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message 1: by Tentatively, (new)

Tentatively, Convenience (tentativelyaconvenience) | 128 comments Mod
Dear select Cognitive Dissidents:

Remember this?

It's getting close to time for a class reunion!

3rd graduating class:

John Berndt (Baltimore)
Laura Adele Trussell (Baltimore)
Michelle Estebon (North Carolina/Baltimore)
Brian Gentry (North Carolina/Baltimore)
Nathan Long (Baltimore)
Wendy Lee Parker (Baltimore)
Peter Zahorecz (Baltimore) (alas, deceased)
John Sheehan (Baltimore)
Janet Axe (Saxe) (Baltimore)

message 2: by Brian (new)

Brian | 16 comments I do in fact remember! Though not the details, of course, I was asleep. But a reunion does sound in order. What happened to Peter? I remember Laura, do you know what she's doing?

message 3: by Tentatively, (new)

Tentatively, Convenience (tentativelyaconvenience) | 128 comments Mod
No-one, including myself, has ever listened to any of the tapes awake - unless, of course, they cheated - in wch case their graduation wd be irrevocably revoked if I were to learn of it.

Peter died last yr in England when he hit his head while skateboarding. Laura moved away from Baltimore to Maine for a few yrs to recuperate from what one might call "the hazards of being human in Harm City". Then she moved to San Francisco where she & Alfred Merchlinsky got married. They just recently moved back to Baltimore again. We're still in touch.

As for a Nuclear Brain Physics Surgery's cool reunion? I'm seriously considering trying to organize it. The graduates who're amongst my GoodReads friends are:

Sumu Pretzler (Doug Retzler) (Baltimore)
Laura Adele Trussell (Baltimore)
Brian Gentry (North Carolina/Baltimore)
Reinhardt U. Sevol (Paris)
Brainpang (Peter Warner) (NYC/Pittsburgh)
Warren Burt (Melbourne/Pittsburgh)
Maya Espy (Michelle Dunn) (Baltimore/Pittsburgh)

That's only about 15% of the total graduates. I'm not in touch w/ the majority of them anymore. Still, I'm very, very curious about what's on the tapes & will only listen to them under the cirscumstances that they were intended to be listened to - ie: at the reunion. Maybe this, yr, maybe next. The graduates are scattered all over the world & getting them all in one place will be very difficult & expensive.

message 4: by Doug (new)

Doug Retzler | 2 comments besides the reunion, i've yet to receive my school alumni nipple ring

message 5: by Tentatively, (new)

Tentatively, Convenience (tentativelyaconvenience) | 128 comments Mod
Yeah, just think of Nuclear brain Physics Surgery's cool as being like Black Mountain College - an honor to've been a part of.. but don't expect much alumni support.

message 6: by Doug (new)

Doug Retzler | 2 comments guess no nbps lapel pins or cuff links either

message 7: by Michele (new)

Michele | 1 comments well, it appears that i've been asleep all this time. when are we? t'would be a fine gathering if we all did get together. would the earth shift? do our offspring get 's cooled too?

message 8: by Tentatively, (new)

Tentatively, Convenience (tentativelyaconvenience) | 128 comments Mod
Damn! That's a slow reply! Even for the La Brea Tar Pit that's the Cognitive Dissidents group! The reunion is so slow in coming that I expect us all to be dead by the time it happens..

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