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message 1: by Mary Ellen (new)

Mary Ellen (mesiegford) After reading Nancy Turners "These is My Words" and enjoying it I decided, based on the cover of the book, to also read Lonesome Dove. I liked it and checked out the prequel 'Comanche Moon'. It was horrible. I kept thinking it must have been written by another author. It is as if Mcmurtry didn't remember anything about the original work. Nothing lined up. Terrible terrible. Should have just left Lonesome Dove as a single work and never written the other 3 books in the series.

message 2: by Zoe (new)

Zoe Rider (ZoeXRider) | 6 comments I hated 'Comanche Moon.' But I love 'Dead Man's Walk' and 'Streets of Laredo' despite their not completely matching up with the facts as presented in 'Lonesome Dove.'

message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate (kay8jay) | 16 comments Okay -- this is, like, my favorite topic.

Although Larry McMurtry isn't my favorite author of all time, "Lonesome Dove" IS my favorite book of all time. I hated "Streets of Laredo" -- as for the prequels, "Dead Man's Walk" and "Comanche Moon" (I believe that is their chronological order, with "Dead Man's Walk" being the earliest portrayal), I felt such was the case that as go-alone books they wouldn't be of much interest to anyone but die-hard "Lonesome Dove" fans.

The funny thing is, I never, ever, craved a sequel at all. What we wanted were PREQUELS! But besides the fact that McMurtry no longer seemed to be in the same "zone" when he wrote the prequels as he was when he wrote "Lonesome Dove," I wanted to know what happened RIGHT before "Lonesome Dove" began -- there is still a huge gap of time missing at the end of "Comanche Moon." That being said, I don't think McMurtry should write ANOTHER prequel.

But as for "Books I Loathe" -- that would be "Streets of Laredo." I recommend any fan of "Lonesome Dove" to avoid that one, and to read the other two (afterwards) only if you really need a fix. :)

Better still, just enjoy "Lonesome Dove" and leave the rest alone.

Heather and I seem to disagree completely about the spin-offs. As for the facts not lining up, I chalked it up to artistic license... reluctantly.

message 4: by John (new)

John | 8 comments I liked Terms of Endearment and Evening Star as well as his non-fiction travel book Roads. I'd be interested in his memoir (non-travel) prequel to Roads, but not high on my list.

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