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message 1: by Parker (last edited Jan 29, 2008 04:37PM) (new)

Parker Hoff (basketballgrrl) | 7 comments Mod
im dying bored bored 2 death X_X HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 2: by Alex (new)

Alex what?

message 3: by Clare (new)

Clare | 6 comments why dont we talk about percy jackson

message 4: by Angel♥ (new)

Angel♥ (angellover512) WHO HERE IS BORED????????!!!!????????

message 5: by Parker (new)

Parker Hoff (basketballgrrl) | 7 comments Mod
i am so lets talk about something .... what do you think of percy jackson and what do you think he thought when he first discovered he was a half blood ??

message 6: by Clare (new)

Clare | 6 comments he was probably contimplating why he was going insane, and at the same time wondering why everyone around him was crazy and at the same time, wondering what he was going to do so he could live! Oh, and he was probably mourning the loss of his WONDERFUL life back in NY(IM JUST KIDDING ABOUT TE LAST ONE!)

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