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Dan Porter (chaoticbuffalo) This is the place to create your own discussion thread (your business card) for the function(s) (Author, Editor, Reviewer, etc.) you perform within the Action genre. The title of your thread and the first post in it are your introduction to other members. Use your thread to tell us what your working on, your availability, and so forth; to network with others; and to arrange with each other for reviews, edits, interviews, or whatever other services you may need.

To open a new discussion thread:
1. Click on the "Discussions" link in the menu to your right. The menu also appears on many other pages, but not on all of them.
2. Click on the "new topic" link at the top of the list of folders and discussion threads.
3. Enter the "topic" of your discussion thread.
4. Choose the appropriate folder for your thread from the "folder" drop-down list. The "Talk" folders should show up at the top of the list and the "Genre - Function" folders should be in alphabetical order following them.
5. Enter your comment - intro info about yourself or the opening for your "Talk" thread.
6. When you're ready, click the "post" button.

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