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message 1: by vorbore, Ma Kosti's Apprentice (new)

vorbore | 284 comments Mod
I am now at the point where Illvin jumps the horse into a battle after 2-3 months of lying flat in the bed. Now, after a car accident in which my hip got dislocated, I have been lying for some 6 weeks like that, and when I first got up, my feet did not hold me, and I was so dizzy that I had to lie down again immediately. OK, I was never an athletic type, but still, how probable is the way Illvin got back to normal so suddenly? His connection with the demon was still present, but I did not see that the demon's role had anything to do with sustaining Arhys, and it definitely did not sustain Illvin, only draining his soul-stuff. At this point of the story (I am not specific to avoid spoiling) Illvin was completely on his own IMHO.

message 2: by Kiri (new)

Kiri (kirious) | 147 comments Mod
I have finally gotten past this part, and I COMPLETELY agree with you - Illvin should have been more incapacitated by the months he spent essentially lying dead! Except... if the magical nature of the suspended animation allowed him to bounce right back... I suppose one could rationalize it. Still, it is problematic.

message 3: by vorbore, Ma Kosti's Apprentice (last edited May 19, 2009 03:26PM) (new)

vorbore | 284 comments Mod
Yes, it is soul-fire, not Red Bull, which, as we know, gives us wings. Muscles deteriorate if not used. And he was riding after a dried apricot and a peace of bread.
However, it can be rationalized, for it is sorcery, and it made wounds appear and disappear according to the flow of soul-fire. But, it bothered me a bit.

It is not the first time you read PoS, is it? Sorry if I spoiled :(

message 4: by Kiri (new)

Kiri (kirious) | 147 comments Mod
Nope. Second time, but I had forgotten a lot.

message 5: by vorbore, Ma Kosti's Apprentice (new)

vorbore | 284 comments Mod
I don't know how to comment, accept in the vaguest of fashions, without spoiling. My apologies :(

message 6: by Kiri (new)

Kiri (kirious) | 147 comments Mod
There was no spoiling for me! I knew what was coming, just didn't remember the specifics.

message 7: by Margaret (new)

Margaret | 16 comments I was so entranced in the story I did not notice that part. A couple of things I did notice in other stories, I just granted the author a little hand waving.

message 8: by Taraza (new)

Taraza | 6 comments Wandered into this from the Vorkosigan side and at first quick glance thought Illvin was a typo for Illyan.:-)

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