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Favorite yarns

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Jelly Yarn

It's called Jelly Yarn and with "flavors" like Vanilla Peppermint Glow, Silver Icing, Wild Cherry Red, Hor Pink Candy, the like goes on and on, it's enough to make my mouth water. Best for purses, belts, deocrations and the like, you obviously wouldn't knit a sweater out of this stuff, but it looks pretty cool. Excited to try it out.

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100% Superwash wool

"Yarntini is a bright and bold line of handpainted fingering yarns, whose magical colorways are mostly inspired by cocktails. Conceived by Jessica Thomaz, a Pittsburgh-area designed with a classic arts background, these drinkable yarns will keep your fingers stitchin' for nights on end with no hangover in the morning."

Cherry Cordial, Cosmipolitian, Mimosa, Strawberry Dacqueri, you get the idea.... beautiful yarns!

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Silk Rhapsody

100% silk plied with 70% kid mohair and 30% silk

"This silky, featherlight yarn with its subtle sparkle will make you feel like a princess. Artyarns was concieved six years ago by knitting author Iris Schreier, who noticed a gap in the types of luxury yarns she wanted for her designs. So she made the yarns for herself-and now we're the lucky ones."

They have beaded yarns in addition to their "regular" gorgeous yarns.

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Culture Club

100% superwash merino fingering weight

"The daughter of a successful commercial artist, Georgia Schlegel, aka the "Yarn Pirate", spent many hours as a small child in her father's studio, slapping paint on canvases. Sock yarn is now the Pirate's canvas, and her bold and beautiful "paintings" can be purchased at her online store. Each skein is full of surprising color combinations that will keep your toes tapping."

hmmmm, I checked out the above link, and it seems to be her blog, and the yarn link didn't seem functional. The yarn is supremly colorful though, awesome and surprising color combinations.

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Wensleydale Wool, Silk, String

"Rampling is one of those yarns that can make even a simple garter stitch scarf come out beautifully. Creator Linda Sharf is located outside Boston, where she can buy fibers such as long-haired Wensleydale wool directly from small farmers. She then spins and dyes these fibers, and adds strings, glitter, and whatever else might pique her interest."

This girly girl has only one word to say... GLITTER!!!! Ooo these are super-cool, $$$ and one of a kind, but LOVELY!

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A Mariner's Revenge

75% Blue-Faced Leicester Wool, 25% Kid Mohair

"This wonderful wool from local sheep and goats is only one of the surprising yarns you'll find at Spincycle Yarns. Spincycle's Kate Burge and Rachel Price dye every fiber and spin every inch of their yarns in the Bellingham, Washington, sudio. Using only bicycles and a diesel-powered vehicle, Spincycle's gals then transport their wares to local yarn stores, fiber festivals, and farmers' markets."

nice n' deep rich colors. the coolest eyepatched sheep you've ever seen for their emblem!

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100% silk from Switzerland

"Color as well as texture reign supreme in this yarn. Each skein is meticulously hand painted until every inch of yarn is covered in bright and beautiful colors. Dave Daniels works his magic in the Boston area, where he provides us with good yardage as well as beautiful wares."

What can I say I really dig color... and this just has it all, these are amazing. Not sure if he's "out" of his yarns currently, but I wasn't able to actually get to any of his yarns. If you can track them down though it'd be well worth it.

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Mango Moon

100% recycled silk

"Mango Moon supports the NGO Organization N-WEG to help women who have been rescued from abusive situations. The women who come to the shelter are able to use their spinning and knitting skills to rebuild their lives, while continuing to care for their children. Proceeds provide a safe shelter, health care, education and the dignity of financial independence."

This is the recycled silk that is from Indian saris. Stunning with its infinite colors. Great for scarves, etc. It varies in texture.

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Ahhhh the glory that is Koigu yarns. The color variations are mouthwatering, but they have subtle shades as well. Awesome to work with.

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100% wool

"Loosely spun from very soft wool, this multicolored, heavy-worsted-weight yarn is dyed and spun in arresting striated colors. The vivid shades are energizing and inspiring for hand knitters and crocheters alike. A great choice for beginners, as the yarn does all the work creating spectacular color changes. And it felts beautifully too."

I've yet to work with this, but again, the color combos looks too tasty to pass up.

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Dale Baby Ull

This stuff is fantastic. Soft and fine, perfect for your wee ones. I go gaga for these fair isle patterns as well.

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Merino Style

For affordable yarns, knit picks is the place to look. I love this yarn for the money, knits up soft and heavy for a DK weight. Be warned however, any project I've ever made with this yarn tends to have a tighter gauge then the 5.5 sts to 1" on #5, they call for.... could be it's just me though...

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I love love love looooooove love love this yarn! These color combos are amazing, and this actually knits up not the softest, but not itchy either. You feel like you're wearing a peacock, or a rainbow, or a sherbet sundae, or a valentine's card, or...

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Lorna's Laces

Another absolute fave. I made a poncho out of the Shepard worsted saaahft! The colors, you'll go bananas for...Envy, Flamingo Stripe, Tickled Pink, Baby Stripe... ahhh like a warm bath.

They've now come out with a new Green line with certified organic merino wool, and handpainted with natural dyes.

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Point Five

100% pure wool

Nice! Super soft! Love it! THE COLORS!!!! The colors are just as vivid in person as they look online! I love the thick and thin quality of this yarn.

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Jane (luvstoknit) | 15 comments I have never tried the jelly yarn, but it looks fabulous!

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Aimee   | 1 comments I love Jitterbug sock yarn. Having a lot of fun with it. The colors are amazing.

I just ordered some sock yarn from KnitPicks, though. Can't wait to see it. SO MUCH CHEAPER so hopefull it is nice!

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Sandra J Weaver (sandraweaver) I bought a skein of KnitPicks DK weight merino in a pretty variegated rusty red/olive green/chocolate brown colorway. I got it at a KnitOut and suspect it was a discontinued colorway since I haven't seen it in the catalog, but I liked it a lot. It was different. The yarn knit up beautifully and felt really good, but I did run into knots. I made a pair of fingerless mitts out of it.

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Debra | 7 comments Christy wrote: "Jelly Yarn

It's called Jelly Yarn and with "flavors" like Vanilla Peppermint Glow, Silver Icing, Wild Cherry Red, Hor Pink Candy, the like goes on and on, it's enough to make my mouth water. B..."

Is it hard on your hands? Is the sock yarn the Jelly Bean Fine? Is it like wearing plastic socks? I'm intrigued

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