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message 1: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Borland (kgborland) Here's Alori: 3 Chapters are up right now and I hope to post regularly which will become easier when my summer starts :)


And this is MPIU: it only has 2 chapters and will be added to slower beasue Alori seems to have more hits so I'm focusing on that. :D


Here's a short story I also wrote for English class:


Any and all critiques are welcome :)

message 3: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Borland (kgborland) Oh yeah, heres the beginning to a story I'm writing in english. Unfortunately I pulled Fantasy-romance out of the hat so heres my first shot at something interesting :P


message 4: by Mary Anne (last edited May 12, 2009 02:43AM) (new)

Mary Anne (maryannecollantes) | 34 comments Hey Kyle, I like your Alori story. The concept is very good, and the creatures are enthralling. However, just be mindful of quotation marks, ellipses and the like. The main errors are found in the punctuations and paragraphing. Proof reading it would do the trick. :)

message 5: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Borland (kgborland) Thanks Mary :)

Yeah I could tell that when I was writing it but people wanted it up really fast. :P

message 6: by Mary Anne (new)

Mary Anne (maryannecollantes) | 34 comments Hahahaha! Yeah upload fast!!! :P

message 7: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Borland (kgborland) I should have two updates up tomorrow :)

1 for Alori and 1 for Siren :)

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message 9: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Borland (kgborland) . . . .

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