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Sarah (songgirl7) | 284 comments Mod
Chapters 13-18, in which the second Mrs. de Winter must deal with the sinister Mrs. Danvers.

Sarah (songgirl7) | 284 comments Mod
I love the way Mrs. Danvers is described. "Someone advanced from the sea of faces, someone tall and gaunt, dressed in deep black, whose prominent cheek-bones and great, hollow eyes gave her a skull's face, parchment- white, set on skeleton's frame."

She sounds like a ghost or a corpse. It's so fitting since she's essentially Rebecca's representative.

I thought the whole scene in the West Wing was so spooky. It gave me chills!

Why do you think Mrs. Danvers planned for the narrator to wear Rebecca's costume to the ball? Why does she trust Mrs. Danvers and accept her help? Why does Maxim first believe his wife did it on purpose?

message 3: by Alison (last edited Feb 21, 2008 06:44PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Alison When I was reading that passage about Mrs. Danvers coming forward...don't you remember that exact moment in the Hitchcock film? He staged it just as it was written. There's a group of people, and then she comes forward alone...

I think Mrs. Danvers was angry because she thought the narrator had "tattled" to Max about Rebecca's cousin being there that day. I also think she wanted everyone to suffer because she was suffering (misery loves company)...she resented the narrator for trying to take Rebecca's place--she resented Max for going on with his life. She was frozen in her grief and she wanted time to stand still at Manderly and remain the way it had been before. Plus she was nuts and had a really inappropriate high regard for Rebecca.

Maybe she trusted Mrs. Danvers because she was desperate to be able to trust someone at Manderly. Maybe Mrs. Danvers suggested she wear it because she knew that she wouldn't look as pretty as Rebecca had--and Max might draw a comparison. Maybe Max thought she did it on purpose because she had been going on and on about "surprising" them...lots of maybes. Anyone else with thoughts?

Arielle | 5 comments That woman is delightfully evil. In a creepy way, of course.
The whole costume ball conversation with Mrs. Danvers I was screaming in my mind: Don't listen to her! She's creepy and obsessed with R! She's not trying to help you!
But being that this is a fictional book, all of my screaming did no good and it just had to play out! I feel like Danvers is just an ugly person (kind of the misery loves company idea that Alison mentioned) who wants to hurt Maxim for moving on. She knew that that would cause anguish for Maxim and the narrator, but she was strangely excited about their pain.
Maxim thought she did in on purpose because that was just a little too coincidental. At first reaction, how could he not think that someone had planned it, but also, how could he not think that the someone is Mrs. Danvers. If I were our narrator, I would tell max what Danvers did, and use it as ammunition to fire her sorry butt. The sad thing is, our heroine is very much a little girl at times, and while she was recovering from Max's reaction and changing clothes I kept feeling so sorry for her that no one appreciated that she actually looked pretty. She wore the dress well in her own right, and it wasn't fair that she gets the small shred of self-confidence that she's earned smacked back down.

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