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If you could only have one, with no side effects, which gift would you have?

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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm not quite sure which one I'd chose. But I think I'd go with wind. Some many advantages with that one. Being able to see whats ahead, use it as defense and so on. I'm not sure it's my favorite, but it's the one I think I'd like to have. I dunno, I think I'm still undecided.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

i agree Esstay, wind would be an extroadinary gift. it would be so useful in many different situations. its very difficult to decide.Though i would only have it if there were no side effects.

Renna Mira (AKA Enna Isilee) (enna_isilee) | 16 comments Fire. Hands down. But wind is a close second.

message 4: by Summermoon (new)

Summermoon | 3 comments I would prefer water. Water gives life to things.

message 5: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne (adriennej) | 15 comments hmmm... well, i think i would want water. Or animal speaking. People speaking if I was mad at someone.

message 6: by Little Sparrow (new)

Little Sparrow (Ella) (LittleSparrow) | 9 comments I would probably pick fire. But water is a close second. Kind of funny because they are opposite though!

message 7: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (catfanatic) I wouldn't want just one nature because of what happened to them, but I would want animal speaking. I wish I could talk to my cats!

message 8: by Queezle (new)

Queezle | 16 comments No side effects is a cool idea.
I would probably go with wind or animal speaking.

message 9: by Eloise (new)

Eloise | 1 comments I think I would want animal speaking, it would be so cool to see what they thought about.

message 10: by Queezle (new)

Queezle | 16 comments Food, sleep, smells...
Just kidding. Animals are very intelligent.

message 11: by Suzanna (new)

Suzanna Awesomeness (reader101) | 7 comments I would like to have wind speaking. You'd be able to hear what things were like miles away!

message 12: by Queezle (new)

Queezle | 16 comments Is that an option?

message 13: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (catfanatic) Of course!

message 14: by Heidi (new)

Heidi | 4 comments I think it would be awesome to have the wind speech~to be able to know what it knows would be simply dazzling!

message 15: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (catfanatic) I totally agree.

message 16: by Queezle (new)

Queezle | 16 comments Does that include wind?

message 17: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (catfanatic) Yes. It includes anything!

message 18: by Queezle (new)

Queezle | 16 comments People-speaking?

message 19: by Suzanna (new)

Suzanna Awesomeness (reader101) | 7 comments Why people speaking? You basicaly control people!

message 20: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (catfanatic) oooh! Fun! I would have SOOOOOOO much fun w/ that! :D

message 21: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey | 7 comments I am afraid I would abuse people-speaking too much. :D

Wind for me...probably. All of them would be cool, but the knowledge of the wind would be amazing, and just could make yourself fly!

message 22: by Breanna (new)

Breanna | 12 comments I think I would like to have water or maybe wind. It would be wonderful to have any of them. I don't think I would want people-speaking and fire would be neat, but it destroys things.

message 23: by Kaylee (new)

Kaylee (day_dreamer) | 3 comments I think I would like to have fire, I think fire is fascinating. It would be cool to have any of them, but I don't think I would like to have people-speaking.

message 24: by Queezle (new)

Queezle | 16 comments That's what I was asking. I didn't really mean I'd want People-speaking, although it would be valuable.
Isn't choosing Nature Speaking kind of cheating? all the gifts for the price of one?

message 25: by Queezle (new)

Queezle | 16 comments Oh... That's why all water peoples can learn other languages, but not necessarily animal ones?
It all becomes clear...

message 26: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (catfanatic) I disagree.

message 27: by Queezle (new)

Queezle | 16 comments Isi is special!!!!!!!!!!!

message 28: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (catfanatic) Of course! But thats not what I was disagreeing to.

message 29: by Mumtaz (new)

Mumtaz | 6 comments what are you disagreeing to?
Isi is one of the special few who can speak more than one, right?
of course, she's not quite as cool as enna anyway so it doesn't matter.

message 30: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (catfanatic) Not only special people can have them. Anybody can, it's just not common. Do you understand?

message 31: by Queezle (new)

Queezle | 16 comments No. I thought it was a sort of twist you were born with. Isi is just super special, so when she tries really hard she can make out animal speech.
I guess you could interpret it either way, though.
And Enna cannot even hear animals, thank you very much.

