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message 1: by Mosca (last edited May 14, 2009 06:46AM) (new)

Mosca | 11 comments This is a thread idea stolen from another book club here at Goodreads.

This gives us a chance to discuss the book we are reading right now; and find out what others are reading.

I'll start.

I've just finished reading Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson-- not a YA book.

But I've just started A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. This is a first time for me reading this author; but a good many friends and Goodreads readers have said they really enjoyed this one.

p.s. I hope I've chosen the correct topic group.

message 2: by Mosca (last edited May 14, 2009 09:15AM) (new)

Mosca | 11 comments Fiona,

I didn't see the what YA are you reading thread.

I'll use that one instead. Thanks.

Feel free to delete this thread if needed.

message 3: by Jamie (new)

Jamie I finished Enna Burning yesterday, which was great, and I'm now reading the non-YA book Size 12 is Not Fat. I'm not really loving it.

Maggie the Muskoka Library Mouse (mcurry1990) "Sand Castle Bay"
"The Sinner"
"Much Depends on Dinner"

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