so i have moved on to hats, mittens and socks.

my mother in law and i still get together every couple weeks and knit together.

i feel like every month or so I feel i am getting better and willing to take on more complicated and demanding projects.

I took up knitting because i needed something to do with my four year old twins boys running around. it is very difficult to read as much as a like because it requires more concentration and it is also something i cannot do while watching countless hours of children's television shows and videos.

message 13: by OssifrageRage (new)

OssifrageRage Well I learned as a kid from my grandmother, but I really picked it up again about 3 or 4 years ago, and promptly dropped it again after my first hat was finished. I picked it up AGAIN this past fall, and I have been going crazy ever since -- making tons of stuff in the last 3 months.

knottybear is my ravelry name. Don't know about ravelry?

message 14: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa Grandmother taught me garter stitch, casting on and off when I was 9, but for some reason I just couldn't get a grip on purl stitch, and I idn't know how to follow a pattern, the result being that I would just knit long things that didn't mean anything - they weren't long enough to be a scarf, and were full of dropped stitches and accidental increases and decreases. Anyway, I decided to finally get taught properly so I did a little class at our local knitting shop and discovered that knitting is like crack. I can't stop now!

message 15: by Shiloh (new)

Shiloh (shiguy5956gmailcom) | 2 comments I started knitting about 4yrs ago. A wonderful friend taught me. I was just learning (or so I thought) to make her happy. I just fell in love with it. I can't stop. It's so wonderful. It's calming and I feel productive when I have a finished product.

message 16: by Lil (new)

Lil | 5 comments I was taught how to knit and crochet by a great aunt many, many years ago when I was six years old. At that time she thought it would be too hard for me to cast on or bind off, so all I was taught was the actual stitching part. Unfortunately, before she could teach me more, she went into a nursing home. A few years there was a class and in school, after which I discovered magazines and books. Lucky for us all we have come a long way in fibers and designs.

message 17: by lionlady (new)

lionlady | 3 comments Hello, just found your group. I learned to knit about 17 yrs. ago, but haven't knit in about 10. I made a lot of cool stuff then, now I'm ready to pick up the needles again. Just don't know what to make!

message 18: by Jane (new)

Jane (luvstoknit) | 15 comments Welcome back to knitting land, lionlady! Picking up the needles again is just like riding a bike, it will come right back to you and it will feel soooo good! There are so many neat knitting patterns out there since knitting has made it's "resurgence" that I think you will be thrilled. The internet is a great source of free knitting patterns, it's limitless! Welcome back!

message 19: by lionlady (new)

lionlady | 3 comments Thanks : ) I thinks I'll start w/ a hat. I just chopped my hair off and I could probably finish a hat before summer.

message 20: by LeeAnn (new)

LeeAnn | 7 comments I had a love affair with a crochet hook and anything that resembled string when I was 8 or so, but only taught myself to knit just about four years ago. I've taken to it like a duck though and hardly feel normal without a project in hand.

Does anyone else bring knitting with them to the local pub? I'm becoming a bit notorious for it I think!

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Ahhhh my pub days... unfortunately when I was going I hadn't been reinfected with the knitting fever.... but I've been known to do it in the car, while driving, duting bumper to bumper commutes home. In the days of pre-children of course. : )

message 22: by Jane (new)

Jane (luvstoknit) | 15 comments I don't bring knitting to a local pub, but I bring it everywhere else I go. I think it aggravates my DH just a tad, too. But I can't help it. If I go anywhere that I'll need to sit or wait any length of time, I feel the need to knit! I have knit in (cough, cough, a-hem)Church, at work, and in the bathtub, just to name a few of the unusual places. - Jane

message 23: by Nari (new)

Nari (thenovelworld) I started to knit about 3 years ago. I was home for winter break and saw that my mom was teaching my sister how to knit, so naturally I wanted to learn. I'm since surpassed my sister in knitting skills, since now she just crochet's blankets and I've found happiness in knitting sweaters. =)

My mom taught me the basics, and my boyfriend's neighbor, an avid knitter, taught the more intricate things, like knitting socks, making cables, and just catching littler errors in my patterns.

message 24: by OssifrageRage (new)

OssifrageRage Yes! I bring them to the pub -- in fact I finished a gift for a friend there and gave it to him when he arrived later!
That project had been knit in many doctor's offices, in juvenile court (kid got a trespassing ticket for riding his skateboard on the sidewalk -- eh.), pubs, gah -- who knows where else. It was a harry potter scarf so it was miles of knitting a stockinette tube! Ruined me for scarves.:(

message 25: by Marilyn (new)

