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Epic Reads (epicreads) | 54 comments Mod
Who are your favorite characters from SS&D?

Personally, we're big fans of Jie (wish she was in it more though!), Eleanor (especially when she attacks the zombs with a parasol. . . that's some 19th century baddassery right there) and Daniel (what a rufian with a heart of gold!)

The Observant Girl (theobservantgirl) My favorites characters are definitely Jie, Eleanor, and Daniel. I admire Jie because despite being an Asian woman and having to dress as a man to blend in, she told Eleanor exactly what she needed to hear, that despite a women's expectation in society, she still has a choice. That was a remarkable moment in the novel. Eleanor is an amazing main character because she doesn't do what her mother expects of her and is more concerned about doing what the Spirit-Hunters are doing, which is protecting the people from the Dead and doing everything she can to find her missing brother and uncover hidden secrets that reveal more than what meets the eye. Finally, I had to pick Daniel because, first of all, the way he and Eleanor met was hilarious, and he didn't just slam the door in her face once but in fact twice later on when Eleanor returned one day. Although he has a rough past, he can definitely be humorous. And he is an inventor, with a clever mind and a heart dedicated to protect those he cares about. He has the qualities of a true gentleman though he reveals them differently than Clarence, which is more intriguing and makes him more likeable.

Maddie (maddietv) | 3 comments Love Daniel and Oliver. Especially when they interact with each other. There is so much tension and conflict.

Renate | 8 comments Of course, I BIG heart Eleanor and Daniel, and Jie totally rocks, but it was Eleanor's relationship with her brother that really got me. And while her mother was a bit...much, she was still such an empathetic character. I really felt for her mom, and admired Eleanor for balancing so delicately caring for her mom, and taking care of herself and her future (and her brother! and everyone else around her! my god people, give the poor girl a break - she's only sixteen!)

Celine  Dubios (celinedubios12) | 7 comments I love Daniel and Eleanor they both have awesome quality who makes them who they are and they both have task or "mission" that they want to accomplish.

Macy  (It's a Book Thing) (macyitsabookthing) I really love Eleanor and how strong she becomes. I really admire that. I also like Daniel a lot and love the depth and mystery of his background.

Caitlin (bookchats) I've been struck this time around (second reading) how much I like Joseph. He's a really upstanding character in a lot of ways. Plus I love thinking how he took Jie and Daniel in (there's more about this in A Dawn Most Wicked but you can see it in SS&D too!)

Jillian  (bookishandnerdy) Eleanor especially after this quote
"Miss Fitt, you know curiosity gets men killed."
I grinned. "Then I daresay it's good I'm a woman."

I love me some sass.

Jessica S (dwellingondreams138) I love so many characters! There's no way I can pick one, but my favorites are Eleanor, Jie, Joseph, and Daniel, which I realize is a large majority of the characters, but oh well! They're all so well-written and interesting. They're all so REAL and believe-able.

Henny  (purply_gurply) | 4 comments My favorite characters are Clarence and Eleanor. I loved the dialogue between the two. Beside the two I loved Joseph and Jie.

Kristin | 2 comments Well, I'm only up to chapter 10 but at this point my fave is Eleanor. Daniel I can't quite figure out yet; he's too cranky so far. I think I just want to hug Joseph, though. He sounds like a good-hearted, old cajun wizard :)

Halee (hayy6747) | 5 comments I have one word:


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Silvia Meadows (smeadows1984) | 6 comments So far, I love Eleanor, Joseph, Jie, and Allison. Poor Allison, I feel so bad for her sometimes. I hope to read a little more about her. I really liked her little snobby self. Will she still remain friends with Eleanor now that Clarence - well, you have to read to find out. Jie kicks ass. More action for her please! And Joseph, my Creole friend. I hope you continue with your story in the next book. I'm really drawn to you.

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