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Change the name of this group

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Well I mean he did write it and it is in stone, look at the cover of jason 1 and 2!

Ralph Gallagher | 5 comments I've been doing a lot of research on this and let me tell you, contacting Horowitz is a pain in the ass. The man really does not want fans contacting him. Most authors have a way for fans to contact him since usually they like hearing from their fans - it's usually why they write. But to me, it seems like Horowitz doesn't care one bit about his fans...

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Are you kidding me! He loves hearing from his fans. He has a goodreads account in secret to see what his fans think. His email is anthonyhorowitz@gmail.co.uk and I've emailed him many times. He asked what I think of his books and says all his fans have an important opinion. He also reads all the amazon reviews.

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Ted (efcorson) | 21 comments Yes, Warren, I agree, time to change the name of the group.

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Ted (efcorson) | 21 comments Thanks, Warren. I friended him on facebook and myspace.

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Conor you should friend Mark A. Cooper on Facebook and talk to him.

Ralph Gallagher | 5 comments Don't forget to walk the dog and wash behind your ears!

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Ted (efcorson) | 21 comments And don't talk with your mouth full.

Ralph Gallagher | 5 comments I just added Mark Cooper on FB and he already messaged me! :D

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Ted (efcorson) | 21 comments Same here.. and he added me on Mysace too.. woo hoo!

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