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message 1: by Bree (new) - added it

Bree Any theorys on Adrian?? Like will he marry Rose or Lissa??? The Queen is a bitch so what will she do???

Maddie OMG!!!!! The Queen is so mean!!! She thinks Rose is in luv with Adrian. offence to Adrian but he is just not her type. Lol And he is DEFINATELY not Lissa's type. Christian is the one fer her. Adrian should like, go fer Mia or something! Lmao

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Bree HEY!! Do NOT dis Adrian!!! He is so pro! Hes my idol or something. He and Rose could actualy make a good couple, but definatly not as good as Dimitri and Rose :P

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Bree Well, speaking of which what do you think will happen Maddie with dimitri

Maddie He is probably not Strigoi. I think mason is lying. Why would he tho?

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Bree I think he will die cause rose killed him, but then Dimitri will come back to life cause Lissa will shadow kiss him. Then she will die cause she is so weak and life will move on

Maddie who do u like better, Lissa or Dimitri, and not caus of thier looks. lol

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Bree Mason doesnt lie, like duh! but if he did he would try to save her, rose

message 9: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Bordignon yea i dont think mason would lie haha... i cant pick between dimitri n lissa i luv them both hmmm but i would prob be more upset if dimitri died then lissa haha

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katie I have to agree with brittany i would rather se lissa die than dimitri! and i dont think mason would lie unless it was to save her. hes just not the type.

message 11: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Bordignon :) thanks

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message 13: by Keagan (new)


Rebecka the thing that throws me off is where does roses dad come in?????

Ellen Rebecka: "the thing that throws me off is where does roses dad come in?????"

Idk. But I bet its going to be something big with lots of background history on her mum and dad.

Rebecka yea im so excited i cant wait i already pre ordered it

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Justadecoy Mason is not lying. That's just...stupid. Dimitri is definitely Strigoi. Like I practically guarantee you.
I'm guessing A. There turns out to be some cure for being Strigoi or B. Rose stakes him.
Either way, as much as we'd mourn Dimitri's loss, Rose is kick ass, kay? She is a wonderful and sassy character and she doesn't need Dimitri to make her complete. We don't even need Dimitri to make the series great. Let's just take a few minutes to appreciate the kickassness that is Rose.
That is all.

Rebecka yea rose is badass but so is dimitri i do agree we dont need him to complete the series but rose might she wont be able to get over himmmm

message 19: by Justadecoy (new)

Justadecoy Rebecka wrote: "yea rose is badass but so is dimitri i do agree we dont need him to complete the series but rose might she wont be able to get over himmmm"

Psh, as if if.
Rose has her whole life ahead of her.
She'd get over him. She's stronger than crying over one guy her whole life.

Rebecka but the more that goes on the weaker she gets like when jessie spread the rumor

Ellen True. But then again, she will always have Adrian. Remember she made the promise to give him a fair and serious shot.....

I will always heart Dimitri no matter what happens but, Rose is badass. So who knows what will happen!?! (rhetorical question)

Rebecka yea but rose can never love anyone one like she did dimitri

Ellen Also true. Lol.
But her biggest problem was mourning over somebody who is supposed to be dead, when they actually aren't.And it kills me to say this but if she does kill dimitr, I think eventually she would be able to move on and give some of her heart to Adrian. Even though she would never love anybody like she has loved Dimitri.

Rebecka yea but idk if she can do it urgggg to many theories like what if mason was lieing

Ellen I reckon there is a good chance he is lying. Everybody is saying he wouldn't do that. But Hello!! This is the mason who took eddie and mia to go hunt down Strigoi, when if he had any brains known that he wouldn't have been able to do it. Which in result he didn't. And rose dumped him for another guy; an older guy, who is also her mentor! And she has lead him on in the past..... Could you blame Mason for wanting revenge?? And what better revenge then knowing that he was bitten, but nobody knows the outcome of? So he could easily say he was turned!!

But then again there is the problem that his body wasn't found, and either was the other person's who body was definitly dead. Maybe he was going to be used as a snack??

Well, we will find out soon. 71 days to be exact. Lol.

Rebecka hahahaha yea hmmm. i cant wait for the 71 days to be up

Ellen well, its 35 days until the first chapter is offically released.

Rebecka really well then ill want it more
damn the release date it needs to be today

Ellen Lol. I agree 110%. Lol.
If only Blood Promise would be out today.... Then we could come up with theories for Spirit Bound. Lol.

Rebecka i know i already have it on my to-read list
if someone else dies im gunna cry again

Ellen Lol. Everybody reckons that somebody has to die!! Its no fair!!
I just had a crazy theory: What if Adrian died??

Rebecka that would suck

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Noooooo Adrian cannot die :( even though i think Dimitri will be the only one for Rose EVER....... i still like him. He's one of my fave characters

Rebecka yeaah i dont want anyone to die

Ellen Haha. Yeah, It would suck.... But it could add a whole heap of problems too. EG/ If he were to die while trying to help rose, that would be controversial.... Tatiana or wateverhernameis would be pissed, and she could go to all sorts of extremes. That would add to the complication...

If she were sentenced to jail for howeverlong she could end up being next to victor. That would get complicated. Unlikly for that last part though.

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Totally...... but if you think about it. Richelle Mead has killed off a character every book, Natalie in VA, Mason in F and Dimitri (sort of) in SK so it makes sense that some one else be killed

Ellen True. But also in VA christian almost "died" and he was healed. So.... Dimitri!!

Hehe. Even though i dont love adrian as much as dimitri I would still be really really upset if he died.

Have you noticed as the series keeps coming out the people who are dying are getting closer to rose as the series goes? In relationships, I mean. Natalie- they weren't besties but they didn't hate each other either. Mason- they were romantic and best buddies. Dimitri- There in love with each other.

Rebecka yea i never noticed that i love every character left though =( even christian

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Its true..... maybe the next character could be Lissa. I hope not though I love Christian, he's also one of my faves

Ellen Maybe it will start over again? Or go backwards?

I really dont want Lissa to die... Or anybody for that matter

Rebecka but if its lissa then it is pretty much ruined idk i just know i need that book

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Me too :)

Im going insane!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecka me to haha wanna know sumthin funny about when i read

Rebecka i forget to breathe its pretty sad like ill take a huge breath like in the middle of the chapter

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) OMG really LOL thats cute. Sometimes i squeal and bounce up and down..... at the exciting or funny parts

Ellen Haha.

The thing im worried about-other than the plot- is that I will go crazy before it even gets here!!

Rebecka i do that 2 rachel my family just stares at me its kinda funny

Ellen Lol. Me too.
Gtg. Byebye

Rebecka byyye

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