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what's with the cover?

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Rhapsody It just occurred to me that she never wore fancy clothes in the novel. Was it from her dream involving the peacock fan? Or did the cover illustrator never read the book?

Kathrynn I don't remember her wearing a fancy dress either. Unless she wore it during one of their country excursions...

I was scratching my head at the synopsis that was here, though. Don't know where that came from, so I pulled my copy and typed in what little bit it had on the back of the book. I found more that should probably have been on the back on the inside first page and added that in as well.

Nancy Clifford I think they just wanted a pretty cover. Loved this book though!

•♥•♥•Toni the Book Addict•♥•♥•™ I noticed that too. Also the style of the dress is more regency period (with the high waist). And this story was based in the later Victorian era.

Yeah, I just think they were going for a pretty cover.

Ruth Kind of amazes me how many times the men and women on romance novel covers do not resemble the characters in the books. I'm sure it's an advertising thing, and someone has actually researched which covers are more eye catching, but sometimes it's just ridiculous. I think it is one of the reasons the romance genre is not taken seriously. My favorite is the cover with the hero in the bare chested in the snow with the heroine at his feet without even a pair of gloves. Really?!!

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