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message 1: by Aumee (last edited Jan 30, 2008 05:15AM) (new)

Aumee | 39 comments Geez!! You people are LAZY!!
Ajanta i thought you would've opened this topic by now!!!
Anyways this board is for discussions on and about the Ekushey Boi Mela...
what books do you hope to find this much you love the mela.....everything related to EBM....

message 2: by Russell (last edited Jan 30, 2008 12:27PM) (new)

Russell John (russelljohn) | 40 comments Mod
This is one event where I go with my mother every year. She buys atleast 10 to 15 books and reads them over the next few months (she's a slow reader).

I only buy Humayun Ahmed books... serious fictions are a no-no for me.

message 3: by Shaker (new)

Shaker Muhammad | 21 comments This is the thing for which i wait every year. I love to go there at least five times throughout the month. First few times i usally love to do is window shopping then at the middle of the month i buy books and again start window shopping so that i can make decision what i'm goin to buy next time. i always avoided in the previous years to go there in the holydays and specially in 20 th & 21 st February. Coz u'll find a huge people waiting to enter. And it's hard to see books in a huge crowd.

Unlike Russell Bhaia i always avoid Humayun Ahmed's Book and even those stall where those are usually sold, like Annya Prakash. Last year i purchased Syed Mujataba Ali Omnibus. And you know what, i felt myself rich after purchasing those. And it remembered me one of his famous dialogue, 'BOY KINE KEU KONODIN DEULIA HOYNI'. And you know it's true!

I'm not sure what i'm going to purchase this year but i'm hopeful to buy some.

message 4: by Shaker (new)

Shaker Muhammad | 21 comments Hi Ajanta,

It's good to hear someone from my side. There are seven parts of Syed Mujtaba Ali Omnibus & the no. of books are eight. It costed me around Tk.2200.

I think every body has the experience of reading Mujtoba Ali from our text books in school level. I had the same but with a little difference. When i was in DU, I used to study in the central library of DU. And when i came to know that our cetral library got a huge collection of books. Then i started searching for different kind of books. And at that time i was thundered to see that our library possess every type of book anyone can imagine. So, i tried to utilize that facility & that time i again came to contact with the writing of Mujtaba Ali. And i read almost every writing of him. It also became my dream to possess the whole collection of him. But i had the shortage of money at that time. Fortunately next year his writing was published for the first time from Bangladesh and almighty Allah gave me financial capability to purchase it.

message 5: by Shaker (new)

Shaker Muhammad | 21 comments Ajanta Apu,

I think if you could know it earlier!! Kash!!! The collection of Story/Fiction/Novel/Science fiction/Poetry etc. books are in the top floor of the central library. And to get the call no. of this books you have to collect it from the ground floor. It is right on the way to seminar room.

If you still have the chance to get over there for long time then you can take it.

Before reading 'Shabnam', my sugession is you should read 'Deshe Bideshe'first. Then you can extract the joy/satisfaction from it. Coz it has been written in a different style. And for this most of the reader finds it boring. I think you can give a second try.

message 6: by Russell (new)

Russell John (russelljohn) | 40 comments Mod
Maybe we can try to do a get together on the third week of February? After 21st?

What do you guys think?

message 7: by Padya (new)

Padya Paramita | 2 comments My fatherz a writer .........anisul hok

message 8: by Shaker (new)

Shaker Muhammad | 21 comments Padya, welcome to the group.

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