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Hi All,
I did a search for a book and put in the ISBN # on the back of the book, however, it comes up as Audio not paperback. I edit the book and notice two different ISBN# and I know that there's a 10 digit and a 13 digit, but I have also noticed that the ending is different and think that it should be two different books. I'm assumming that an Audio book and paperback book would have to have two different ISBN#, wouldn't they? I'm new at having lbirarian status. I can't believe how many corrections I have had to make because someone adds a Heartsong Present book and puts in Heartsong Present as the title or puts "Heartsong Present:" when Heartsong Present is not even part of the title; it's just a line of books. Anyway, I am trying to figure out what to do about the Heartsong "My name is Mike" when it comes up as 9781586600242 which is the book (I got it double checked from but it also shows 1586600249 and I would think that the two ISBN # for audio would both end in 0249. Should I correct it?

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Yes, a paperback and an audiobook should have different ISBNs. A lot of the errors (including this one, looks like) come from the Amazon database. 1586600249 / 9781586600242 seems to be the paperback -- all the sources that say otherwise clearly originate with Amazon.

ISBN-10s and ISBN-13s don't end with the same digit. It's the check digit.

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