Marilyn (madhadder) | 4 comments Hiall,
I'm Marilyn in Idaho. I learned to knit at church when I was 11. Then a co-worker in the Texas Senate "retaught" me continental knitting about 20 years later. I pulled it out in earnest during Hurricane Floyd back in '99 and haven't stopped since! I've taught dozens and dozens of girls to knit. My daughter is somewhat avid as well, and one of my sons is a "closet knitter". I knit children's sweaters, ponchos, socks, hats, mittens, toys--lots of stuff. In my current home (a 1924 farmhouse we're remodeling) I have a knitting loft which I have filled with baskets and baskets of yarn, bookcases of patterns, my spinning wheel, rocking chairs for friends, and sheep of all varieties which I collect. This summer we hope to add a llama to the farming equation here so I'll have something to spin! Come and visit! Our door is always open!

message 26: by Stormy (new)

Stormy | 2 comments I've been knitting since April 2006. I taught myself how to knit when I wanted to use wool soaker covers, but didn't want to pay for the ones I found online, figured I could make 'em cheaper. Now I'm just addicted to knitting soakers.


Bloomin’Chick (Jo) aka The Eclectic Spoonie (bloominchick) Hello all! New here! I've been knitting since the Summer of 2006 after reading Debbie Macomber's "A Good Yarn"! (I know, a little cliche!) I just taught mself how to purl this Summer since I was finally frustrated with only being able to knit scarves, head bands & cell phone cozies! (I'm not that slow of a learner! I'm a gardener & tend to knit when I'm unable to garden and I've got health issues, including Psociatic Arthritis, so there are many times when I'm unable to do much of anything!) I've got a stash that spans 3 baskets and 1 shelf in the linen closet!

message 28: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 10 comments Someone taught me to knit in fifth grade, I think. In ninth grade I knitted my boyfriend a pair of mittens for Christmas (and every stitch was twisted, so I must have done some self-teaching as well). I think I taught myself to crochet, because I do it the same way as I knit (throw instead of pick).

message 29: by Tish (new)

Tish | 2 comments Hey everyone - I'm new to the group but like everyone else have a passion for reading and knitting. I've been knitting for as long as I can remember, off and on. You would think I was an advanced knitter, but only now I'm trying the more complicated patterns. My first sweater was one for my son, then 4. I wish I still had it!

message 30: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (Txjak) | 4 comments Let's see, my Mom taught me to crochet when she came to visit when I was living overseas with my husband and girls in France in 1980, but I had always wanted to learn to knit. I think knowing how to crochet gave me the confidence to teach myself to knit and have been at it ever since. I have two daughters and taught them both young, around seven or so. Actually its a family joke that whenever they were bored during the summer and would come to me my answer was always..."You could knit or crochet!" They are 30 and 33 now, and we still laugh about that. One daughter is a cross stitcher now, and the other one started this site!! So obviously the lessons took...we have a lot of fun sharing patterns and having "knitting camp" whenever she comes to visit. (And I love to cross stitch with the other one too.)

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

xoxoxo (wink)

message 32: by Julie (new)

Julie M (woolyjooly) I took a class in comm'y. educ. exactly 25 years ago. starting with a Norwegian style hat and then launched right into a sweater, top down, self designed with help from the instructor. I'm so glad I started with the "hard" stuff; it's made me a Fearless Knitter! Love EZ & Meg, Jo Sharp, Cheryl Oberle, KPS and all the Dale, Rauma and Sandnes patterns . .

message 33: by Amy (new)

Amy (nfglrygrl) I've been knitting for a little over two years now. I'm so completely addicted. I love it. And I'm slowly but surely working on dragging various friends into the craft as well. :D

message 34: by Juliann (new)

Juliann | 3 comments Jane wrote: "I was just curious about how long members of this group have been knitting. For me, my mom taught me when I was somewhere between 8 and 10 yrs. old,'s been around "cough,cough""sputte..."

Me Too!!

message 35: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (macewoman) I don't know where I got the idea that I wanted to knit, but after about 6 months of thinking about it, I started in March 2008. Probably took me so long to start, because I've always tended to start crafts and never finish them (black sheep in the family). I didn't want to start something else to only quit shortly after. Well, I'm glad to say that I've been steadily knitting since March and I don't see an end in sight. Not all of my projects have been beautiful, but they are almost all DONE! :D

message 36: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 4 comments I learned somewhere in 10thish grade but started again in 2001. From a chessy pamphlet I tried a raglan. Gave up. Started with scarves and moved on from there. I love me some socks. Hats. Still need to finish a sweater. Warshrags are positively meditation for me.

message 37: by Therese (new)

Therese (tessanne) | 1 comments My mother and grandmother taught me knit-purl when I was about 6 but I really didn't make anything but potholders until I had children of my own. The kids are now adults and I have time to knit quite often. I am currently working on an entrelac afghan in sage and cocoa.

message 38: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn I learned to knit when I first moved to Portland Oregon in 2005. I really wanted to learn, and I had just finished grad school so I had all this extra time on my hands. I had just moved, and was working entry level at a no-profit making like 11.00 and hour so I was really poor, and saved my money for several months to attend a knitting class. Best 80.00 I ever spent!

