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Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte > Week 2: Chapters 10-16

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Blarneygod I Just finished with chapter nine and have not yet started week 2's reading. I keep picking up Angels and Demons by Dan Brown instead. I like Wuthering Heights so far, but have to push myself to keep reading it everyday... it very slow.

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Blarneygod I keep getting distracted by other books! How is everyone else doing on this book? This book is a tough read because it is so sad. The book has just started and I just keep wishing that cathy and heathcliff could just be together... and of course I know that cannot and will not be in this story.

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Blarneygod I am behind... I just started chapter 11

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Blarneygod Well I just started chapter 15... so I am almost caught up with this weeks reading... I don't understand a word that Joseph says... and I am too lazy to check the back of the book for a translation every time he speaks... I get the gist anyway.. he preaches, scolds, and complains. Cathy and Heathcliff are very selfish people except when it comes to each other. Although through out the book I wish them together... they would probably make each other miserable.

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Blarneygod I finished the reading... So what is this illness that Cathy has? Both Cathy and her sister in law went out of their heads when they got sick. I don't know history well... Is this some kind of known illness or were they suffering from mental illness? I find it interesting that they barely mention Cathy being pregnant or the birth of her daughter... Any thoughts on why this is?

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