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Victoria How was the Gargoyle?

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Tina | 57 comments I was actually really taken by surprise by the book. I have been reading a lot of Charles DeLint and other urban fantasy type novels, and was expecting that kind of fairies-and-goblins-book. But instead it was a lot deeper. The book starts out a little greusome, describing a man's burns from a horrible car accident, and it's a little dismal. Then, in the hospital, the protagonist meets a really unlikely friend and then the author weaves very beautiful love stories into the book. I think that if you read a summary of the book, you might think it was depressing, but it was actually very uplifting and beautiful in a surprising way. I highly recommend it.
And, as a bonus, the author is on goodreads. I always appreciate being able to talk with an author about his/her book after I've read it.
I hope that helps, thanks for the note!

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