message 39: by Brenda (new)

Brenda | 7 comments Hello My name is Brenda - I just joined this group. Looking forward to meeting you all and sharing tips. I don't have time to read all the posts right now but when I do I will go through them. I've been knitting for a long time and love it but I am not very good and would love help and advice from eveyone. This group sounds really great so far... I'll be back when I have more time to post..... happy knitting everyone.

message 40: by Claire (new)

Claire (clairebear8) | 14 comments I have only been knitting since July of '09. I have taken a few classes but am finding that I can really teach myself from books and the internet (and asking my on-line knitting pals questions when I run into trouble). I really enjoy it and love all of the beautiful yarns that are out.

message 41: by Debra (new)

Debra | 7 comments Good for you Claire!
I am also a self-taught knitter. I recently took a great on-line coure from Annie Modessitt because I am trying to learn combination knitting
Have you joined ? There is an abundance of help there and on


message 42: by Lisa (last edited Mar 12, 2010 07:30AM) (new)

Lisa (abycat3) I was a kid. Maybe 9. My aunt taught me on big needles and very ugly pink cotton. So about 40 years. Sounds bad when I put it that way. lol. Don't feel that old.

message 43: by Amy (new)

Amy (amyjeannette) Hello all, I'm Amy and somewhat new to this group. I've been knitting for only a few years now. My grandmother taught me many many years ago but I didn't stick with it, big regret. I'm still learning and have never enjoyed a craft so much!

message 44: by Jaime (new)

Jaime (jaimed) | 2 comments I am fairly new to knitting a coworker about four years ago taught me to cast on, cast off and to knit. I wanted to make a replica of the Dr. Who scarf from the BBC old Dr. Who series. The intention was that after that project was finished that only required knit I was to learn other steps. I wanted to add it to the programs I was doing at my old job with teens and kids. Well I have continued to do projects with that one stitch and know I picked a couple books to see if I can learn from them, Wish me luck. I actually find it very relaxing.

message 45: by Claire (new)

Claire (clairebear8) | 14 comments Debra wrote: "Good for you Claire!
I am also a self-taught knitter. I recently took a great on-line coure from Annie Modessitt because I am trying to learn combination knitting
Have you joi..."

Thanks for the tips, Debra. I'll check those out. I think I have been on Ravelry and also Also

message 46: by Sandra J (new)

Sandra J Weaver (sandraweaver) Jaime wrote: "I am fairly new to knitting a coworker about four years ago taught me to cast on, cast off and to knit. I wanted to make a replica of the Dr. Who scarf from the BBC old Dr. Who series. The intentio..."

A friend in college taught me to knit 40(!) years ago. I'd recommend Sally Melville's book,The Knit Stitch, for anyone who likes good looking garments all done in garter stitch. Her book,The Purl Stitch, adds in purling and has lots of interesting stockinette projects. Her instructions and diagrams/photos are great.

message 47: by Jaime (new)

Jaime (jaimed) | 2 comments Sandra wrote: "Jaime wrote: "I am fairly new to knitting a coworker about four years ago taught me to cast on, cast off and to knit. I wanted to make a replica of the Dr. Who scarf from the BBC old Dr. Who series..."

Sandra thanks for the book suggestions I need to request them today when I get to work. The one thing I have noticed is that there are not too many male clothing books. he scarfs and the hats a re a million out there but sweaters although I guess basic constructions is the same regardless of gender.

message 48: by Sandra J (new)

Sandra J Weaver (sandraweaver) You're welcome. Sometimes the knitting magazines have a few patterns for men; but, you're right, there aren't a lot out there. I know that there are some books that have patterns, and some of those are only for men's patterns. Melville's books do contain a few patterns that are scaled for men. And, you're right about the basic construction. It's the measurements that differ-and the styles. :-) Loads of stuff out there for babies and children and women-not so much for the guys.

message 49: by Wylie Kay (new)

Wylie Kay (wklilly) I am new to the group. I have been knitting for about 3 years now. I like most everyone else was taught by my mom when I was in the pre-teen age. I didn't have the capacity to settle myself enough to enjoy it and so it was something I just dropped. A few years back a friend invited me to tag along to her weekly knitting group. That was it for me. Now, I knit almost ever chance I get. Sporting events, lunch hour, waiting in line, etc.

Also, being new to the group, I would also like to add our members to my Ravelry friends list. Is there somewhere that we all have our Rav IDs posted??

message 50: by Lori (new)

Lori | 1 comments I learned to crochet first from my Grandma when I was about 8 years old. Now that I'm in my 40's I taught myself to knit! I was wanting something else to do and to learn ... so far it has been great fun. I haven't tried anything too complicated yet. Lots of scarves. A few hats. Some baby blankets and prayer shawls. Now I'm going to try socks! Wish me luck!

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