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World War I Series by Anne Perry

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Mary Anne Perry is a magnificient writer and superb at both story telling, recreating the minutia of another time period, and intelligent introspection. This book is one in the World War I series. The series is tied not only through characters, but through an overarching mystery involving treason at the highest levels of British government. But each book contains its own mystery which will unravel within that particular book. These mysteries and the sufferings of vividly described war in the trenches and stretched across "no man's land," add challenge and depth to the central characters. Start with the first book, "No Graves as Yet," and continue through all the novels. You won't want to stop until you know the fate of the characters as well as the resolution of the binding mystery of revealing the traitor.

Michell Karnes I am really enjoying this book series. Anne Perry really knows how to describe people, places and feelings. I am also glad to see her continue the Pitt and Monk series'.

Annette Really enjoying this series. I had not thought I would but I'm really into the series. Two more books to read. So very glad I discovered this author years ago. Really, really love the Pitt series. Ms. Perry's writing is so vivid and pure I feel as if I'm actually there in the midst of WWI and experiencing everything. Love her characters. In this series my favorite is the Chaplin, Joseph.

Johnnie Alexander Reading this series gave me an understanding of WWI I didn't have before. It's such a hard question faced by the main characters--how many lives do we sacrifice to preserve our cultural identity?

Sage I read this series when it first came out (quite awhile ago)and remember that I really enjoyed it. I'm thinking I should read it again.

Anne Perry is one of my favorite author's. I've read and enjoyed all her books, esp. the Pitt series.

Johnnie Alexander I haven't read those yet, but I have the first one. So many great books, so little time!

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