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I have read all of M. Catherine Thomases talks and writings and books and they really touch me deeply; I would say this is her crowning jewel. I didn't know that she had written it but it came to me at the right time- it will be a manual for me for a long time, along with my scriptures- it is the deepest and most deeply detailed spiritual book I have read and very practical. Very wide scope and wonderful quotes and stories- I have been giving it to friends and they feel the same way. Sue

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Well, I have been a member of this group, or signed up, for several years, but I don't know what you are supposed to do. That quote came off of Meridian- pretty sneaky! Besides reading her book seriously, at the moment, I am also rereading The Blessings of Abraham: Becoming a Zion People by Douglas Clark. I had lost it ( I am always losing things) and prayed to find it ( I always pray to find things I have misplaced) and I just happened to see it when I was sitting in my recliner. I have lots of books- LOTS! Sue

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