message 32: by Vee (new)

Vee | 4 comments Oh, People-speaking, hands down. XD I could have a talk with that cute guy in math jk. Haha. But seriously, so many wars could be prevented, so many fights at much homework...:D Good things like that.

message 33: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (catfanatic) I agree Vee.

message 34: by Mumtaz (new)

Mumtaz | 6 comments very true. it would also get rid of all my awkward moments.
do you think people who would have been naturally charming and eloquent get people-speaking, or do you think someone who is naturally very socially awkward and un-persuasive could get it? wouldn't the social awkwardness work against the people-speaking?

message 35: by ~♥Alyssa♥~ (new)

~♥Alyssa♥~ (lyssie123) | 154 comments I think I would have wind, but people-speaking is a close second :). I thought of a cool thing to do with wind. Now, Ani/Isi can control every last scrap of air in tiny miniscule ways, right? I would use wind to kind of do my hair,. like have it pull back sections, twist them, pin them up, etc... Wouldn't that rock? I would love to do that as I walked between buildings at school.

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

I would like to have wind because I hate it when wind is outta control! I would use it like Alyssa said and do chores too! There's a lotta things you can do! The other gifts are awesome too though!!

message 37: by ~♥Alyssa♥~ (new)

~♥Alyssa♥~ (lyssie123) | 154 comments Yeah, wind would be great for chores. I'd just open my window, pull in a breeze, and let it pick everything up. Also, I hate when I wear a skirt and it's windy out- yeah, it's not fun. The others are cool, but wind has so many advantages.

message 38: by Avery (new)

Avery (je_reve_des_livres) | 2 comments Tree-Speaking or Water-Speaking. The others are really cool, but I like these the best.

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

I love all of them! Nature and Animal Speaking and People Speaking all have advantages!!!

message 40: by ~♥Alyssa♥~ (new)

~♥Alyssa♥~ (lyssie123) | 154 comments Hmm, tree speaking would be cool. Trees are so old and have seen so much, it would be incredible to hear their stories. Water-speaking seems to scary to me, just like fire-speaking.

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

Tree speaking WOULD be cool! Especially if you put it like that!

message 42: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (catfanatic) I wants all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man! w/ everything you've said, now I really want wind though!

message 43: by Caitlan (new)

Caitlan (lionesserampant) ya!

message 44: by Marissa (new)

Marissa | 27 comments I would want to fire speak like enna

message 45: by ~♥Alyssa♥~ (new)

~♥Alyssa♥~ (lyssie123) | 154 comments I've changed my mind. Last night I went to a bonfire, and it was HUGE. I just stared into the flames, and this will all sound so cheesy, but it was beautiful. The sparks would suddenly dart up and vanish, and the fire almost seemed to dance, it was like it was alive. And it was so bright, I can still close my eyes and picture it glowing. I also loved the embers, when the fire had burned out. So I've decided I might want fire speaking.

message 46: by Jessie (last edited May 06, 2009 09:17PM) (new)

Jessie | 187 comments I don't know if i want any of them they would all be cool and fun and interesting. But what would happen if you accidentally let some one burn,or brought to much rain and flooded a town, or made the animals mad and they attacked, or blow wind in the wrong way so sailors could not get home. There is just to much responsibility. but disregarding responsibility totally want wind and water.

message 47: by ~♥Alyssa♥~ (new)

~♥Alyssa♥~ (lyssie123) | 154 comments Oh. Now I fell all bad, I don't think I'm responsible enough for all that power. Hmmm...Oh well, it would be fun, right?

message 48: by Caitlan (last edited May 10, 2009 04:32PM) (new)

Caitlan (lionesserampant)

I WANT ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~Jason~


message 49: by ~♥Alyssa♥~ (new)

~♥Alyssa♥~ (lyssie123) | 154 comments ^--- lol.

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm going to experience all of them and how beautiful they are just like you did Alyssa. Wind, I'll sit in my tree and listen, feel. Fire, I'll sit and watch, smell, listen to it. Animal, I'll listen, watch look. People, I'll close my eyes and listen to a crowd.

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