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Irisjade | 1 comments Mod
If you're truly a Shusterman fan, you've probably read his newest book, Unwind. So what did you think? I thought, so far, it's his best book. I loved the characters, and the constant twists, and especially not just focusing on one person's story (meaning I liked reading about Lev at the same time, or whatever his name is). And, though it was a risky choice to describe the unwinding process, it was quite successful in my opinion. It was really...disturbing and I LOVED it.

message 2: by Picture (new)

Picture  Perfect (picturesperfect) If you like that, I recommend his book Everwild that is the sequel to Everlost. Amazing. I loved it. Kept me on the edge.

message 3: by Sammeh (new)

Sammeh | 1 comments It was really good, I agree, and LOL it did kinda creep me out xD

Oh and I read Everlost today, getting the second tommorrow...LOVED IT! Buhtt eh, Mary seems kinda fishy now Dx

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Christine Hatfield  (christinesbookshelves) | 1 comments I have to read that book

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