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message 1: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Jarvis (screalwriter) | 6 comments Hi all,
I'm new here. I've been a Realtor for twenty years, but the market is a mess so I turned to writing murder mysteries instead of selling houses. Logical, right? The mysteries are set in Santa Cruz, where I live, and the stories have real estate tie-ins.
Nice to meet all of you.

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary (psychmd2b) | 1 comments hello everyone!

I am new also. i love to read. cant get enough of it. anything you can suggest would be great. right now i am thinking of the divorce party. i like romance and a little thiller on the side.

toria (vikz writes) (victoriavikzwrites) Hi my name's vikz. I love to read and I love to write. cant wait top talk

message 4: by Laura (new)

Laura (laurajwryan) | 4 comments Thought I'd stop by and say hello...I'm Laura J. W. Ryan and I've dipped my big toe into the self-publishing pool with my novel 'Dusty Waters: A Ghost Story'. I recently started my own publishing company, Field Stone Press, with my Fred, (he's a writer too, and a mighty handy guy too)...we make a good team after 20+ years of marriage and after writing hundreds of thousands of words and more profound discussions than I can count, we just decided why not do it ourselves (like we do everything else), publishing is evolving...he's a book designer at an academic press, and we're both artists too...it just seems like a good time to try, so we're muddling along with the rest of the DIY authors, blogging and browsing...doing the word of mouth gig. I'm thinking about starting a discussion group soon...working out the when and how to begin. Well, that's my story...I hope to be talking with you soon!

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