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Two Angel Wings

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Two Angel Wings
a note from Arlene Webster's daughter, November 14, 2007
By beachcomber (California)

"Two Angel Wings is the story of a my journey through Harrington Rod surgery for severe scoliosis. The book was written by my mother, Arlene Webster and is dedicated to my best friend Stephanie Stanich. Steph was there every step of the way and although she is no longer with us, (she was one of the flight attendants killed in the Eastern Airlines flight 401 crash in the Everglades in 1972) she always was and always will be my best friend.
I was fortunate enough have the book published before my mom passed away from Alzheimer's. I placed it in her hands and she knew that it was finally in print. My intent at the time was to publish it for her, but now that friends and family have read it and have told me how much they enjoyed it, I would like to start sharing it with others.

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Nancy, I always feel that people who write personal stories like yours put their heart and emotions into it. Its good to read this type of material as you tend to find yourself and your emotions moving with theirs.

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