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Uncompromised Faith

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message 1: by Graham (new)

Graham | 7 comments Currently reading Uncompromised Faith by S. Michael Craven, very good read. He really hit's you with some great thoughts on consumerism, sex, and homosexuality. Those three chapters were worth the book alone.

message 2: by Kymberly (new)

Kymberly (freedom2fly) | 89 comments Mod
MMM... I think I will check this out thanks.

Another good book is "He Intends Victory". It's an excellent book on those who have HIV.

Also another great ministry is called "Exodus". They are awesome!

The thing is to remember that we are all in the same boat- SIN. When The Bible says homosexuals go to hell it also said that whoremongers, thiefs, liars, fornicators... in the same sentence.

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